Milk and Chocowon't accept returns or refund

S Jun 12, 2018 Review updated:

Good afternoon,
On 9th may I purchased 3 womens clothing items from an on-line clothing store called ‘milk and choco' to the total of $141.70 including shipping of $11.85.. Of which they state at the top of their webpage that all shipping is free!!
Before purchasing I looked at their returns policy of which they offer a refund or exchange of size, all that I needed to do was send an email to them at [protected] to organise the return.
So I proceeded with the purchase and the items were received on 2nd june.
The items were no where near the quality they lead me to believe on their website and the sizing was about 1 full-size incorrect, so I sent my first email to them on monday 5th june requesting I start the return and refund process as I was unhappy with their product. Since then I have sent 3 other emails similar to the below requesting they advise me on where I can return to the items too. The website states they will respond within 2 working days and so far their has been no response to any of my contact emails.

Email example:
Just following up my below request from tuesday 5th june. Can you advise on the process and where I can return my 3 purchased items please??
I have since looked up milk and choco's on-line reviews and it appears I am not alone, this company just ignores you if you need to return or need a refund on purchased items.

I would love some advise on what my next step is and how I go about gaining a refund for my purchased items.

This company needs to be shutdown!!!


  • Na
    natachug Jun 12, 2018

    I am in the same position - they won't respond to any emails with regards to refunds or returns and delivered my order 6 weeks late in the first place!
    Any advice on the best action to take would be hugely welcome!

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  • Ma
    Marla Sherman Jun 12, 2018

    I contacted my credit card and asked to dispute the charges.

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  • Ja
    Jaynellen Richardson Jul 07, 2018

    I’m in the same boat, ordered then after confirming I was told it was in US funds, after finally receiving the quality was very poor and the sizing was way off. I have sent several requests to return but have been ignored. I would never recommend this company to anyone.

    Buyer be ware!

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  • Jo
    Joanne Blanch Sep 16, 2018

    I am in the same situation I have been emailing them since end of June and JUly. No response re refund as they sent me the wrong item and in the wrong size. Trying to get a refund but no response. Very frustrating will not ever buy from them again and advise others to be very aware.

    Buyer definitely be ware

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