Mitsubishi Motors Malaysiathe vehicle got noises when driving uphill but mmm reverted a letter claimed no problem

E Jul 11, 2019

I (Mr. Eau, owner of the the car ASX model plate number WA3578V) had contacted the MMM on the vehicle issue. There is noisy sounds and also weak in power when i driving up to Genting Highlands, Malaysia (as i'm working on Genting Highlands), so far it was changed 2 times of gear box, first time on Nov 2018 then next on April 2019.
Till now, the issue still persists. For info, the car was bought about 4 - 5 years, so far it is only about 68900km driving distance.

Recently both MMM and dealer test drive at downtown (not test driving up to Genting Highlands) and claimed no abnormal noises in a letter to me. However i disagree to accept on the explanation in a letter to me as it didn't state the issue background and there is no answer to item 2 and 3 as below:

1. I had emphasized be it via emails or careline that there is noisy sounds and also weak in power when I driving up to Genting Highlands. Note, it doesn't happened when driving at downtown, that's why it is not accepted as this so-called test-drive which was carried out at downtown (Klang TOS told me that) but not test-driving up to Genting Highlands.
2. I had also emphasized it only started & happened since last year end (2018). Why it doesn't happened in earlier past time?
3. Why need to change gear box 2 times if it is normal noises and wasted the client times for few days?
4 . By referring this statement - "As advised by the dealer, we found no abnormal sound as mentioned by you",
-so Klang TOS pls confirm is the statement true or not.
-MMM / Careline, what does this statement means? Pls confirm who is the
producer or manufacturer of the gear box or transmission (refer to the term in
the letter)? Moreover, I need MMM to certify it (not dealer) as I had mentioned
earlier that since the gear box was replaced twice in Klang TOS (Klang TOS
said the gear box is provided by Mitsubishi) and Klang TOS guys did test drive
(as this is what I had been told) too after the 2 times replacement, but yet
problem still persists that's why I requested to have MMM Technical team to
test drive and certify it.

5. Also to the statement "as in the case of your vehicle, the transmission is working at its optimal level", I disagree on it because the test-drive is not carried out by driving up to Genting Highlands. Furthermore, MMM Technical confirmed there is noises (according to Meng, they used the term - operation noises and it is normal as per MMM Technical) and they commented it is due to causes of i. speedy driving and / or ii. using paddle shift, however these info wasn't reconcile and wasn't put into this letter.

The MMM, Klang TOS and myself are all knowing that my vehicle warranty is going to end in Nov 2019.

Would appreciate Mitsubishi HQ able to assist on this matter.


the vehicle got noises when driving uphill but mmm reverted a letter claimed no problem

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