Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africabroken contract phone and bad service at mtn store

T Aug 17, 2018

Mtn Account Number : A5126884

I am really disappointed in the service I am receiving from MTN.

My contract upgraded on the 13/07/2018 I then upgraded and received a phone a week or two later the phone was faulty a total OUT OF BOX FAILURE, it kept freezing and I could not use the phone the screen then ended up having some black spots a week after I received the phone .I went into the south gate store hoping I can send the phone in for a new phone or repairs whatever the case would be, the consultants refused to assist.

I went into the store the store Friday the 10th August 2018 I stood in a long queue and when I finally got to the point of assistance the consultant did not understand what I meant when and referred me to another consultant by the name of John .I spoke to John who then advised me the phone can be booked in but I need to return the phone with all the items I received and I agreed that I would come back with everything .

I went into the store again the Saturday afternoon 11 August 2018 the consultant that assisted me the previous day John was busy and I then went to another consultant by the name of Simphiwe . He was very rude and after explaining the situation to him that the phone was not working he was very sarcastic and told me that I didn't get the phone from the store and now I want to bring it to the store he told me he can't log the return because the box of the phone was a bit torn but I explained to him that I was not aware I would receive a broken phone thus was not aware that the box had to be intact and mind you it was a small tear not even affecting the box he then interrogated me about why the phone is not working and there after told me that now suddenly the systems are offline and I need to come back when the system was online I refused to leave as it is not easy for me to walk into a store everyday day or weekend as I work and I live in Ennerdale which is a distance from the store and all the other clients were assisted and not advised that system was offline I was the only person the system was offline for .

Simphiwe then told me if you don't take you phone and come back your phone won't be fixed I then said I will sit and wait till the system is online as I don't want to leave again with this phone. He then said he will take the phone and gave me papers to sign and he will send it in on Monday and will contact me to confirm that it has been done I signed the document and left the phone and walked out of the store with no proof or document given to me. Monday came and went with no call I waited until Thursday and decided to go to the store again to find out if the phone has been sent in .
When I got to the store on Thursday the 16 August 2018 Simphiwe was not in the store and the person I spoke to said she cannot assist with a form I should have received I explained the situation to her and very rudely she said I can't help you speak to John who is second in charge .

John was with a client and I advised him that I was told to wait for you so that you can help me .John then told me that he is very busy and what he is doing will take time and he would not advise me to wait for me . I said its fine I will wait I waited and hour and I was just looked pass they were socializing and laughing and nobody helped however I sat in the store eventually he told me that he will also be able to see nothing on the system and he does not know what happened to the phone as Simphiwe helped me and he is the only person that has access to see what has happened to the phone. Very disappointed as I have been sitting for more than an hour .He then said he will make sure that Simphiwe emails me proof that the phone has been sent in the next day as he will be at work . I left the store once again with no assistance at all so now I am not sure if I am the person that is wrong as I received a broken phone from MTN that I am paying for.

I have still not received a call or email from anybody in the store please advise me what the next step should be as I don't know what to do.

I have emailed Mtn on the 03 August 2018 and they have only responded to the email on the 15th August 2018 requesting my information and that they will look into the matter .

I logged a hellopeter complaint on the 03 August 2018 and the feedback I received was that I need to contact mtn, so I notice that MTN also does not assist on this platform as they respond privately but with no help but only so that it shows the business as responed which is very sad for us as clients .

I logged yet another Hellopeter complaint today waiting for the response and to see if that will be the case once again

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