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Dear Microsoft,

We are writing to complain about Microsoft XBox 360 consoles and Microsofts knowledge of a hardware malfunction. In the last year and a half myself and my partner have purchased two XBox 360 consoles, both of which developed the same problem - 'A hardware malfunction!

The first console purchased last year broke down just before Xmas and we were unaware of why because the hardware malfunction was not recognized by MS then. On this occasion however, we have been told that there is a hardware problem with the console by a very unhelpful lady called 'Ceza' at MS. Originally, we purchased a console for the maximum price at the time, we made use of this until it, a little after a year, ceased to function. We contacted Microsoft who "advised that at that time the console was not covered by the three month warranty and that they could not help". My partner then found streams of 'Blog' pages with similar problems, all of which stated that MS had problems with the hardware of the XBox 360 and new about it. Because of this MS have now extended their warranty due to a large number of faulty machines. At the time and because of the time and effort it would have taken to complain myself and my partner decided not to complain or take further action.

With some faith left we then decided to purchase another machine in February of this year at, once again, the maximum retail price. This console has also just broken down; we have contacted MS who confirmed that this is a hardware problem and that they would need to collect it and repair it. We find this very disappointing as for the second year running it has now broken down before Christmas. I also find it very scary that MS have extended their warranty because they are aware of problems with the product their are continuing to supply for sale. We are very grateful for MS to come and collect the console for repair, however this should not be the case as we are the ones having to follow this through. The product we purchased should not be experiencing problems, we should be able to have some faith in the hard earned money given to MS for the XBox 360. This is the second console brought from MS because of the faith that we have in the company. This faith sadly has completely disappeared. We would very much appreciate some response from MS on this matter. We do not want a repaired console, we want a console that will last the expected length of time.


  • Am
    amanda h Apr 12, 2011

    i hate this game i hate this game i hate this game did i tell u i hate this game just want to make it clear customer service sucks sucks sucks they don't care what a piece of [censor] job helping rip honest people off and they know it they laugh good thing we didn't meet in person im not a hateful mean person but ooooooo i was fired up and the [censor] goes on

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  • Jo
    JoAnn P. Oct 22, 2009

    I just want an XBOX 360 that works. I want to be treated with respect by your support line operators. My first 360 crapped out about 2 years ago with an E74 code. I was told that my console was out of warranty after 90 days. So I opted out of sending $99.99 to get it fixed and just bought another one…..and now my 2nd console just crapped out. Then today, I read that the warranty for my 1st console was extended. So I called the cust. support line and they tell me that the extended warranty for my console ended 5 months ago! Why was I not contacted! They had all my info on file -email, address, phone, but they stated that they had no record of my 2 calls to complain about that console. They stated they needed a reference # for the original complaint. WTF- WHO KEEPS REFERENCE #’S AFTER 2 YEARS!!! They have all my personal info on file but they state that I have no proof of my original complaints! I want some justice!!!

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  • 1b
    1booboo Oct 08, 2009

    Xbox support have lied, given me false info, promised they'd replace a headset that apparantly in the end microsoft dont even make these headsets, so they promised me (4 times) to send me a replacement of equipment that some other company made, So why didn't support know this? Is their job isnt it to know these things? I explained how much it was, what make & model No irt was & i paid for it online with my debit card, & they said when they get this email with attached B statement as proof of purchase as Ive lost the receipt they will replace the same headset, The bank statement that was in my hand today clearly says payment debited to livexbox360, then XB support said ''i do not have livexbox360 written on my statement'' I said its here Im looking at it, ''NO YA HAVN'T'' ( Dimitris his name) again said.. I said'' you either callin me a liar? A Dyslexic, or ya taking piss''? He just basically then carried on treating me and talking to me like a idiot, he kept on repeating that id to take it back to the store where i bought it when he knew full well i purchased it on line & not in store and I copied this statement emailed it them, and Dimitris said he cant see what it said cause the attachment photo was too small but he was laughing, I told him he wouldn't be laughing when I play a recording of this convo we are having to my solicitor, he attitude changed then & said its illegal to do that & that he was putting phone down. I rang back another guy said he could see the attachment & he read out it says livexbox360 but then he said it wasn't part of Microsoft etc etc I cant tell you how pathetic, disgusting & I will not let this drop, cause now its a matter of principle & Dimitris would get a smack right in the nose if I was to meet him face to face... The cheeky little ****! Im fuming.

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  • Wt
    wtfM$ Sep 01, 2009

    Yea so get this ###, my warranty expired on 8/29 @ 5:00pm PST. My POS 360 decided to RROD me on 8/30 @ 6:00pm a whole 25 ###ing hours after my 3 year extended warranty expired... WTF is that ### how can something break 25 hours out of warranty? now MS wants $100 to fix it, and wont even send me a box and packing material like they did previously... I swear, class action here i come, I just want my console repaired... I did not cause this hardware issue, it is a design flaw that they overlook and why should the end consumer foot the repair bill, warranty or not...


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  • Wk
    wkd_stevie Aug 15, 2009


    I'm getting to the point I want to break microsoft into little peices. I have called and emailed non stop after I got the ring of death (as they call it) I sent my xbox 360 to Germany where they told me I would get a replacement. 1 week later - I got my XBOX 360 Elite back stating it was tameperred with.!!!

    So I called them and made a complaint. they are very helpful at this stage... or so I thought! They calim they took photographs of the apparant seal that had been broken to justify it had been tameprred with. I ask to be sent a copy of these photographs showing my serial number in view. They calim they are not allowed to send sensitive information.

    WELL THEN...

    I am now taking court action against Microsoft as they have failed to:

    1. repair my xboc 360 elite.
    2. deny me access to the evidence when i clearly advised no tamperring had occured.

    Their customer service is non-existing!

    If any of you guys have the same problem with Microsoft stating your xbox was tameppered with when it wasn't pls contact me on [email protected]

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  • Rr
    RRODMAN Jun 29, 2009

    My first Xbox 360 that I purchased was on July something, 2008. My Xbox 360 only lasted for 9 months which was on April 24, 2009. I suffered 2 Red Flashing Lights on my console which is due to overheating. Well I have to say that my Xbox 360 could have lasted longer because it was in an enclosed space where dust gathers up, you can actually see dust on the side and on top of my xbox 360 but I never cared. I was too busy on gaming. Anyway I sent my Xbox 360 to Microsoft and they sent me the same Xbox 360, because I checked the serial number and it was the same, but whats different was the manufactured date. The date was 5/2/2009 which was the date that the console was fixed when I checked the repair status. So now I putted my xbox 360 on top of my Xbox 360 box that came with when I bought it. The Xbox 360 is about 1 Foot away from the wall and is on top of a hard would stand which is 4 feet high. I would always keep it clean and covered with a towel when i'm not playing. Then 2 days ago which was a Saturday 6/27/2009 I was playing Fight Night Round 4 which was released last Thursday 6/25/2009, then 2 hours later my screen froze during gameplay and I turned off my Xbox 360. I turned it on again and it has the Xbox 360 loading thing when you turn onwith the whole spiracle ball or whatever.. And it just stays on that screen. So I turned it off then on again and the screen was black, so I turned it off and called 18004myxbox and we did troubleshooting. Same thing happened black screen, but 1 minute later 3 Red Flashing Lights showed and I was shocked. So... Now i've packed it in the same shipped box that I received my Xbox 360 in.. And so I write this and wait..

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  • Pa
    Paul Broner May 26, 2009

    dear sir or madam owner of Microsoft,

    Your xbox 360 console broke on the first day that I played it. the worst part of it was that before it got caught on fire it wouldn't read the disc that I just bought on that day. it kept saying to remove disc clean either the disc or the player and restart. First I cleaned the disc, it still didn't work. So I cleaned the player, it still wouldn't work. So I decided to clean both before restarting and then try it again. It didn't work and caught on fire. I did not use water to clean, I read the instructions so I could make sure that I didn't use something I wasn't suppose to. I was told to write to you I would appreciate the refund (if possible). I don't have the console but hope you can help me by helping me with getting money to get a new one.

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  • J
    j. Oct 06, 2008
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    Verified customer

    can anyone tell me how i can get my hands on these 360 developers that are ripping everyone 360 blows and i feel the need to get even.whether i can get a direct email address or go to their main office, somebody or somebodies are going to pay.anything to see these goofs face to face.i'm not scared to go back to jail.

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  • Ke
    kenny lee bolden Sep 28, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Microsoft your ###ing console deleted my gamertag ! I worked so hard on my gamerscore and what does your console do it deletes my gamertag and everything on my MU! Microsoft if you dont get your act together many people are going to turn to other people whose consoles wont break as easily or delete all of your data !

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  • Ge
    George Volk Sep 16, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I will not even begin to explain all my issues. Ive bought 3 xbox360 in my time. Two as gifts and One for myself.
    Not one of those xboxs have survived to this day. Im on my 3rd repair with the 3 lights of death but at least the one good thing is, I leave 30 mins from the repair center and usually get it back within 3 working days.

    This last repair, they seem to have lost my xbox. They offered me a free accessory again, and it would so up within 2 weeks. 2 days later I have receive the part but no xbox. The
    site says - waiting for item mean while, ups tracking number says its been there for 7 days. Ive called 3 times, and everytime they say the same thing, you'll get it tomorrow.

    Ive asked every time, are you sure its going to be delivered tomorrow. And same response everytime - " yeah thats what the computer is telling me". Why is it they never log anything. Every time I call its like the first time. I have purchased over 20 games 4 remotes 4 headsets a vision cam to name a few.

    I know am talking in circles but - I have some friends with the PS3 and i havent heard ### from them.

    All microsft would have to do is take the problem seriously and for those who have had a number of issues get a new box, or for that matter a refurb elite to show they care. Heck, i even offered to pay the difference from the pro to the elite and he said no (skue # issue or some bullsh*t) and I paid 600+ on the first day (waiting 6 hours in line)

    Now i showed that im a supporter of their product - why cant they show me the same courtesy.

    I would love to fill a real complaint, but the seems impossible.

    xbox for now - Ps3 later

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  • Da
    David Sep 14, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I have one huge issue about the customer service supplied by Microsoft. Being 16, I indulge myself in a fair bit of video games when i have time off from college, namely Halo 3. My 360 had gotten the red rings apprximatly one year after i purchased it, (August 2007-08). I call Micorsoft and get in touch with a rather polite customer service employee, and, after i state my problem, tells me I would receive an email with the adress that i should send my xbox to in 2 business days. The email slipped my mind, and it had been over 2 weeks since i checked for that specific email. No such email is present in my inbox or junk mail. Slightly irritated, I callMicrosoft yet again. I tell them it has been over 2 weeks, and the woman i m conversing with simply says " you will receive an email for Microsoft in approximately 48 hours". Pleased, I thank her for her cooperation and hang up. i has now been an additional week and a half, with no email ever recovered. Im pretty pissed off right now, as i dotn see why they must send an email, when it would be much less of a nuissance if THEY SAID IT OVER THE DAMN PHONE!!! An adress really doesnt take very long for someone to say to another person, and would rid many others in the same predicament as me of alot of preventable frustration if they simply said it during the call. Don't get me wrong, I simply adore the Xbox 360, but I cant help but feel some sort of anger in regards to the lenght of time thsi entire ordeal has lasted. Also, one of my closest friends had called Microsoft, received an email form them, sent his xbox, and recovered it in under 2 weeks. Obviosuly something isnt right here, and I am wondering if my case is somewhat isolated, or quite a common situation?

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  • Be
    Ben Asselman Sep 01, 2008
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    Here is my story and this is what i posted on the xbox website. the post was deleted in 4 minutes!!!
    I am now posting everywhere i can possibly can

    I would like to share my experience over the last few years with Microsoft and the 360 in the hope that someone high up reads this post and takes some action

    I purchased my 360 in the first month of the UK launch and it worked fine until just over a year old when it suffered from the 3 red lights. When calling Microsoft support i was told it would be a chargeable repair as the unit was over a year old. I argued that the 3 red lights was a known issue and after 30 minutes of debate it was agreed that the unit would be replaced for free.

    About 9 months after my second 360 failed with 3 red lights. this took over 3 1/2 week to be sorted and was replaced with a refurbished unit.

    That unit lasted for approx 6 months until on the 22 august 2008 i had to report an issue with the disk drive failing to read any disk at all. To be honest the unit had never felt right since being sent to me, slightly sticky power button.

    So 22 aug 2008 i called support and said i was extremely unhappy that another unit had failed and requested i speak to a manager. I was passed on to supervisor to deal further.

    I requested that i be refunded or i have a brand new 360 elite to make up for the problems i had with the 360 since it launched. I was told that they could not do refunds and there was no way i could have a new unit and only a refurbished unit. I questioned and argued and in the end was told what Microsoft could do is give me a seven day repair service and that i was guaranteed to have an xbox back by 02/09 as the time also crossed bank holiday.
    I was also told that the box would be sent out to send the old one back within 48 hours including the the day i called. This would mean that my box should have been with me in 2 working days. So i accepted that and then waited for my box.

    2 days came and went and so I waited into the 3rd day still no box.
    I called support again and waited online for an answer and then was cutoff after waiting 18:46 mins. So i called again and got through and requested i speak to a supervisor but the advisor was incredibly reluctant to pass me through and was very blunt and unhelpful on the phone and said it was up to me to speak to UPS. I finally managed to get him to pass me through to a supervisor who said it seemed there was a delay with UPS and the box was late. I had waited at home for 3 days for nothing.

    So i then explained all over again about my history and demanded to be refunded as it was an utter disgrace that even the special 7 day service was messed up causing 3 days of waiting at home.

    So the supervisor says he will place a request for a refund and it will take a few days for someone to call me.

    The box finally arrived and i got it sent back last thursday
    So the 7 days special service should mean i should at least have an xbox back by tomorrow but looking at my case online it says still waiting device at service centre.

    Also no call back from supposed complaints re the refund.

    So i rang microsoft today again.

    First of all i had to explain the whole history to the advisor as they did not want to pass me to the supervisor and they advised me it would take 3- 4 weeks. After 20 minutes of trying to explain the situation and asking to speak to a supervisor i was finally passed through.

    Here now comes my favorite part. No record of any of the calls i had with supervisors before. No records of a refund being requested. And then cutting into my conversation when i was trying to explain the situation and then being incredibly rude and patronising when i said no one had even said sorry. Mr supervisor says " well if it makes you feel better then sorry" and it was very patronizing. On top of this he kept going silent almost pretending he had cutoff with me saying hello, hello hello hello and then him almost sighing and saying yes. He did not want to hear about my problems did not want me on the phone and kept saying that talking about it would do no use and he would place another refund request in and thats all.

    Now i have worked for the last 13 years for the largest telecommunications company there is and have worked in Compliants/repairs helpdesks as an advisor and also supervisor. I have dealt with many companies both as a representative of my company and also as a consumer in everyday life buying things from shops etc. In all my years of life i have never experienced customer service and product service so bad. Im not even going to get into the xbox live fiasco across christmas when all we received was an arcade game nobody wanted and no refund to the £4.99 we had paid for a service that didn't work. Or the recalls on the wheel or the 3 red lights etc etc.

    Now i have to wait again for a call from somebody to find out if I'm getting a refund or not.

    What i can say is im speaking to trading standards tomorrow as they shut by the time i got off the phone and I'm also going to copy and paste this post and post it on as many forums as i possibly can. The golden rule of customer service is a happy customer may tell a few people of a good experience but an unhappy customer will tell a lot more about a bad 1.

    Don't get me wrong i love the console and have had some amazing times with friends and my children and am a relaxed person who normally lets things like this go. This time however i am not as this is utterly disgusting service and should be brought to the attention of somebody higher up in Microsoft.

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  • To
    todd Aug 03, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    first xbox: RROD after 8 months, took a montha and a half to get back.

    second xbox: same thing after 8 months. i requested repair because the warranty expired, they said they send me a box in 3-5 days. 2 weeks and one day later, still no box, i called three days in a row, they told me everytime to call back in 24 hours.

    i call customer support today, they say there was an error in the repair request, so i had to cancel and start a new one, i wonder if i will get my xbox today.

    i ask where i can file a complaint, they have no idea. they asked why i would file a complaint. can you beleive that? i still have super nintendos and sega that works. granted not the same quality, but at least they work.

    im so tired of dealing with microsoft, i want to file a complaint and make my voice heard.

    everyone i know has had this problem, its disgusting that microsoft treats customers this way, and by the way, if you start getting mad with customer support, even though you tell them you know its not their fault, its microsoft im mad at, they still try to raise their voice and cut you off. i dont know about you, but i will not tolerate this behavior.

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  • He
    Henry Jul 30, 2008
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    Verified customer

    my 360 broke down a few weeks ago, i bought it september of 2006, i called M$ and they told me the extended warrenty only covers "3" red lights, after all, why should "they" fix "1" red light right? I asked again, Why am i paying you guys 100 dollars to fix somnething you so crappily put together!!?? They couldnt give me a str8 answer. its a bloody outrage! i paid damn near 400 plus dollars just to buy this console, and your telling me you cant fix a defective product that you knew was defective and still sold to the public for free!! they should be kissing my hairy F****ING BALL SACK! im not going to "get it fixed" ill leave that to the vetinarians! im just going to buy a core console.. Damn ###s.

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  • Nu
    nurselynnaie Jun 05, 2008

    I have to agree, I sent my xbox 260 in to be fixed after only owning it for 6 months and they sent it back after I paid over 100 dollars to have it fixed saying they could not fix it and my money would be refunded that was in March 2008 I still have not been refunded and I call the 1800myxbox number to see why and they will not tell me their company name or where they are out of for me to complain with the BBB ... What a Crock MICROSOFT IS SOMEONE I WILL NEVER BUY FROM AGAIN!!! XBOX 360 is the biggest waste of money I have ever spent and their customer service sucks !!!

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  • Gr
    greg Apr 28, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Xbox360 which I own fro about 6 months broke 3 times already.
    The biggest lemon I've ever own !

    A month ago power supply went and after talking to tech support I did send it for a repplacement. 2 weeks later I called to learn they can not trace it. After giving them USPS tracking number they agreed to sent me a replacement...and a free xbox live card (one month membership) I was told of that by 2 diggerent tech support people. My power supply came back today bot no free xbox live I did call again to learn that I'm a lier and they never send out free cards when power supply breaks. (so I pay for a year in advance and losing my money because Microsoft made a LEMON that brakes often) Anyone knows about class action suit against XBOX360?

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