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Microsoft Corporation / office home mac 2016

don't buy this on May 12, 2017
I purchased the office home Mac 2016, today. I would like to know if Microsoft has a U.S. telephone representative/agent. I had to call back multiple times without help, mainly because I am unable to share my computer with telephone help outside the U.S. and I could not understand what 90%...

Microsoft Corporation / recover my all very imp folders on my pc.

ABLE Education on May 9, 2017
Hello, My name is Neena & I was taken support of technician for delete only 2 folders from desktop but he/she deleted my all very important working folders from my desktop. I am making complaint against ARLINE G who gave me technical support. I was unable to delete 2 folders from my desktop. That...

Microsoft Corporation / Refund refused because a credit card / debit card was not used.

VicJofish on Apr 24, 2017
My son Joe (14) accidentally purchased a battlefield premium pass and some points for Call of Duty using his mobile phone (O2)on the 6th April. These two items amount to £55.98. Order numbers are: 10844552121 and 9373821815. He does not want either item and I (his mother) would like a refund...

Microsoft Corporation / Xbox

Karenxbox on Mar 27, 2017
We bought our son an Xbox One in December 2015 for Christmas. It worked until 6 weeks after the warranty ran out. It developed a start up error105. We went back to where we bought it and they said they could not do anything with it but to contact Microsoft which would be able to who u...

Microsoft Corporation / Unauthorised credit card charge

Noel Parrott on Mar 10, 2017
My visa card statement, issued to me on 23 january 2017 (received today, 10 march 2017) , from standard chartered bank hong kong contains a charge "microsoft answerdmsbill. info hk" (transaction reference 74432696362651966992687) for the amount of hk$674.00 made on 26 december 2016. I did...

Microsoft via credit card Visa / Unauthorized credit card charges

jules.romedenne on Mar 9, 2017
Date of incident 14/02/1917 Reference client visa 6211249450 Just received 01/03/17 my credit card visa statement from bnp paribas fortis bruxelles belgium: i noticed a charge for €24, 79 microsoft* msbill info ie and another charge for €3, 99 also from microsoft* msbill info ie I did not...

Microsoft Corporation / Phone calls

Thomas Foster on Feb 1, 2017
My name is Thomas Foster..My email is midnitesun26@yahoo.com I am getting repeated phone calls from people claiming to be a Microsoft Representative and asking me to update my profile..they know my email address and my phone number. I have told them I do not give out information over the...

Microsoft Corporation / Windows 10

David J Horn on Jan 21, 2017
I have always been a big fan of Windows, but right now I am frustrated that since Windows XP, every newer windows I buy can play less of my favorite games. I live off grid, and I have very, very, very limited internet, so internet gaming is often not an option, and when it is, I have to...

Microsoft Corporation / Microsoft 10

godsarecrazy on Jan 11, 2017
I have a problem with how Microsoft does its Window 10 upgrades: 1- Resetting my tablet password to an earlier password, and resulting in me being locked out of my tablet, until I stumbled upon what was done by trying old passwords( happened once, i believe 3 upgrades ago). Altering my...

Microsoft Corporation / Hotmail

anacaona on Dec 30, 2016
I cannot get into my Hotmail account. I have filled many forms from Hotmail for security checks but these forms were all rejected. I have called Microsoft Canada on December 29 at 10h43 AM. I was told by an employee called Midji from the Windows department that there were no department...

Microsoft Corporation / Windows 10 upgrade removed OS from tablet

Richard Tracy on Nov 25, 2016
When I upgraded to Windows 10 using he Microsoft link provided, my entire OS disappeared. Now I have no OS on my Surface Pro. How I do get my OS back? Is this a scam to get people to buy Windows again and again? If Microsoft's system removed it from a Microsoft tablet, should Microsoft pay...

Microsoft Corporation / Internet scammers

I previously have been scammed by a company claiming to be a Microsoft Corporation virus eliminator. They claimed that they were a licensed contracted company that will eliminate and prevent the virus that my computer had contacted and that they were the only company that could once and for...

Microsoftstore.com / No refund

Liam on Nov 11, 2016
I have purchased a laptop from MicrosoftStore and it was nothing like I expected. Laptop was very slow and did not work properly, so I decided to return it for a refund. I went back to the store and they took it back and said that it will take two weeks for them to process my refund. Two...

Microsoft Corporation / White xbox 360

FROSTBITE4520 on Nov 8, 2016
I have the white version of the Xbox 360 and i like to turn all 360's side ways which is one of two proper ways to sit them and when i did i inserted my GTA V(5) and closed the tray and the red ring of death came on and the xbox started grinding a deep thick ring around my game and when i...

Randy L. Reitz / Fraudulent billing

Randy Reitz on Oct 25, 2016
my credit card has two items listed on the billing and I can find no purchase associated for those amounts. Trans action date 10/10 ref # 8133 Microsoft *store Bills.ms.net WA in the amount of $423.94 and Trans action date 10/12 ref # 8911 Microsoft *store Bill.ms.net. WA in the amount of...

Microsoft Corporation / Security charges/lack of interest in customer comments

Pastor Anthony on Oct 7, 2016
Twice now I have received emails alerting me that my Microsoft account was under some kind of attack. Twice in 18 months I put my debit card out there for you at 300.00 per transaction. Yet my 3 year protection never happened. I just had to purchase McAfee. What did my 600.00 get me? I've...

Microsoft / Windows 10

Mack Ogilvie on Aug 24, 2016
Windows 10 is slow & provides only partial use of other sites through its apps. But it is the only show in town (Monopoly!!!) I tried watching a news video through windows 10 own news selection (Selection is bogus because it only runs 'progressive" oriented news not balanced or fair) adobe...

Microsoft / Auto upgrade from microsoft 7 to 10 didn't go thru and internet won't connect now

suzy putman on Aug 22, 2016
Computer attempted to update from Windows 7 to 10 around July 15, 2016 and it is now August 22, 2016. I called on Saturday 8/20/2016 and spoke with someone named Janet. She did not know how to help after 1 hour on the phone and said someone would call me on Monday 8/22/2016. I have a case...

Microsoft Corporation / Windows 10

JohnnieHollywood on Jul 17, 2016
Dear Microsucks, For perhaps months I refused the free upgrade to windows 10. My windows 7 worked fine and I was happy. I did NOT want Windows 10. Then I fell asleep one night with my computer on, and woke up to Windows 10 downloaded onto my laptop WITHOUT my permission. Since then, I...

Microsoft / Upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 - It caused my HP Touchsmart to crash.

Lemuel Villanueva on May 15, 2016
May 14, 2016 Microsoft Corporation Legal Department Fax: RE: Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 causing my HP Personal Computer to Crash Dear Sir/Ms.: Yesterday, I completed the conversion to Windows 10 from Windows 7 in my HP Personal Compute after several months of waiting to make...

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