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G Sep 23, 2018 Review updated:

Money Catch is a scam service, the owner is Deanna Mannix, a sociopath that uses underhanded tactics to damage competitors that she feels threatened by. She is what you'd call 'gutter trash' and even that description is too kind. She is a self-promoter, and it's all lies, she is big noting her scammy service, and refers to herself as 'the leading unclaimed money professional' ( ask yourself who makes this up about themselves:).

I was an unclaimed money agent and was doing nicely in my business nicely in my business, until earlier this year when this sociopath from Money Catch started a website called

On this website, she defamed my business and tens of others because she wanted to 'take out her competition'. On that website ( which she has now taken down) she pretended it was an independent ranking website an agent checker with a star system, she listed Money Catch and gave her service 5 stars and glowing description and review, then listed all her competitors with their business names including mine and went about giving them no stars and trashing them, making me look like a bad business. This is the kind of sick evil Money Catch's owner is. I found out what she was doing and was disheartened, I ended up shutting my business, and my health deteriorated and I suffered a heart attack, I never went back to the business, I couldn't believe filth like her actually exist outside of shows like Jerry Springer!

Read about it others who were harmed by her writing about their experience.

So if you are looking up Money Catch or Deanna Mannix be aware my description of her is her true face.

She makes up information ( right out of her backside) and swears its true, puts up fake positive reviews online about herself, and stops at nothing to harm others. She enlists friends in her scam it is really terrible. Read up on it there are many people speaking out. Money catch, terrible business. Karma is coming to get her and get her good.

  • Money Catch's response · Sep 25, 2018

    To all customers, consumers and persons who are interested in the business operated by Money Catch.

    CLEARLY, THIS REVIEW IS POSTED BY A COMPETITOR THAT HAS NEVER HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH US. It's terrible these days what lengths competitors will go to, copying pictures of staff, business associates and clients of ours, creating fake pictures, creating fake websites saying we are doing things we are not and placing staff on dirty websites.

    Money Catch has been the subject of a significant amount of trolling during recent times. Such trolling making totally false, unmaintainable and incorrect accusations in relation to the business carried on by Money Catch. The allegations are scurrilous and without any foundation.

    Money Catch is a business that has been operating with integrity and impunity since 2006 and in an honest and ethical manner.

    Money Catch has been operating since 2006 involved with the recovery of unclaimed money, cyber investigations, scam investigations and skip tracing. Money Catch operates within and adheres to telecommunications (Telemarketing and Research Calls Industry Standards) 2017 and every telephone number is run through the Australian “Do Not Call Register” as required by Law.

    When Money Catch locates or ascertains a source of unclaimed money owing to their potential clients, those clients are advised and it is entirely the client’s choice if they wish to use Money Catch’s service or to affect the claim themselves. Should the client elect to affect the claim themselves then they are provided with the necessary information to pursue the claim for their own unclaimed money? The benefit to them of using the Money Catch service is that a professional service can carry out all the inquiries, investigations and provide all necessary information in a more efficient and timely manner.

    Money Catch is Australia’s leading unclaimed money professional and accesses information that is not easily or freely available in relation to unclaimed money therefore providing a significant service to the clients who choose to use that service and allowing a greater number of people to acquire unclaimed monies that are owing to them than what other organisations are able to do. The access to additional sources of unclaimed money is only a benefit to clients.

    Money Catch does not stalk people and as set out, adheres to Industry Standards including the Telecommunication Standards set out above, ACCC Debt Collection Guide and the “Do Not Call Register”.Full and complete information and disclosure are made by Money Catch as part of the relationship with clients and that is provided before any contract is entered into and the client has an absolutely free choice if they wish to deal with Money Catch or not.

    The fees that are charged by Money Catch are applicable to the work performed for the investigation and support and the levels of fees that have been set out by unknown persons who are trolling the website are simply incorrect and will not be maintainable. Money Catch’s fees are disclosed to all prospective clients and customers before any work is performed and again, that client or customer can decline to engage the services of Money Catch.

    In accordance with proper procedures and Australian Law, Money Catch is required and does hold a Master CAPI Licence and that Licence requires compliance with Ethics and Standards by all holders and Money Catch does comply with those Standards. Obtaining the Master CAPI Licence requires significant study and also a thorough investigation of the Licence Holder – which cannot reveal any criminal or Police record or any financial dealings that have led to bankruptcy in the past. Money Catch has always passed the statutory inquiries that are made by the Licensing Authorities and continue to hold and operate under the appropriate Licences because they have passed and continue to pass all requirements.

    Confirmation of the above matters can be confirmed by inquiry through the appropriate websites and Government Authorities – particularly through the NSW Police or Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate (SLED).

    Money Catch does not know or understand the basis of the totally incorrect and scurrilous allegations that are being made about them. Money Catch can confidently state that they have not received any complaints from customers who are known to them and whom they have dealt with and for whom they have obtained unclaimed money and the authors of the matters that are being trolled and put out through the internet are by persons who remain anonymous and are unable to be corresponded with to be required to state the basis and/or reasons for the incorrect allegations.

    Money Catch is also aware that persons involved with the above activities are using photographs of the staff of Money Catch and impersonating Money Catch in their posts and reviews.

    All persons that deal with Money Catch should ensure that the source of correspondence only comes from the Money Catch domain name –, staff emails with or that they have spoken personally to the staff at Money Catch.

    This statement has been prepared by the Companies Senior Management and Trenches McKenzie Cox Solicitors Lismore.

  • Updated by George Ching · Oct 29, 2018

    Money catch are predators and frauds. I am confused is it Moneycatch OR AURFS OR Unclaimed Money Professionals or AAVIP OR Austealian Unrecovered Finance Service or Australian and International unclaimed money or or or... Yes you are a SCAM

  • Money Catch's response · Oct 30, 2018

    Dear George,

    Our Company name is AURFS Pty Ltd trading as Money Catch.

    Australian Un-Recovered Finance Service is our old trading name prior to 2014.

    AAVIP is not our business, this is a Not for Proffit Association run by a board, you can contact them if you have questions regarding what they do.

    When in business it is common practice for Companies to purchase domain names around their business name, products and services.

  • Updated by George Ching · Nov 21, 2018

    Never ever trust money catch... they don't play fair

  • Updated by George Ching · Nov 25, 2018

    SCAM Business... BEWARE!


  • De
    Derrick Dowd Oct 24, 2018

    I don't know about Karma;) but a looney tune like Mannix will shoot herself in the foot time and time again, in fact, she is doing a grand job of it at the minute. What a nutter this woman is:)

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  • Mo
    Money Catch Team Oct 30, 2018

    @Derrick Dowd Dear Consumers,
    Kendal McGie and Derrick Dowd are not clients of ours! However, they love following Money Catch's every day for the past 6months posting inappropriate posts on our company and staff.

    -3 Votes
  • Sa
    Saab Franco Oct 26, 2018

    Be careful Money Catch Professionals are bigtime scammers here in NSW, Australia. They are dangerous.

    7 Votes
  • Mo
    Money Catch Team Oct 30, 2018

    @Saab Franco Dear Consumers,
    Saab Franco are not clients of ours! However, they love following Money Catch's every day for the past 6months posting inappropriate posts on our company and staff.

    -2 Votes
  • Lo
    Lodi Logan Oct 29, 2018

    money catch unprofessionals they are scammer

    4 Votes
  • Mo
    Money Catch Team Oct 30, 2018

    @Lodi Logan Dear Consumers,
    Lodi Logan is not a client of ours! He loves following Money Catch's every day for the past 6months posting inappropriate posts on our company and staff.

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  • Mo
    Mo Lillard Nov 06, 2018

    nice try scammers! You don't give up, do you? No one believes you, you have multiple names and multiple websites- you have hundreds of customer feedback removed online. Keep spinning the bullshit hoping someone believes it. Scam!

    5 Votes
  • Je
    Jenny Mayor Nov 28, 2018

    100% SCAM Beware... Trust me they are so good on convincing that you have lost money that they will bring... a lot of negative reviews on them online just search for their business reviews... also pls note the postive reviews they have are all fake and paid actors

    -2 Votes
  • Fr
    Fraudwatch1 Feb 17, 2019

    Money Catchers is a legit Business. I can see that the following profiles that have made comments on Money catchers have all been setup to only comment on this company.

    Derrick Dowd profile was create to only attack Money catchers. His online presents does not exist other than fake youtube to attack this company. And there is no one registered in Australia with this name. This person also created a Wordpress website under this alias to further spread rumors.

    Saab Franco profile was create to only attack Money catchers. No online presence for this person. And there is no one registered in Australia with this name.

    Lodi Logan profile was create to only attack Money catchers. No online presence for this person. And there is no one registered in Australia with this name.

    Mo Lillard profile was create to only attack Money catchers. No online presence for this person. And there is no one registered in Australia with this name.

    Jenny Mayor profile was create to only attack Money catchers. No complaints made by the real person with this name.

    George Ching profile was create to only attack Money catchers. No online presence for this person. And there is no one registered in Australia with this name.

    All profiles used the same email address. Managed to catch two of these people out and they appear to be using the same details as Create Australia also known as Create Business Australia and Cre8 Australia.

    Conducting a search on civil court records shows that Create Business Australia has attempted to sue AURFS 16 times (that are listed).

    This shows Create Business Australia is actively attempting to shut down a competitor. Further searches show Create Business Australia has also taken other people to court.

    Further research shows that Create Business Australia has an endless list of complaints out against them for this exact behavior.

    Myriam Borg has been identified as being behind a lot of bullying in the industry. Myriam Borg also claims to be the founder and industry regulator. Myriam Borg owns the Unclaimed Money Association of Australia were she claims to regulate the industry. She also claims that you have to have a license to operate in the industry. This is not correct and inline with what you would expect a scammer to do. Her actions have been proven as fraud.

    If you have been a victim of Myriam Borg it is recommended that you contact ASIC and Fair trading to lodge a complaint. Myriam Borg and the Unclaimed Money Association of Australia are not regulators of the industry. You do not need a license or have to be a member of Unclaimed Money Association of Australia to operate in the industry.

    4 Votes
  • Su
    Susie Rodz Mar 05, 2019

    Money Catch is a FRAUD Business hiding on multiple business names to cover their FRAUD styles.
    They are SCAMMERS...

    -1 Votes

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