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I felt taken advantage by this company. I was pregnant and exhausted and the sales person advised I could extract myself out of this contract for a nominal fee should we install this security system. It is my fault for not reading the fine print. Turns out we were contractually obligated to pay the monthly fee or pay the lump sum of the 5 yrs upfront regardless if we kept the service or not. After stuck in a 5 year contract, I called to finally cancel the system. Now they stated that they will have to bill me one more cycle... I called to cancel the day after my last bill. They have done everything to squeeze every penny from the consumer and further more their equipment is faulty- it set off on its own, random beeping that would wake us at night- finally we had to disconnect it. Disappointed, as one that had ADP for years to compare, this service is not worth the headache. I am glad to be free of these thieves.


  • Nn
    NNN1 Oct 05, 2010

    Same complaint I read many times on this site, after 40 months decided to cancel. Must be done by mail they did not specify this when I spoke to their Rep. I will send my notice certified and request a reciept. Thanks to the "WHINERS" as some one referred to all of us "Happy Customers"

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  • Ob
    obiwanjohn Jan 16, 2012

    This company does not work with the customers. Want to cancel service due to a resent move and are not getting anywhere with them. Definately do not recommend this service to anyone! Bad customer service.

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  • Wi
    Williebobo77 Jan 10, 2015

    Monitronics is full of BS...their Technician left a hole in my wall...I called and complained they did nothing about it...I had a 3 yr contract that ended Jan 2015...called to cancel the try to talk me out of it with smart ### mouthed folk who are idiots...3 times I called only to be disrespected even my damn contract is up...ok let's play ball. So I had my wife fax a letter of cancellation to corporate office then have her put a stop payment on ATM to these jokers since I am no longer under contract they want to keep billing me month to month...we got the last laugh on them...Corporate calls and leaves a message that they got the fax and for us to call some Executive ...think I did ! Guess again as Donald Trump would say " You are fired"! It only cost $25 to stop payment or gave your ATM card considered list or stolen and get a new one issued...for a minimal charge and your nightmares are OVER!

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  • Dz
    Dzan Feb 01, 2015

    Faulty product and worst customer service ever! This cheap system they installed a year ago fails constantly. Instead of fixing their system and standing behind their product, I am told I have to pay for an upgraded system. Then when trying to talk to their customer service about this they just hang up on me!

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