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In 2015 I purchased a new 2015 Lancer for my daughter. Initially we took the vehicle in for an oil change. We were told it would be an hour. 2 hours into the wait I was told it was almost ready. After 3 hours I spoke with the manager of the service department (Earl) where he informed me that they had other cars to work on not just hers. He was incredibly rude and unprofessional at which time I told him just that. 5 hours later we finally got the car back. After that we had some minor issues with the car where we had to take it into the service department because of the warranty at which they could find nothing wrong with it. Avoiding Earl each time. On July 23 of this year my daughter took the car in because the steering wheel is randomly making a dialing noise. At this time she encountered Earl. She told him she had a video of the steering wheel and the noise it was making. He, once again, became very rude to her, informing her that he does not listen to videos. She was also told by him that she needed to go put more gas in her car (she had 1/4 of a tank of gas) and return. When she returned she was met by an employee who asked to watch the video. After one hour she was called and told that they "lubed" her steering wheel but could find nothing wrong. On her drive home (25 min drive) the steering wheel made the noise again. Today, August 1 @225 pm, I called the service department so that I could take the car back in to have it looked at again. Much to my dismay I encountered Earl on the phone. He informed me that if we could not reduplicate the issue for them they could do nothing about it. I told him about the video at which he interrupted me and stated again they would do nothing until they could hear it in person. So I again informed him that it was random. That I wanted it looked at. He refused to make me an apt. I then told him I wanted to speak with the owner and asked for the owners name at which he stated "well it is called Leskovar isnt it"...This entire conversation with this man both times I have had to deal with him has been incredibly unprofessional. He poorly represents mitsubishi. I have purchased 15 new cars over the years and have never once had an issue with a delearship. I have formerly owned 2 mitsubishi eclipses from a different delearship. I will never again purchase another mitsubishi because of this service department/management.

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    This complaint is about Leskovar Mitsubishi in Kennewick, WA


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    I was going to drive down some part of this month, you have saved me time, I've will now go to FORD to make my selection

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