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CB Wellness and Spa Moimooi Scammers - decieptful and suspicious

Moimooi review: Scammers - decieptful and suspicious

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I was contacted after entering a competition with moimooi and informed that I was a runner up and had won 1 free month if I became a member. I went and had my "free" treatments which were terrible and actually caused me physical harm and the staff seemed underqualified and underequipped, only to be charged the next day for something I was told would be free, from a debit order I did not authorise. I cancelled immediately after my treatments and now they want to charge me R900 extra as a cancellation fee, I was informed of a cancellation fee but not how much it would be and I cannot afford to pay them such an exorbitant amount, especially for such a terrible experience. I received no written information of this membership that I was essentially tricked into joining and I asked for the recording of the call in which I signed up only for them to tell me I have to pay another R200 for the recording of the call. I am disgusted and absolutely frustrated with this company, do not use their services nor join their membership they are an absolute SCAM! I have contacted my lawyer and my bank, hopefully I can get my money back and be rid of them.



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