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Money Catch camouflaging as

This is something I feel merits looking at. See, unlike the business owner of Money Catch, I am an actual *ing Private Investigator (the kind that doesn't wave their credentials around in a completely different industry as if it means something).

See how this 'Unclaimed Money Agents Licence Check' apparently looks legit (though it certainly doesn't sound legit) impartial, seemingly government owned or at the very least accredited. bloody well isn't. In fact, there isn't a single certification on that website that wasn't self awarded or pulled out of their arise. That's right; the entire thing is built on complete and utter nonsense. Thin air. Smoke and Mirrors.

Now, why am I pointing all this out on a review about Money Catch? That is a very good question...

You see, I was doing a little investigation of my own into an industry that my wife has recently been hoping to join as a business owner. It seemed almost impossible to look past the 'Unclaimed Money Agents License Check', so I naturally gave it a once over and was pleasantly amused to discover that this agent check site that my wife was wondering about was in fact nothing more than a privately website with an official look and a lot of ambiguously placed content that alludes to being official but cleverly falls short of actually stating that as fact.

On this website is a neat little page that seemingly warns against joining the Unclaimed Money Industry, linking me to a variety of interesting company names and numbers of businesses that have allegedly closed shop. Unclaimed Money Agents Licence Check suggests I call them to see why they stopped business...interesting to very subtly dissuade future business owners from setting up in the industry they apparently regulate and rank. I was tempted to call some of the numbers provided...but I was starting to get an all too familiar hunch that the books were being cooked.

After taking a quick gander at their rankings, I quickly realized that literally NONE of the Money Recovery Agencies listed scored more than a single solitary star in their FIVE STAR RANKINGS...none that is...except one. Money Catch.

Funny, this agency seemed to tick all the boxes and more! Where dozens of other sites were listed as dubious or shady or, dare I say it, unqualified, Money Catch is provided as a shining FIVE STAR example of what a Money Recovery Agency ought to be...hmmm.
Now, I may be unqualified...after all, I am only a Private Investigator with a further three years in private security, five years in the NSW Police Force.

But...WHAT...IF...Money Catch and the owned by the SAME person!? *AND THE CROWD LOSES THEIR FRIG GEN MINDS!!!*

It would be like Nike buying a review company (in this case, the ONLY review company in the industry) and having them slander literally everyone else in the market place except Nike...which they naturally award a stunning 10/10 across the board.

So not only is this company dishing out bogus rankings and misleading people into thinking they are actually qualified to be doing the job they set out to do, but they are slandering existing agencies, dissuading future businesses and propping up a company more likely than not (let's get real, I know damn well it actually is owned by the owner of Money Catch) owned by the same person! It's beyond conniving, it's bloody insulting; I mean; only one company out of dozens is legit...REALLY!??? Realllllllllllllly!????

Anyways, long story short, let's call a spade a spade and call Money Catch and it's associated 'Unclaimed Money Agents License Check' what it is; a genius play to scam an entire industry into submission. There's my two cents; needless to say, if my wife does go ahead and try starting up her own agency, I certainly won't be taking any crap from the owner of these two businesses. Damning is the only word I'll say. Damning as ****

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • Money Catch Customer Care's Response · May 19, 2018

    To all customers, consumers and persons who are interested in the business operated by Money Catch.

    Money Catch has been the subject of a significant amount of trolling during recent times. Such trolling making totally false, unmaintainable and incorrect accusations in relation to the business carried on by Money Catch. The allegations are scurrilous and without any foundation.

    Money Catch is a business that has been operating with integrity and impunity since 2006 and in an honest and ethical manner.

    Money Catch has been operating since 2006 involved with the recovery of unclaimed money, cyber investigations, scam investigations and skip tracing. Money Catch operates within and adheres to telecommunications (Telemarketing and Research Calls Industry Standards) 2017 and every telephone number is run through the Australian “Do Not Call Register” as required by Law.

    When Money Catch locates or ascertains a source of unclaimed money owing to their potential clients, those clients are advised and it is entirely the client’s choice if they wish to use Money Catch’s service or to affect the claim themselves. Should the client elect to affect the claim themselves then they are provided with the necessary information to pursue the claim for their own unclaimed money? The benefit to them of using the Money Catch service is that a professional service can carry out all the inquiries, investigations and provide all necessary information in a more efficient and timely manner.

    Money Catch is Australia’s leading unclaimed money professional and accesses information that is not easily or freely available in relation to unclaimed money therefore providing a significant service to the clients who choose to use that service and allowing a greater number of people to acquire unclaimed monies that are owing to them than what other organisations are able to do. The access to additional sources of unclaimed money is only a benefit to clients.

    Money Catch does not stalk people and as set out, adheres to Industry Standards including the Telecommunication Standards set out above, ACCC Debt Collection Guide and the “Do Not Call Register”.Full and complete information and disclosure are made by Money Catch as part of the relationship with clients and that is provided before any contract is entered into and the client has an absolutely free choice if they wish to deal with Money Catch or not.

    The fees that are charged by Money Catch are applicable to the work performed for the investigation and support and the levels of fees that have been set out by unknown persons who are trolling the website are simply incorrect and will not be maintainable. Money Catch’s fees are disclosed to all prospective clients and customers before any work is performed and again, that client or customer can decline to engage the services of Money Catch.

    In accordance with proper procedures and Australian Law, Money Catch is required and does hold a Master CAPI Licence and that Licence requires compliance with Ethics and Standards by all holders and Money Catch does comply with those Standards. Obtaining the Master CAPI Licence requires significant study and also a thorough investigation of the Licence Holder – which cannot reveal any criminal or Police record or any financial dealings that have led to bankruptcy in the past. Money Catch has always passed the statutory inquiries that are made by the Licensing Authorities and continue to hold and operate under the appropriate Licences because they have passed and continue to pass all requirements.

    Confirmation of the above matters can be confirmed by inquiry through the appropriate websites and Government Authorities – particularly through the NSW Police or Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate (SLED).

    Money Catch does not know or understand the basis of the totally incorrect and scurrilous allegations that are being made about them. Money Catch can confidently state that they have not received any complaints from customers who are known to them and whom they have dealt with and for whom they have obtained unclaimed money and the authors of the matters that are being trolled and put out through the internet are by persons who remain anonymous and are unable to be corresponded with to be required to state the basis and/or reasons for the incorrect allegations.

    Money Catch is also aware that persons involved with the above activities are using photographs of the staff of Money Catch and impersonating Money Catch in their posts and reviews.

    All persons that deal with Money Catch should ensure that the source of correspondence only comes from the Money Catch domain name –, staff emails with or that they have spoken personally to the staff at Money Catch.

    This statement has been prepared by the Companies Senior Management and Trenches McKenzie Cox Solicitors Lismore.


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      Apr 27, 2018

    Thanks for your reviews, saved me $. I was about to get scammed and almost paid deanna for the trap. but other night when I was doing a basic google search about money catch and deanna, I found she is a big scam, I meet people who are victim of her scam and they are afraid to report her as she threaten them for a conduct for sexual harassment. after reading reviews I changed my mind and started ignoring her calls. three weeks later I found she has sold my financial details and identity, which was pathetic way to do business, I contacted my attorneys and now I will teach lesson to this dirty [censored].

    If you have ever been scammed by deanna, please send me details. I am on a mission to expose this [censored]

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  •   Jun 25, 2018

    Money Catch Is a SCAM. Please don't allow this type of business to exist in my country. I got contacted and harassed by this company. Complaints Board pls be fair and take action. Don't be afraid. I am just compiling for all my evidence (tap phone calls, messages, threats etc.) As per my lawyer's advice.

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  •   Jun 25, 2018 Deanna why your location is armed and under surveillance? I'm just curious are you hiding for something? of course, you are, after seeing a lot of hate person in this thread, you better have that. It doesn't matter even your location is armed, wired or whatever. If there is an arrest warrant you can't do anything unless you have an underground escape plan which criminals do for their plan B. I'm sure you have it.

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