Monitronicssecurity system cancellation


Having the system since 2008 with a few false alarms, decided to change. After a 1 hour sales pitch we were told to write a letter to discontinue service. Naturally this letter was not received. We then sent a signature required letter, which was received. After a phone call, it was acknowledged, with another sales pitch. We removed the equipment, and did not receive a phone call about no signal. We did receive a letter saying the service was discontinued in three weeks time. Naturally we are being charged for 8 weeks of service.


  • MONI Smart Security Apr 18, 2016

    We're very sorry to hear about your recent experience and we would like to investigate this further to address this matter. Please email us at [email protected] so that we may begin our investigation. We look forward to speaking with you and addressing this matter.
    Monitronics Executive Response Department

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