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fraudulent charges

"Microsoft *Xbox Live" processed two fraudulent charges on my checking account. The first for...


I just got billed £9:98 from microsoft *billing lu when i didn't even order a subscription, so i checked the gamer tags i used this card on and neither have any gold subscriptions on them. also subscriptions are as follows; 1 month - £4:99, 3 months - £14:99, 1 year - £39:99, so even if i had purchased a subscription i couldn't be billed £9:98. i will try and contact support but will most likely get put through to someone from a foreign country who will take all day to answer my problem because i can understand them and they can't understand me.

  • Le
    Lets Paint Nov 24, 2013

    Hi Ian here from Dromore Co Down, you should contact microsoft they are quick to respond to their chat line. I have just logged a complaint for phantom charges.

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unauthorised debit on credit card

I have an unauthorised debit of $10.95 with the description Microsoft*Billing.Bill.Net.SGP. I have not...

award anniversary

Dear winner.

Attached to this email is your winning notification for the prize you have won.


Dr. gordon frazer

Microsoft® corporation board
{uk. regional office}
Building, 40 ryecroft way,
Stopsley london,
United kingdom.

Winner no: 03,
Microsoft corporation wish to notify all online customers as we celebrates the 35th year anniversary 2010; and also to inform you that you have emerged one of the beneficiary
Selected in this ongoing 35th anniversary program in conjunction with the foundation of software products (f.p.s.) the microsoft internet e-mail draw is held periodically and is organized to encourage the users of the internet and promote computer literacy worldwide.

A cheque will be issued in your name by microsoft corporation board uk (mcsp), you have therefore won the entire sum of £850, 000, 00(eight hundred and fifty thousand great british pounds sterling) which consequently won in the 2nd category.

Contact: dr. gordon frazer via
Email: dr.[protected]
Phone: +[protected]

Provide below information for validation of your prize
.residential address:
.tel (mobile):
.full name:
.what is your comment on microsoft products?:

Note: your award security information (data file number: uk/9420x2/68, ref.code:[protected], grant number: msc/[protected]/07)
To file for your claim, please contact your validating officer for validation of your winning within twenty-nine working days of this winning notification. winnings that are not validated within twenty-nine working days of winning notification are termed void and invalid. you are required to mention the above particulars of your award in every correspondence to enable the agent validate your winning.

The microsoft internet e-mail lottery awards is sponsored by our ceo/chairman, bill gates and a consortium of software promotion companies.
Congratulations from the staffs & members of microsoft board commission.
©2010 microsoft corporation®

  • Sk
    sk muneerbasha Dec 17, 2010

    sk muneer basha
    c/o sbs traders, hno:3-2-97-/1, darga road,
    naidupet. pin: 524126, spsr nellore dt.(ap) india.
    mobile no:+919700090580.
    age:35 sex:male
    occupation:aircel distributer

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  • Ka
    kaiser pasha Dec 18, 2010

    Dr Gordon Frazer
    Sub;-sir yesturday i got msg regarding microsoft winner.
    I kaiser won $500, 000 in microsoft mobile contest so please give me a right instructions to get the mobile no is 9700101411, male india.
    thanking u very much,
    your sincerely.

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  • Ka
    kaiser pasha Dec 18, 2010

    Dr Gordon frazer
    sub;sir here to inform that i got your msg.
    sir i got your msg regarding the winner of microsoft winner of mobile with a amout of $500, 000 and my profile is like
    Name : kaiser
    father name : Khalid
    sex : male
    full add : 6-10-48
    hyderabad, india.

    Thanking u very much,
    your sincerely.

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fraudlent site for online transactions

I transacted online for purchase of MS project Software for 57.4 Us Dollras. The transaction was done using ICICI card but after the amount has been debited, no software was available for download nor any communication received regarding the Purchase online. From ICICI Bank i reced sms about the transaction which took place without using additional security Password.

Please see the attachment which I got after the transaction.

I would like to warn the public that the site is spam site and nothing to do with microsoft.

fraudlent site for online transactions

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microsoft lottery winning

Hi sir,
I'm gopal from india, last week I received a mail like, I won the microsoft lottery of award price of (£700, 000.00) seven hundred thousand great british pounds.
Then he want mydetails and he asked me to send 36000.00rupees for tax clearance.
Pls check this out sir, I copy and pested the mail details below sir, pls refer it ok.

— * — in the mail is below sir

Microsoft center, london, se1 7na - united kingdom

Attn winner;

this correspondence officially confirms that we are in receipt of your e-mail regarding the claim of your award prize value of 700, 000.00 pounds {seven hundred thousand pounds}

microsoft promo organization! collects 5, 000 cell phone numbers from all the cell phone network services in all over asian and europe countries and over twenty million cell phone numbers participated in this award promotion and seven people were selected to benefit from this promotion and you are one of the selected winner.

This award promotion is to help individuals from countries facing terrorist attack, natural disaster, etc. for the first time microsoft promo organization decided to render help through sms by lucky number just to reach the luckiest individual and note that part of this fund should be used to help the poor ones around the area where you leave.
for the first time microsoft promo organization host this award promotion to help individuals from asian, africa, america and europe, all cell phone numbers participated in this award promotion were collected from internet data base provider of all cell phone network services and it happen that your cell number is one of the selected numbers and below are your winning identification numbers which has to be kept secret till your award claim is remitted to you in india, do not disclose your winning identification numbers to anyone.

Ref number: uk/9420x2/68

Batch number: 074/05/zy369

Web site:

I here by inform you about the legitimate procedure on how to get your award claim to your designated bank account in india and we have already spoken with the reserve bank of india official and income tax department in your country regarding the formalities required by the law in india on how to get your award claim transferred to your bank account in your country.

this should be completed by the beneficiary of the stated fund for verification before transfer;

(1) beneficiary full name…………

(2) nationality……

(3) state………….. city……………

(4) residential address………

(5) date of birth…………

(6) occupation...

(7) cell phone number...

(8) scanned copy of your photo identity proof

Larry cole


The desk of the director promotions,
Microsoft lottery,
Mortimer house, mortimer street,
London, w1t3jg united kingdom.


Compliments of the day to you. be informed that our verification department has completely verified and documented the information you presented and I am happy to inform you that, you are eligible to receive your award price of (£700, 000.00) seven hundred thousand great british pounds.

However, we have given your parcel containing your award cheque of £700, 000.00 british pounds. and the original copy of your award certificate to our personnel officer mr. peter scott:email of the diplomat agent ([protected] who has left uk london today, wednesday the 8th of september, to come over to india to register your award prize with the reserve bank of india, for conversion into india currency and then transfer your award prize directly into your local account tomorrow, which is thursday the 9th of september, 2010.

After the transfer has been successful and you have confirm that, the prize has been credited into your local account immediately, mr peter scott will now take a flight and come down to your city to give you, the original copies of your document backing your award prize at your resident.

note: it has been confirm that you have to pay legal clearance fee when the parcel arrived at india. the legal clearance fee is 450 pounds which is 36, 000.00india rupees, do co-operate and complete the formalities required from your side. the amount of 36, 000.00 india rupees is for the local tax clearance charges, this amount has to be paid at the point of arrival of the diplomat to india.

kindly understand that without the required local tax clearance fees (36, 000.00) being paid by you the customs will not release your award cheque from the airport and which is accordance with the immigration law in your country. the parcel containing your award cheque and the certificates hard copy will be going for scanning thereafter, it will be kept in the customs security warehouse and that is call strong room, then immediately you have paid the clearance fees the customs will now release your parcel to mr. peter scott our company personnel.

do not delay to pay the local tax clearance fees because we have assigned four working days to our personnel (mr. peter scott) who is coming down with your award cheque to complete the process and he will be back to united kingdom after the whole process have been duly completed within four working days.

you shall follow every instructions of mr. peter scott when your cheque arrived in india for the process to be completed without any hindrance within the stipulated time. once again regarding the payment for local tax clearance charges of your parcel from the airport authority that should be paid with the instructions of mr. peter scott our assigned personnel.

please always keep me posted with your dealings with mr. peter scott our assigned personnel.

once again congratulations on behalf of all our staff.

Kind regards and reply immediately for further procedure.

Mob: [protected]
Yours faithfully larry cole
(prize administrator)
kindly provide your account details where you want your prize amount to be transferred into

credit card fraud

2 unauthorized charges today

contact: dr. williams for prize validation‏

Attn: Winner No: 03, Microsoft Corporation wish to notify all online customers as we celebrates the 35th...

emnail scam

I have received a email which claims two things, firstly it claims to be from Microsoft and secondly announces me to be winner of some money and a laptop from google as weekly donations.
the scamper have tried the best of his to make the email to fullest to be true..

and have a look at this and see their level of gut to lie and fake peoples...

Microsoft Windows Financial Department
Morley House, 56-60 Holborn Viaduct,
London EC1A 2BP. U.K.

Dear: Beneficiary,

I am in receipt of your mail. Firstly, I would like to introduce myself to you. I am Mr. Ferdinand Wilson, the Head of Financial Department Microsoft Windows. I am in charge of the International beneficiaries whose email addresses are included for the weekly donations, More so, my duty is to process and facilitate the release of your reward. please be informed that the sum of £1, 500, 000 Great british pounds was donated by Microsoft Company to you and your family as a benefit for joining us in expanding the use of internet in your country.

Note: Hp Laptop was included to your reward today after the E-mail Screening/Verification match conducted today at theHeadquarters.

Security Advice: Please note: Microsoft is not a Lottery Company... At The Microsoft Windows we understand the importance of security. That's why we've created highly secure facilities to give you confidence during our operation. Microsoft is a veteran software company, best known for its Microsoft Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software.

Reason for give this reward (1.5million pounds {Cheque} + Hp Laptop) to you and your family: Its because you are a user of either one of the following domain name: Msn, Yahoo, Gmail, Rediff, Hotmail, Sify etc. This is to uplift the use and marketing of our product in your country. For details on how to collect your reward, kindly read carefully to the end of this page.

Meanwhile I would like to give you a brief explanation or information about the Microsoft Windows. Due to the fact that you might be confused about how you were selected or if actually this is true. In fact, many beneficiary have asked such questions and are cleared accordingly.


The Microsoft Windows is an independent Internet organization & veteran software company, best known for its Microsoft Windows operating system that has been financially assisting people with it's intention to change peoples life since 1998, so many people have benefited from it over the years. All beneficiary were selected randomly through a computer balloting system from over 100, 000 unions, associations, and corporate bodies that are listed online from Canada, Australia, United States, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Oceania.

This donation was jointly co-sponsored by a conglomerate of some multinational companies as part of their social responsibility to the citizens in the communities where they have operational base. Further more your details (e-mail address) was selected among other 19 email addresses in our representative office in London, UK as indicate your reward will be released to you from this office.


Mission Statement of the Bureau of State donations
To help and limit hardship round the globe through financial assistance.
To generate revenue for the state of International consistent with the public good.
To provide quality entertainment to the International consistent with the Statutory mandate.
To maintain the integrity of activities.

Warning: Fraudulent emails are circulating that appears to be using Microsoft Msn Lottery, Yahoo Msn Lottery, Volkswagen Lottery and many others. If you receive similar email that is not from us, kindly disregard/discard and delete it immediately. Do NOT reply any such email but incase you have received any, kindly send us their contact details immediately to enable our security team trace it source. Our security will give you more information about current scams and what measures you can take to protect yourself. Article 44 sub sections 142 of the Microsoft Windows Commission as amended.

Your application has reached our table. On behalf of the Screening Commitee of the Microsoft Windows Operating Team, we are glad to inform you that you have passed the e-mail Screening/Verification match conducted today at the Headquarters of the Microsoft Windows and a brown new Hp Laptop was attach/Included to your reward. Of which your file number was given as follow (mcsdp154). And we hope that your benefited fund will be put into good use for now and in the future.

We are please to inform you that your benefit (Hp Laptop and a Cheque of 1.5m British Pounds ) have been approved to you. In regards to the collection of your Cheque and Laptop, Kindly see to the below listed OPTIONS:

Option (1): You are to Kindly come to the Headquarters in London United Kindom with your VISA document for collection.


Option (2): Inability to meet with the stipulated time/period or no availability of Embassy/Travel documents (VISA), you can contact our major Courier Company, Eagle Courier Private Limited . with your Details (Full Name, Address & Phone Numbers) For the delivery of your reward (Cheque (1.5m gbp) and the brown new Hp Laptop) .

Your Reward ( A Cheque 1.5m gbp and a brown new Hp Laptop) will be Delivered to you by our major Courier Company, Eagle Courier Private Limited as soon as you agree with their terms and conditions and send them your Complete details:


*Full Name: ...

*Home & Office Address: ...

*Landline & Mobile Number: ...

*ID Proof No:...

Below is the Contact details to contact the EAGLE COURIER PVT LTD:

Contact Person: Mr. Steve Swinton {Dispatch Officer}
Call +[protected] OR +[protected]

E-mail: [protected]
Alternate e-mail: [protected]

Fax: +[protected]


Important Notice: In option number two (2), note that the Airports Authority of India will charge you Airport Charges as listed here (Airport Tax, Custom Duty/Clearance Fees, Registration Of Package, Immigration Charges.) of 18, 350 INR before they will allow the courier agent to carry the parcel to your home or any given address of yours. Since you can not come down to UK for collection, You will be responsible for your country Airport charges as soon as the delivery officer arrived at yourCOUNTRY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.

Note: The Airport charges must be paid to the Airport Authorities as soon as the delivery officer arrived at your COUNTRY AIRPORT.

Finally: Delivery can ONLY COMMENCE when you agree to the TERMS and CONDITIONS of OPTION (2). And your package will reach you in 24hrs or 36hrs from the minute you agree with the courier Company. Because they are going to assigned an assure delivery agent to make this deliver to you without delay. If agreed, Kindly contact the above Courier Company details. Otherwise you are to come down to UK for the collection.

Please call me if there is any misunderstanding.

Thanks for using internet as means of communication in your country as we are committed in delivering high quality services to suit your needs.

God Bless,

Mr.George MacVicar.

Tel: +[protected]
Head of Financial Department

Microsoft/Windows®Mega Donation.

Copyright © 2009/2010 Microsoft Windows. All Rights Reserved.


download did not work

I (Jim Baciorowski [protected]) paid for download of MICROSOFT OFFICE 2007 ( $149.95) & DRI MICROSOFT ($14.99). Total of $164.94 was added to my VISA. Download did not work believe my computer is not capable of download due to dial up connection.
Tried help at http://suppor MN without success.
Think I could load with CD.
Trans Date 06/14 VISA Ref code 24430990167400863086065
Do not believe I should pay --- on-line download did not work.
Jim Baciorowski

  • Il
    ILIE TOMA Nov 12, 2009

    I have purchased on line Microsoft Office and Student 2007 for which your Company went through my VISA on 05/06 August 2009 and took the amounts of $99.00 and respectevely 11.81 without sending me the instalation CD and the key number in order to have install my product I paid for.
    Please, search in your papers all of these above and send me your microsoft office and Student 2007 in order to work with.

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  • Su
    sujanaero Aug 03, 2011

    I have made one transaction from my axisbank credit card on 28/07/2011. But it was double charded my amount. One charge is still unclaimed. So there are chances that i refund back the amount. The amount is 6142.00 Please check on my name Sujan Dasmahapatra. on 28/07/2011. Please refudn that amount. Thanks sujan

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  • Fa
    Fateh khan Dec 22, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir have receive sms, on my mobile no.+923009127747 by name microsoft, about i won 800, 000.00 GBP 2012 e-mail gives in which [email protected] To submit my deatails, address etc is that true? Please inform me my e-mail, is [email protected] Thanking you in anticipations, regards

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  • Sa
    Saleha Jamal Jan 04, 2013

    i also received exact sms from +92375467980. But i deleted it as it seemed as a scam. (Saleha Jamal)

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  • Sa
    sajid gopang Feb 17, 2013

    my father has got same msg that he won the 800000 Gbp from microsoft please tell me is it true or kafe website thats my email address [email protected]

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On 8/11/2010, I opened up a 'hotmail' account. I do not have access to it. I have tried calling every customer service number to no avail. When you get a microsoft or hotmail 'customer service' rep. on the phone, they are disgustingly rude and obnoxious and they barely speak understandable English. I feel that they deliberately bait customers.

As of today I still have no access to this account. I am concerned that someone will use my email address for illegal purposes without my knowledge or consent. I cannot close this account because I have not access to it.

I am not surprised to see over 4, 000 complaints against Microsoft on this website alone. I have learned that the European Union has tried to sue Microsoft for monopolizing operating systems.

Note: try placing a complaint against Microsoft on "[redacted]"

  • Ja
    JaysonBeeson_WNY Feb 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Re: MSN e-mail support = BS
    My msn account (7 yr old) was hacked by a spammer on January 4, 2011. All addresses in my directory were sent spam asking for money. I did not send it. MSN shut it down. I went through hoops filling out the support questionnaire for 2 weeks. I was sent a link to reopen the account and it did not work. An additional two weeks were spent providing additional info. Twice I was congratulated for proving my identity! and a reset link was going to be sent to my alternate e-mail address. Never happened. And they stopped replying to my questions... for over a month I worked in good faith to restore this heavy time invested e-account. Their customer service behavior is top rate BS!
    JB Webster, NY

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  • So
    soso soso Apr 09, 2011

    i wana a hotmail plz

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  • So
    soso soso Apr 09, 2011

    اريد هوتميل ضروري

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  • Br
    B.R.Barnes Mar 29, 2013

    I cannot get to my HOTMAIL account...Why??????Why do you have to change things when they were working just fine before????
    And yes I know what my password is...

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  • Br
    B.R.Barnes Mar 29, 2013

    This is very frustrating.. Put in address and it kept wanting city and state this a real microsoft site or a phony... Its pretty bad when your people are more incompetent than I am...

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treating like fools

some days ago i received an email from microsoft cash office to take the winning money .he told that we send...

charges on my account

Last month July 2010 I was charged for micro soft and other x box use. This month August 2010, I was charged again for the same as above. I do not know why I am getting charged this amount and being that I am on a fixed income and disabled, I can not afford this sort of money coming out of my accoutn each month. I would only want what is charged to have x box on live. NO OTHER XTRAS. iS THER SOME WAY THAT THIS CAN BE TAKEN CARE OF? TO AVOID ANY OTHER MISUNDERSTANDINGS IN THE FUTURE?

whether the mail I got is true or false

Microsoft Windows Financial Department Morley House, 56-60 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2BP. U.K. ...

bogus awards

Microsoft corporation world lottery
United kingdom.61-70 southampton row,
Bloomsbury london united kingdom wc1b 4ar.
Reference no: msw-l/[protected]
Batch no: 2010 system yuyy#5
Official winning notification:

Dear winner:

It is obvious that this notification will come to you as a surprise but please find time to read it carefully as we congratulate you over your success in the following official publication of results of the e-mail electronic online sweepstakes organized by microsoft, in conjunction with the foundation for the promotion of software products, (f. p. s.) held on the 3rd july of 2010, in united kingdom.

Wherein your electronic email address emerged as one of the online winning emails in the 1st category and therefore attracted a cash award of $750, 000.00 (seven hundred fifty thousand usa dollars only). our winners are arranged into four categories with different winning prizes accordingly in each category.

We write to officially notify you of this award and to advise you to contact the processing office immediately upon receipt of this message for more information concerning the verification, processing and eventual payment of the above prize to you. it is important to note that your award information was released with the following particulars attached to it.

(1) award numbers: nl56/7765
(2) batch no: 2010mar yuyy#5
(3) reference no: msw-l/[protected]
(4) serial no: [protected]

Provide our claim department with the information below:
1. name:...
2. date of birth:...
3. gender:...
4: occupation:...
5: nationality:...
6. country of residence:...
7. residential address:...
8. telephone number and fax :...

Foreign transfer manager
Name (mr. gary williams)
Microsoft security department
E-mail: dr. [protected]

fraudulent billing on card

In January 2010, my 15 year old son used his pre-paid bank card to purchase an item on the internet from X-BOX--which he thought was a ONE-TIME purchase. Afterwards, they charged his card for 3 consecutive months--one of which didn't go thru due to no funds being on the card at the time of last billing in MAY. I called the 1-800 number and FINALLY got a live person who then told me that my son 'agreed' to the monthly service (which was written in small print) so "he was responsible for all charges". I told them to CANCEL his 'membership' IMMEDIATELY, as he was UNDER the age of consent and I subsequently CANCELLED his pre-paid card as well. However, I opened ANOTHER card with a ZERO balance for my son thru the same channel as his last card, and in July 2010, FOUR charges from "Microsoft billing WA" appeared on his NEW account. When I contacted my credit card company, they confirmed it was an 'internet address' associated with X-BOX and that since it was 'channeled' thru his old card number, X-BOX received the updated new card number and that my son must've opened a NEW account with them. I told them this was NOT POSSIBLE as I have had this card in MY possession the entire time since receiving it in the mail HENCE there being NO FUNDS on the card to begin with, for them to collect! I tried to put a block on "Microsoft billing WA" but since they weren't able to withdraw any funds, my credit card company told me there was no way to "dispute" their charges AND that this was an 'address' that my credit card company could NOT put a block on. I closed this pre-paid card PERMANENTLY.

Since then, I did some research on this "Microsoft billing WA" 'address' only to find NUMEROUS websites with NUMEROUS complaints against this 'company', ALL of them describing the SAME situation I encountered--with varying AMOUNTS of MONEY being STOLEN from their accounts!! The only difference being that I was LUCKY that my son's card was a PRE-PAID card and "Microsoft billing WA"was UNABLE to STEAL any money from my account due to there being NO FUNDS in the new account!! Since this was all done thru internet transactions, I do not have printed records of this incident HOWEVER my credit card company has EVERYTHING on FILE should my complaint need any 'evidence' to substantiate this complaint.

  • Li
    lisa prisco Jul 28, 2010

    I am going through the exact situation right now with this company. My son is under the age to consent to anything and apparently through XBOX he entered a credit card and now Microsoft has charged the account 4 times in just one day. I contacted the credit card company and I am unable to put a payment stop until the actual amounts have physically kicked into the account then I have to contact them back and place a dispute against this company. I just cannot believe how XBOX could even offer such a easy thing knowing that most are underage kids and how easy it is for kids to fall into such a situation and us as parents/adults have to take full responsibility that Microsoft places these kids into.
    I will once and for all get these charges returned to the credit card and this company will also be placed on STOP on future transaction as well so they can no longer take more money out.

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  • Da
    Darrylg91 Aug 25, 2010

    I just seen a charge in my account and I dont understand what it is. I don't use the XBOX or any other game system, so I wonder what this charge could be from???

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  • Do
    DonnaJC Sep 30, 2010

    what is the best number to call to get ahold of these robbers. I just found a charge on my card putting me into overdraft. I need to call someone when I get off work. Who do you suggest. The bank or Microsoft?

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  • Pa
    Paul Anspach Nov 03, 2010

    I have the same experience with this company. probably in May my son of 13, who has an Xbox, did sign up for a two-months' free subscription which he did apparently did not cancel before the deadline. For reasons unknown to me in July the subsequent charges are debited against my credit card. When disputing the charges the second time, my bank insisted that someone in the household, presumably my son, is disclosing the number of the new credit card to the Microsoft billing WA. I did get in touch with the company and was able to convince them to close my son's Xbox account. Great was my surprise that yesterday I learned that he same charge appered again on my credit card statement as of October 30. The bank has the same position regarding the disclosure of the new credit card number as the card was only activated by me less than two weeks before. Getting in touch with the billing department is a nightmare! I tried twice yesterday and was in the waiting line for over half an hour every time before deciding to hang up. Has anyone an a suggestion how to deal with this company, as it seems to me that it is there where the problem lies.

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  • Mb
    mbaxter71 Mar 11, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have called Microsoft billing and tried to cancel the continuous billing off my own debit card. They told me that once we enter the xbox live prepaid yearly card we bought my son for christmas, there would be no more billing on my debit card. WRONG... I am continuing to be billed... I was billed this month TWICE... I am so stressed out on this... They are no help on the phone... and I found another charge on my debit card this morning for I DON'T KNOW WHAT FOR.. my son never has anything charged to my debit card through microsoft for ANYTHING without asking me first... he is very responsible in this aspect and microsoft is ripping people off...

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  • Bu
    BuckGuy52 Jul 05, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These guys are scammers of the WORST kind. First they KNOW darn well that a vast majority of XBox gamers are kids under 18. They know the kids do not read the fine print. They induce them into recurring charges knowing full well they will get several months worth before they are caught and stopped. Then they make it VERY difficult to reach a human being to deal with the issue. They kept telling me I could not cancel unless I had my son's gamer USER ID and password which I did not have. They purportedly could not look up his account via my AMEX card # but sure could match it up to extract their monthly charges. I got so infuriated with them, that after escalating to a supervisor with no success, I finally called AMEX and blocked them from future charges. Someone with an opportunistic law firm is going to launch a class action suit against MS and almost certainly win hundreds of millions in damages -- most of that money of course will go to that law firm and the harmed consumers in the class action will probably get vouchers for a free month of X Box as remuneration. DO NOT give your child access to a credit card for any so-called ONE TIME charges. Go buy the pre-paid gift cards and NEVER EVER log a credit card # on file with Microsoft. They are opportunistic thieves!

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fraudulant service charge

Fraudulently charged twice on the same day for $49.99 for a service I did not contract. Billed as Microsoft

abused by xbox customer service staff then supervisor

I have had an xbox 360 now for 18 month and it has recieved the rings of death twice. When i ring up customer service they are helpfull and arrange for the console to be fixed but yesterday when i rung this wasn't the case. I had been suspended from xbox live for a day and i had no idea why so i decided to ring customer service to see if they could shed some light on it. She took my details and then told me somebody had complained about something(Most likely playing a clan and they all put complaints in about me which is fair enough) but then she started getting arsey and being quite rude so i took her name and asked if i could talk to the supervisor because this was wrong. In all fairness he did take the call but it seems the only reason he did this was to give me abuse. At first he was ok but when i asked him if he had contact details so i could complain about the ban he started raising his voice as he told me it. I asked him if he could repeat the e-mail address so i could check it he started reading it out load and slow and repeated the letters 3 or 4 times in a sarcastic tone. When i asked him why he was getting like that he told me to shut up and that he was going to get me banned for life. WHAT KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THAT. What are microsoft playing at. Im now trying to find out who else this has happened to and im not going to stop until somebody higher up with a bit of understanding and curtisy can tell me why they allow customers who spend alot of money on there products are allowed to be spoken to like this but as usual microsoft doesn, t have anywhere you can complain but this will not end any time soon.

console scratching video games

On June 26, 2010 I called Xbox 360 customer service and explained to them that the game console is making large rings around every game that I place into the console, I pay $59.99 per game and two of them are completely ruined. When I spoke to the customer service representative I was made aware that is not in Microsoft Policy to replace the games that you faulty product has destroyed, I was told I have to contact the makers of the game. This is completely rediculous, if your name is on the product Microsoft should stand behind the product and all of its components. All I would like is the console repaired and the two games that are completly destroyed replaced. I have spent an hour on the phone with you representative and still my issue is unresolved. I will contiue to proceed with every legal action I have to take to get this issue resolved. I do not have $299 to spend for a console then an addition $120 on games for the consule for Microsoft to not stand behind its products. I am completely dissappointed with the service I have received and I will never buy another product that is filtered through Microsoft. I cannot understand how a multi-million dollar company can be so out of touch with the products and consumers which have helped to make Microsoft the millionaires that you are! If I do not recive any correspondece to this matter I will continue to pursue a case in small claims court because this is completely unfair. I dont care who makes the games, because the games were fine upon purchace once they were entered into the game console they were destroyed so Microsoft is 100% responsible! Please contact me in regaurds to this matter!

Jasmine Pair
50 Rockland Ave
West Babylon, NY 11704

  • Dp
    dpunk3 Nov 02, 2010

    The only way an Xbox will scratch a disc is if you move the Xbox while it is reading the disc (such as when you are playing it or turning it on). You will hear a scratching sound when this happens and it CLEARLY states on the Xbox when you are opening it in big letters (first thing I noticed) "Do not move Xbox while it is on". I'll agree that it is ridiculous that the Xbox scratches games and the Wii and PS3 does not, but reguardless you not listening to the warning label is your fault, not theirs.

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  • Ma
    marvin fisher Mar 13, 2011

    I purchased Call Of Duty Black Ops and Fable II for my 14 and 15 year old son for Christmas 2010 ($60.00 each). Within one month both games are in operable due to a deep ring burnt into each disc by our two year old xbox 360 ($300.00). In my efforts to find out why microsoft, activision, and flextronics none of the above will take any responsibility. The only explaination given was the console had to be bumped or moved during operation. Our local Game Stop store said the console should be kept in a flat position (which we do) and micrsoft says it should be kept in a vertical position. So which is it? Where are the warnings and cautons how to properly use such a frigiale machine marketed to our children? Our console is always kept in a sturdy cabinet and we have had wireless controllers from day one ($60.00 each x 4). I was told that for $20.00 more dollars I could recieve new game disc, with no guarantee that it would happen again. This is not a solution, it is dishonest business at my expense!!! So I will fall in with the other thousands if not more of UNSATISIFIED consumers who will no longer buy microsoft products. I can testify that I never had any problems with my old nintendo consoles or games. Is Microsoft only conserned about making a profit instead of offering a quality product? Time to give Sony Playstation my undivided attention.

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  • Na
    Nat230 May 13, 2011

    You would think that if enough people are complaining about the same thing MICROSOFT would do something about it. I am so sorry that I purchased the XBOX 360. It has destroyed the only game that I played on that thing and I just heard from a friend that his game was destroyed as well. Microsoft you have a problem, fix it.

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deletes negative feedback

I work with computers and IE8 of course sets BING as the default search provider and everyone just leaves it that way until I switch it for them. The first problem I have with it is they never bring up what I want in the first 5 results, whereas with Google it is usually the first result. So I went to Microsoft to put in a review that it was too much Like Yahoo and didn't ever pull up what I was looking for easily. That's it the whole complaint and I went and looked about a month later and all they have is the same good (probably fake) reviews and no negative ones at all. So I hate BING and when I wrote the review there I thought they deserved 1 for uselessness now I thing they deserve -5 for being deceitful too.