Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africapoor service

E Sep 10, 2018

I have been a MTN subscriber since 1994 (in the area where I live, it has the best coverage of all the cell phone companies, unfortunately). 07 August this year I applied for a ‘Fixed LTE package' and was informed by the sales assistant that the process shouldn't take more than 48 hours to be processed and finalized (ref#: MV12240860). Three days later a made a follow-up enquiry and was informed that either payslips or bank statements for three months was requested by MTN for further processing - I provided payslips of the previous three months. When the sales assistant was asked why the request from MTN, she couldn't give a clear and concise reason only that the reason MTN had provided had something to do with a clothing account from my wife, which ironically is paid up and hasn't been used for more than two years and, the best one, apparently my monthly income is too high!!! What a joke!!!
More than three weeks later and NOTHING! Only to receive MTN's infamous sms ‘your application has been declined since you don't meet our/the criteria'… WHAT BLOODY CRITERIA??? I have a clean credit record with nothing outstanding and/or any defaults or judgements against my name! Got informed by the same sales assistant that despite the three month's payslips submitted with the previous application, a new application was to be submitted, but with bank statements specifically accompanying the application this time (ref#: MV12722928). This was done on 05 September, only to receive the same, infamous sms on 08 September. Going back to the MTN sales assistant today, 10 September, informing and showing her the sms, she confirms that according to their (MTN) system, my application is still being processed! Does anyone from MTN know what is going on in their company???!!!
To top things of, I received a call from MTN on 04 September about an upgrade on my existing contract - needless to say what my response was. The irony also is, that this person confirmed that my application (the first one) at that stage was showing on the system, with no action being taken on it other than being received and logged onto the system and that my application should've been a mere formality without any additional requirements. What is to be believed?
Phoning the MTN call centres are an absolute waste of time - seems people are on permanent tea- and lunch breaks, with the phones not being answered, or just being picked up and immediately put down again.

The issue is not with the MTN branch or the sales personnel there.

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