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B Aug 14, 2018

Finance fraud was committed on the purchase of my vehicle on 6/16/18. I used to finance cars with Wells Fargo so I was able to sniff the fraud out after Travis, the salesperson on my car went ghost for a week after I bought the car because he wanted to dodge me after saying that they would tint my car windows as part of the deal for me to buy the car. After a week of him dodging me and than finally calling me back after I left him a voicemail asking to talk to a manager, he claimed he "never said that they would tint my new cars windows" but rather that he said "they would try to tint my windows". As a former car salesman and 40 year old mortgage broker and ex car finance guy for Wells Fargo myself, I would have never agreed to such terms. I also didnt expect such a scammy, fraudulent/deceptive experience, so I didnt ask for the window tint to be on the buyers order or anything, but ultimately the car window tint was approved by Earl the general manager, after I had to physically go into the dealership and start telling customers in there what happened in order for someone to actually take action. This was the first time I really started to wonder if any other scammy things happened during the car buying experience, and sure enough there was in fact finance fraud on my transaction. In Florida, it is illegal to intentionally deceive someone for profit in business, yet as you can see in the photo I have attached, on the 2nd line of this form that Travis presented to me, Travis wrote a $2995 hidden fee that was disguised as "cash or Trade equity" on the second line just under the price of the car. Since I was getting around $3k less for my trade than what I owed, I had no reason to assume that this $2995 was an extra hidden fee. The fact that I was financing $11k on top of what I already owed seemed high, but I had no reason to suspect such fraud because I had a "good experience" that day. Again, the window tint incident is what enlightened me to wondering if there was anything fraudulent that happenened because in the back of my mind I was wondering how I can be tacking on $11k when I was only $3k upside down in my trade. So on the day I went to pick up my car from the dealership, I asked to see a copy of my buyers order. They dodged me for a very long time so I started recording a video as well, which I can upload later if you need it. As you can see in the photo attachment that I have included with this complaint though, the $2995 hidden fee that was disguised as "cash or trade equity" was added to the sale price, making the total price ($34, 989). This is obvious criminal INTENT and again is illegal in Florida. Here is one such statute that cites this crime: "misleading advertising" includes any statements made, or disseminated, in oral, written, or printed form or otherwise, to or before the public, or any portion thereof, which are known, or through the exercise of reasonable care or investigation could or might have been ascertained, to be untrue or misleading, and which are or were so made or disseminated with the intent or purpose, either directly or indirectly, of selling or disposing of real or personal property, services of any nature whatever, professional or otherwise, or to induce the public to enter into any obligation relating to such property or services.

Pretty black and white. I also have a 15 minute video of Earl admitting to these deceptive sales practices like I mentioned that I can send later, and Earl even said he was going to refund me the $2995 because of this fraud. He even sent me a picture of a $2995 check made out to me, but after he started giving me the run around about it (saying he needs the owner of the dealership to sign it, that the owner was out of the country, etc.) I began to get upset. He said I sent him "too many text messages" and so he "changed his mind". I have been an honest mortgage broker and Realtor serving my home city of Tampa for 15 years and unless this hidden and deceptive $2995 fee is refunded to me like it should be, I am going to sue for it and a lot more on top of the $2995. I have friends who are lawyers who handle all my legal work for free. I am also paying a higher % rate because of the fraud because ofthe resulting higher loan to value. The whole staff for the most part except maybe a few, is a den of thieves, and I have never made a complaint about a car buying exerience in my life until now. I have owned 4 cars in the last 12 years and this is my first complaint. This is an obvious fraud case and I want my money refunded and more. I want Travis fired, the finance guy who encouraged him to deceive me fired, and the closer fired who lied and told me that this was in fact my negative equity from my trade in and not an extra fee. Supposedly, they said I signed an addendum agreeing to these extra charges, but no such addendum was given to me and so if there is a signature on there, its a forgery. As a former car finance person, I know that all I should be financing was the sale price, plus the negative equity (around $3k from my trade), my gap insurance policy, the dealer fee of $995, and the taxes and licensing/registration fees. I never signed an addendum agreeing to more than this and why a fee labeled as "cash or trade equity" was presented to me as a hidden fee as part of the sales process to deceive me is unbelievable. I will be filing complaints with the DMV, consumer finance protection burea (the feds) and the florida office of financial regulation should the $2995 hidden fee not be refuned to me immediately. Tampa Mitsubishi is lucky that is all I want. I have closed 100s and 100's of car loans at Wells Fargo, but it has been about 13 years since I was in that business and this is simply wrong. I didnt and never would have agreed to extra fees and its just illegal to label a hidden fee as "cash or trade equity" when its not. Plain and simple. I have never made an official complaint about a business until now, but this is a grievous criminal sales practice, and It goes without saying that a hidden fee of $2995 should not be disguised as "cash or trade equity" as part of the sales process. This situation is the definition of finance fraud as cited in the statute above.

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