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My car was having trouble starting. It took me about 5 times to try and start the car before it would go. So I took it in to Midas and they claimed it was faulty spark plugs. Ok, so I got those replaced, along with rotors and brake pads. Next day, same exact problem. I go in again, and this time they tell me it won't start because of the fuel pump. They claim they need to replace the entire fuel pump, fuel tank, and filters. After spending over $1, 000 there, I tried my car again the next day. SAME problem. Only this time, my car is flashing the "battery" light. Which, by the way, supposedly they checked at Midas and told me it was fine. They never fixed the problem, charged a huge sum of money, and now I have to find someone who can actually do their job.


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    ripped of 2 Feb 22, 2011

    Not only do they rip customers off, they also rip off their employees, too. They misadvertise wage rates to get a prospective employee in the door, then they stick it to you. All that frosty talk about 32.00 an hour, benefits, etc. The flat-rate that a technician should get for a job perfomed is reduced so you would actually only make half of the wage advertised. Also, you have to do the job of a service advisor as well and not get paid for that. The service writer is too busy having coffee and catching up on that latest soap opera.

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    Walkinbyfaith7 Apr 04, 2013

    I bought a living social deal for "free" oil changes plus extra free or discounted prices for 25$- I was sold. We went in yesterday and they insinuated WE were trying to scam THEM with the punch card we bought in which THEY offered on LS. WTHeck?? After getting passed that, they claimed they couldn't/wouldn't change the oil in our new car because it was "unsafe" to drive and needed repairs before it could even be considered for an oil change. Needless to say we didn't buy the BS, and left.

    The next day we took the truck in (should've known better to go back), they took the truck back and claimed my truck only took synthetic oil; which again BS from them. I've never put synthetic in my truck and didn't want the synethetic. They said it was the only choice and put it in anyway. They charged us 42$ for the 7 quarts of synthetic that I didn't even want. They charged for the filter that on the punch card clearly stated the filter was included. The only thing we expected to walk out paying was taxes and disposal fees. Instead, with our "free" oil change coupon we walked out paying 40$! Just for oil and a filter!

    I disputed the charges and the guy behind the counter didn't care about a thing I said, in fact he was messing around on the computer while I was trying to get answers from him. He obviously didn't care and probably was happy that they got away with scamming yet another customer. I was pretty livid walking out. No care for the customer, just bringing in money and ripping people off.

    We will never return and hope to gosh living social refunds our punch card vouchers; they're completely worthless.

    I highly recommend finding an honest auto shop. We love Sun Auto (we go to the one off N Durango and 215). They're honest and treat loyal customers well. I'm disappointed in my self for getting a flashy deal over our regular shop. Shame on me for straying away and shame on Midas for the bad business they conduct.

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