Modanisanot trustworthy


I ordered some products on sept 19 with free shipping. Transaction gone throug on same day by PayPal, I recieved a email from Modanisa confirming order but no official reciept, instead is said to refer to Paypal for transaction. Ok, paypal showed transaction of 51.38USD equal to 65.25 CAN $.It looked little higher than I was expecting, so I waited for actual reciept from seller detailing products. Next email from Modanisa was to confirm shipping and ironicaly it was alarmed in red that I have to open package at arrival before delivery agent leave the door and make sure the products are intact?! still no official reciept. 2 -3days later UPS agent showed up with a package. The agent even did not let me touch the package and asked me to pay 26.42$ for import and other charges, after refusing to pass package for product check as I was advised in seller email even after I told him I will pay the import charge he just handed me a copy of UPS invoice so I can make sure it is my package. When I looked at invoice the first alarming thing was that toatal value of produt was 47.23CAN$ while PayPal has charged me 65.25CAN$ and then 26.42 for import charge, more than half the value of goods. When I looked further into the UPS invoice the breekdown of import charge was duty (7.95$), tax(7.17$) and two other charges of 11.30$. The delivery guy could not explain this extra charges and told he will return the package to UPS office and hold it till I call UPS BROKERAGE and get explenation regarding extera charges. I called UPS and they told 11.30$ is part of fixed UPS related duty charges and If I go to border to claime the package on my own I could save it??!.
I contacted the seller right away and asked why I have to pay UPS related charge when it was free shipping promotion and also requested official reciept of my purchase. After 3 emails and a phone call finaly they answered that they do not have control over duty and taxes that I understood and was ready to pay. They also added that sometimes UPS charges reciever above duty and tax and they also do not have control over it? really? so why you did not inform me of such a hidden charges at the time of ordering SPECIALLY when it is claimed free shipping.I sent them more 4 emails requesting detailed reciept but they did not respond till I left a review on one of review website. Quickly after review on Oct 03 they sent an email apologizing and sent me reciept and again insisting that they do not have control over UPS extera charges. SUPRIZE, details of reciept showed : 4 items: 17.12, 9.97, 5.69and 5.69 total of 38.47USD and there was 12.91 USD shipping that added up to 51.38USD or 65.52 CAN $ same PayPal invoice.
I contacted Modanisa and asked them why they charges 12.91USD when it was FREE shipping. after couples of days and after I opened dispute in PayPal they sent me another reciept, much smaller with no details just 4 line saying total price of products were 51.37, the shipping was 12.91 and they applied cupon for shipping so total cost of purchase ended 51.37USD.
TWO DIFFERENT RECIEPTs, so many discrepanies in invoices, clear breach of trust.
After more than 3 weeks of frusteration with this company the time I needed the products elapsed. I went through so much stress and ended up shopping somewhere else for same product as I needed to attend a memorial. I am waitting for full refund as this company not only resolved the problem in given time but also breeched the trust by issueing a second reciept.
Their last email on Oct 09 stated they are waiting for UPS response regarding product and suprizingly UPS contacted me today Oct 13 asking me whether I recieved the package? What a effective comunication. I am afraid it is another trick to make me pay for return???

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