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Mini Pocket Rockets — Returns/Unprofessional/Thieves

This is the most unprofessional business ever! the customer service never picks up the phone! the help desk...

MiniPocketRockets — Stopped working and company refused to replace it even though it's under warranty.

I bought one of your mini cobra four wheeler bikes and it took 2 hours to start up the first time then it...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
MiniPocketRockets — my husband ordered a bike for our son for christmas

my husband wanted this bike from this company so badly for our son for this christmas coming but i believe...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
MiniPocketRockets.comdefective products/ no returns

I ordered two pocket bikes from two different check cards from this company, and received the products on time. Not to mention, my son and nephew had been waiting for these bikes for about five months for their birthdays. A day before their birthday party, my brother and I put gas in the bikes as instructed by the website and owner manual. The bikes simply did not start. We tried pull-starting the bikes for about an hour straight before calling their customer service line. This company with no argument has the worst customer service I have ever had. From the get go, the service rep figured me out to be a mechanic by suggesting such things as removing and greasing the spark plug, then later suggesting that i should have never greased the spark plug. I could not help but think of all the women and men out there that bought these products and have never fixed a motorcycle before. After calling the company multiple times about how to get the bike started, they simply told me that their product is not guaranteed to work. with that in mind, i asked the gentleman what the odds were that two bikes of different prices and make, can have the same problem. The man had no answer. I asked if i could simply return the bike, and the man said that since i had already put gas in it, it would be non- refundable. I asked him how a buyer can see if their product worked without fuel, and the man had no answer. Now the two bikes are at a certified motorcycle mechanic, and if he is not able to fix them, i will certainly sue them for false advertisement, knowingly selling defective products, and having unfair refund policies to mention a few. Please do not buy from this company, it is beyond a fraud, it's theft. This compamy is only 65 miles away from my home, but would still not allow me to take them the two bikes. they would not also disclose their last names and compnay location when I threatened to sue them.

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    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    MiniPocketRocketsAwful experience

    I would just like to share my opinion and experience of what happened to me when i purchased with mini pocket rockets. com I placed an order with them for a mini pocket bike because the price was cheap. well stupid mistake i didnt do my research like i normally do on a company. well i did when it was to late and found so many complaints from customers on the product being broken and pieces missing and never getting the product. well i learned the hard way i ordered with them and thought nothing well the next day my card was already charged which is really quik most merchants dont charge you until the product is out of the warehouse. 2 weeks went by no bike well i tried to call them so many times they would hang up on me and would not let me speak to a supervisor this little basement operation must be ran by a few kids i thought to scam the public. well then i went to the process of disputing the charges on my card and emailing the company they sent me back threatning notes saying that they will win the dispute. even though they hadnt still sent my product and i told them not to bother after everything i already had gone through why in the world would i want to buy anything from them. well they said they will still ship it so then i can pay a 25% restock fee and shipping charges if i refuse my order. well i did i refused it alright and sent it right back to them they think they can do whatever they want even though i cancelled it way before they even shipped it. well im still going through thtis battle but in the end i have processed a complaint to the better business bureau and consumer affairs but if you look at they already have over 160 complaints not resolved and an f status so it happened to be and i just dont want it to happen to anyone else you get what you pay for i guess and believe me this company is not worth the couple pennies youll save because i have heard so many reviews on them since on how bad their products are and they wont let you return it after you put gas well how in the world do you no if it works without the gas being in it. so buy locally if you really want better service. i recommend you avoid but thats just my opinion. dont believe me just run a search on their company you will be glad you did.

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      • No
        Nobultox7 Oct 16, 2011

        Ohhh ### i just orderd a pocket bike off of minipocket rockets AND I DIDNT SEE THE REVIEWS ANS BAD NEWS ABOUTT IT !!! -_-

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      • Ca
        Calvin May 04, 2010
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        I purchased a mini Pocket rocket for my sons birthday in March, from the minipocketrocket website. The rear tire was defective meaning it was off balance and the bike whobbled dramatically. Customer service told us to take it to a tire store and have the tire reseated, which we did . they said that it was very difficult to seat these very small tires and that this one was defective. Minipocket rockets will not even return my calls now that I have done what they asked.There customer service rep. actually laughed at me over the phone. he was eating, drinking while on the service call. I have now left several messages for the "manager" who has not returned my calls. the website states a 60 day warranty aganist manfactures defects, which I have now been told buy both a local Mechanic and a tire shop that the tire is defective and still no return call.

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      • Mo
        Mobster Sep 12, 2009

        For those looking to purchase a mini bike, or a "to-scale" mini-motorcycle for youth, please avoid contacting

        The company., has a history of complaints from consumers and advocacy groups, and is on file with the Better Busienss Bureau. I had what now appears to be a common story when dealing with Upon ordering the bike, the box arrived with the vehicle in damaged condition. After a series of emails, sending photographs, and placing phone calls trying to get this resolved, no one has ever returned any calls or responded to any e-mails. It appears that this is the same fate that many others have experienced.

        I suspect that this is a basement operation, as no one at their answering service could tell me anything about the company, or the names of any individuals. Their only address is a P.O. Box, and the bike came shipped directly from overseas. Avoid this company at all costs. There are many, many reputable dealers of mini-motorcycles on the Internet, suggest those interested should seek another company. Please help us in putting out-of-business by sharing your similar stories.

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      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      MiniPocketRockets — Fraud/Cheat

      A Complete Fraud, PERIOD! I have been waiting 7 months for a replacement part. I ordered a bike from thi...

      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      MiniPocketRocketsNo product - No Refund - Lose Money

      I purchased a mini bike from mini pocket rocket website. They say that your purchases are 100% protected and the merchandised is insured through the shipper.

      They shipped it via UPS. UPS says they delivered and left with woman. There was no woman at home, I was at my lawyers office.

      I call the company and they said they will have to get UPS to investigate. UPS comes out to my house, they says they will be issuing a check, refund to the company.

      It has been over 30days, each time I call Mini pocket Rocket they give me the same line, we haven't received a report from UPS, please calll back next week. So i call UPS and they state they are done with the report, they have issued the company a check.

      So I call the company back, and they don't say nothing but call back end of week. I call back and they do the same.

      It has been almost two months, I have no bike, and no money!

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        • Pe
          PEEVED! Jul 30, 2009

          I know how you Feel! Don't worry the Govt. will catch on to them real soon.

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        • To
          Tommy Mar 05, 2009

          I purchased a Mini Pocket Rocket in November as a Christmas present for my son. The first day that he road the bike December 26 the foor pedal broke. The next day the gas line came loose.

          I sent the company an e-mail, December 28, explaining what happened. I received an e-mail back December 30, asking me to contact the via phone.

          I spoke with a Representative and explained the reason for my call. The Representative told me that the would be able to replace the broken pedal. They would be sending me a RMA form to fill out.

          I received the RMA form, January 7 2009, I was not able to send the part to the company until the end of January, due to my husbands illness which required me to be out of town most of January. When I returned I sent the part to the company.

          I February I had not received the part so I contacted the company once again Via e-mail to find out how long it would take to received the part. I received a reply that I would not be able to get the part replace because of the date that they received it.

          I responded back explaining the reason for the time they received it and Rep that I spoke with did not tell me that they needed to receive the pedal before the warranty expired. We corresponded by e-mail for a few days, then I was told to contact them via phone.

          I contacted the Customer Service department and spoken with a gentleman you was very rude and un-professional after I explained the reason for my call.

          He told me that I should have know to return the part with in the 60 days. I shouldn't have to have someone to tell me the part needed to be back to them in order to be replaced. He said if I were to tell you that we would replace something you wouldn't wait until June to send it back and still expect us to replace it.

          I should have gone to their website to get a RMA form and not wait for it to be sent to me. I told the rep that I was not aware that I could get the form from online. He told me that I should have read their website under the Facts and Questions. I told him that I was just following the directions that were given to me.

          I also asked why no one had contacted me to let me know that the pedal would not be replaced? He said the usually send e-mails, that I should have looked in my Spam e-mail for the reply. He could not give me a date that the e-mail could have possibly been sent. He said that he did not work in the e-mail department.

          He also said if you knew that no-one had contacted you why did it take you so long to contact us. I told him that I was giving them time to send the replacement, and that I should not have been the one to contact them, they should have been contacting me.

          I asked the rep why wasn't the part returned to me if they were not going to replace it. I he said that they could return it at my expense if I sent the a prepaid label.

          I told the rep that I was very disappointed in the way the handled their business and that I would be contacting the better Business Bureau, he told be that the only thing the Better Business Bureau would do was send them a letter.

          This has been a very bad experience that I have had with this company, refusing to replace a damaged part.

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        MiniPocketRockets.comFictional Warranty

        I ordered a pocket bike for my son's birthday from this company, and upon inspecting it noticed it had missing hardware, cracked plastic, and defects. It took me hours to get through to there customer service line, and when I finally did here is what I was told. I should go to the hardware store to pick up the missing nuts and bolts because they do not carry the replacements parts because that would cost them too much money. And that i could fix the defects myself by drilling new holes in the plastic and frame. I asked them if they inspected the bikes before they sent them out, and the first person told me they did, but their second representative told me that they could not afford any
        quality checks. I told them that I wanted to send the bike back and they could replace it or refund my money, and Joel (their rep) told me even if they would send me a new bike it would probably have the same problems. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, so my next question was so what your saying is that you knowingly sell junk, and he flat out told me yes and that there was nothing he could do about it. Oh they did tell me I could send it back, but that I would be responsible for the shipping and a 25% restocking fee. So basically I could lose $100 just for doing business with these scam artists. Even if I put the time and money into trying to fix this piece of junk, I am fearful of letting my son ride it. By the way they advertise on their site to have a great warranty, and even offer you a free extended warranty. Do not make the mistake of doing business with this company.

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          • 2b
            2boys_no_bikes Mar 17, 2010

            i agree that comment was obviousely made by one of the unprofessionals who work for this sad excuse for a company. that is ok i am going to tell everyone i know and can get to listen not to buy from this website. we bought 2 bike from them and they were anything but ready to ride out of the box. we took all the propper step explained to us by the rude customer service representitive and nothing. our hand were bleeding from pulling those damn cords and they would not start to save our lives. all we want is a refund. their policy of unreasonable. how are you supposed to know if it works until you put gas in it. it is a scam. they are going home wondering why karma is kicking their ### in the real world and it's because they are scamming good people out of hundreds of dollars. we will get our money back. believe that.

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          • Lo
            lovinlife503 Jul 29, 2009

            the comment above is obviously from the well trained crap tossers the company has hired to try and make their company sound good(bravo)
            Everything in the original post is correct the product that this company sells is crap and the customer service is great until you call to complain and ask for replacement parts then you become trapped in a circle of lies and BS. Oh and please make it a point to talk to Steve the manager who's voicemail is always full when you call (wonder why) and when you ask for another manager or owner nobody knows that answer. I personally (along with about 200 other people) have filed a complaint with the BBB as well as the Attorney Generals office. This company sells crap and the sad part is most of us are buying these for our children so way to go for crushing our babies dreams you should feel really proud of yourselfs.

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          • Ha
            Happy Apr 16, 2009

            Hmm, they agree to send parts in their warranty:

            "All necessary parts will be rushed out to you FREE of charge after you complete our RMA form and return it to us."

            Did you fill out the form and send as required or did you just call?

            As far as shipping, restocking, it is written right on their website:

            "If for any reason you decide not to keep the bike or part, without ever putting gas into it, riding it or using it any way, the customer will be responsible for shipping the unused product back to us. The original shipping and handling charge is non-refundable and there will also be a 25% restocking fee. "

            Did you not read that?

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Mini Pocket Rockets — Defect, no support

          The site makes all kinds of promises about support, warranty, product quality etc. DONT BELIEVE ANY OF...


          The company promises in stock guareenteed next day shipping as the day progress and after the charge is puy thru they call and email you that unfortunatly the bike you ordered is not in stock BUT we do have a more expensive product/bike that is 100% in stock for a few dollars more of course they preying on the fact that this is for your childs Xmas gift so you say ok whats $60.00 or $100.00 more then they charge the addional to your card and promptly call and tell you that this is not in stockeither but we have a more expensive product in stock thats when you start getting nervous and relize that this is a total 100% BS so I dont know what to do at this point except hope that my bank will credit back my money we shall see all the minipocket bikes are the same all full of !!!d

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            MiniPocketRockets.comFraud and cheating

            Do not buy from this company... they are a complete rip off. I ordered a bike for my son's birhday in May and I am still trying to get my money back!!! He rode it for 20 minutes and sparks were coming from the engine. 2 seconds later is stopped running all together. They told me they would send replacement parts which I have not gotten and they refused to allow me to return the bike since i put gas in it. How the heck do you know if it works if you don't put gas in it!!!

            I charged it back through my cc company once they started hanging up on me and the so called manager told he he could care less if i was a satisfied customer or not. I was also told that if I sent it back they would refuse it. Once they got the notice from my credit card company they changed there tune and after lying about the whole issue they issued me a RA# and stated in writing that once it was received and deemed defective I would receive full credit.

            I returned the bike and it was received by them on Sept 29th. I have been trying to get my money back for the last month. I was told today that I would get 214.25 which includes a restocking fee. I paid 319.00 for the bike and refused to accept the restocking fee. I was told I was being charged the restocking fee as the Bike is out of warranty. Funny that they told my credit card company that I would get 100% credit.

            Everytime you call this company you get the run around. I asked for a manger three times today and got this guy Steve's voicemail that is not accepting messages.

            Unless you want to get ripped off I would advise AGAINST dealing with this company. There DBA is Accessories online.

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              MiniPocketRockets.comBroke Bike Out Of Box Cant Get Replaced

              I ordered a bike from mini pocket rockets in december of 2007 for my sons christmas, The bike arrived on Jan 7th (4 days late)and when the box was opened the whole front end of the bike was all smashed and broken. I immediately called MPR and told them...they requested photos which I had already taken and immediatley sent them to them. Next they tell me I need to fill out an RMA form and send it to them and they would send the parts. That was on Jan 15th. I have made several foolow up calls and the parts are never in stock. I just called them again and they have no record of the RMA form I sent (which they responded to in an email confirmation). and the parts are still not in stock...almost 4 months later. I told them I am tired of getting the run around, and would be contacting my credit card company and requesting the charges be reversed.


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                • Le
                  leslieh Oct 17, 2014

                  I learned they don't care about their BBB as well, just shows how they DON'T CARE and all they want to do is take your money!

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                • Ta
                  Tammy Berrier Apr 09, 2011
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  This company is a ripp off. Do not buy from them. Our bike did not work the 1st time my son sat on it. This company will not return calls and if you send them e-mails no responses unless you use the word "Dispute".

                  Then you will get the following letter...
                  Ask yourself, would you buy from a company after reading this?
                  Also, the BBB is getting so many complaints that they have to close them. They give this company an "F" since they do not respond to them either...

                  Dear Valued Customer,

                  Thank you for contacting us.

                  We understand that you are considering contacting your Credit Card Company and opening a dispute on the charges. Before you proceed, we would like to be upfront with you on what a dispute entails.

                  When you decide to dispute the charges with your card company instead of working with us to resolve your issue, you card company will issue you a "Temporary Credit." This means that the Credit you are receiving from them is conditional, and can be reversed.

                  When we receive paperwork that you are doing a dispute, we have our team fight that dispute with data and evidence on why we feel that your case is not valid. Without going into detail, just know that our win rate on disputes is extremely high. And if we do win (which is the vast majority of the time), that "Temp Credit" you received will be reversed and the charge will be taken out again. And by the time the case settles in our favor (usually within 2 months from dispute date), the return window (30 days) and our limited warranty period (60 days) is usually passed, and we can no longer help you, the customer.

                  Now, if you are in the minority and actually do win your dispute, you will still be beyond the warranty period, so we will not be able to help you. But it is not over at that point. We work with a very effective Collections Agency which we forward all of your personal information to. They will then research your background and use their methods to help collect funds which we feel are rightfully due to us, if applicable. The methods they use, we have no control over, since we contract those cases out. We can tell you, however, that their methods have shown huge success rates in a very short period of time. For more information on their collections methods and the consequences, you will have to contact them directly when they correspond with you.

                  Also, if you file the Dispute with your Credit Card Issuing Bank, they will require you to fill out and sign paperwork, which will be legally binding. If you choose to state that the charge was somehow unauthorized, we will also be pursuing Criminal and Legal Actions against the Cardholder. With our data collection from the order, we are very likely able to prove that the order was placed by the Cardholder (via personal information, IP Address, Computer Identity, etc) and this case will be considered Federal Mail Order Fraud, which carries a severe monetary fine along with possible prison time, if convicted.

                  Instead of doing a dispute with your card company, we advise you to work with us on any issues you may have. We will stand by our products and will help you to the fullest extent. If you have not yet disputed your charges, we can peacefully resolve any issues. By going to route of Disputes, everyone will end up losing in the end, and that is not how we want to conduct business with our valued customers.

                  We hope this helps and we look forward to serving you in the near future.
                  If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.


                  Best Regards,
                  MPR Customer Care Dept.
                  Toll Free 1-877-MPR-BIKES

                  PO Box 130
                  Temple City, CA [protected]

                  [email protected]

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                • Ma
                  Matt W. Sep 26, 2008
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  This was a horrendous experience for me as well. The wrong parts were put on the bike and the front wheel won't even turn. It never got beyond getting lifted out of the crate. Turns out the bike isn't even worth its weight in scrap. I went ahead and contacted the L.A. County Better Business Bureau, they "knew them well." Fortunately, I have 15 years as a consumer advocate, but ashamed to admit that I missed this one coming.

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       — I believe this may be a scam!

                My husband and I wanted to buy an end of school year gift for our two boys. We contacted a company by the...

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