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Microsoft Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Microsoft Corporation / laptop crashed

Adambotz8 on Oct 15, 2018

i had a windows 10 update problem. it used to fail all the time. i had a chat with the technician through virtual agent, Renz Pagcu. he said he would solve the update issue. i gave him remote access to my laptop. instead of solving the issue, he removed all my drivers, connectivity...

Microsoft Corporation / customer care

Csg1963 on Oct 6, 2018

October 5th my bank notified me I had $282 and Xbox charges. After a lot of looking I finally found a number for Xbox customer care.. I do not have Microsoft account so it was hard to get ahold of the right person. When I did I told her that I do not have a Microsoft account and Xbox to...

Microsoft Corporation / xbox live gold subscription service

Kyle Killough on Sep 25, 2018

With the new changes to Games With Gold, with games we have already redeemed in the past, can we to play them if we cancel our gold subscription or will access be removed? From what I understand, games we thought we now owned, by redeeming ownership over the years as a benefit of being an...

Microsoft Corporation / installing software on a new pc

Gordon Decker on Sep 14, 2018

I had a single license for Project and Visio to install on a new PC. I uninstalled the programs on my old PC first and then tried to use the Product Key. No joy. After an hour on the phone with support, I got a new product key to use for the new PC install. Suggestion: You register the key for...

Microsoft Corporation / reset password for microsoft account

kathleenrr on Sep 14, 2018

Trying to open my microsoft account to access the email account I have had for 15+ yrs. Used every password I EVER use - and still no help. Made the mistake of using 2 step verification thinking it would make my account safer - what it didn't tell you is that you can't ever get in again. I...

Microsoft Corporation / lack of customer support


Had one issue corrected by customer support assistant. Needed further assistance regarding DVD that will not load onto a NEW laptop. It is not possible to get further support and all messages are refused and returned. "" Email message cannot be sent from OR...

Microsoft Corporation / microsoft surface laptop

Ray_Hutchinson on Sep 5, 2018

RE: SRX1438581918ID - 02/surface laptop / boot to windows /resolve Dear Surface Support Let me make this as clear as I can. YOUR SERVICE IS UTTER CRAP AND I WILL BE SEEKING COMPENSATION PLUS ADVISE OTHERS NOT TO BUY YOUR PRODUCT. Since seeking help from Microsoft with the above problem I...

Microsoft Corporation / microsoft complete for laptops (2-year warranty service) - failure to perform

John William Russell on Aug 29, 2018

1127 Heritage Drive LaSalle, Ontario, Canada N9H 2C1 e-mail: Phone: 519-972-8549 Case Number: 1437259960 To whom this may concern: On Thursday, August 16, 2018 I tried to get online help from Microsoft for a malfunctioning computer I purchased online from the...

Microsoft Corporation / outlook tech support

Diana Paty on Aug 24, 2018

I had the unformate experience of dealing with one of your chat support techs. Name was Garmini or something like that. Not only did he keep me on the chat for over an hour trying to fix the issue (not getting all of my emails), but when he sign off I realized he had deleted my...

Microsoft Corporation / refund

Jim Mann on Aug 9, 2018

Please stop calling with someone who does not speak plane english or is from a different country as I do not hear well and can not understand them your tech support program has ruined two computers and I do not wish to lose a third so if you must talk with me please SEND AND EMAIL or write...

Microsoft / unethical behaviour

Alec Cook on Aug 8, 2018

I purchased an XP247 yesterday and when I loaded the disc nothing appeared on the screen. I the entered your chat service with Olivia"I think" When I explained my problem she asaid she would pass me over to technical dept and asked for my telephone number. "minutes later I got a...

Microsoft / email

Viatcheslav on Aug 5, 2018

Microsoft corrupted my email and no one helps. Microsoft terrorizing me, 60 years old permanently disabled woman every day asking more and more proof that it is my account and does not let me in. CA Attorney General, US Attorney General, FCC, FTC, BBB Washington State, no one do anything...

Microsoft / office and lack of customer service

Jody Hanson on Jul 21, 2018

An Open Letter to Satyan Nadella, CEO of Microsoft Dear Mr. Nadella, As the CEO of Microsoft, I think you should be aware of how your support staff deal with clients and how frustrating it is to try to recover an account because of a typo. As a writer/editor/on-line English teacher my world...

Microsoft Corporation / surface laptop

Sithe on Jul 5, 2018

My surface shut down by itself 2 months ago. When I turned it on it asked for the BitLocker key. It didn't accept my key so I called Microsoft Service, an employee told me I should take it to an expert, I took it there and paid 40 euros. In the meantime I called again and another employee...

Microsoft Corporation / microsoft powerpoint

JarbeyR on Jun 28, 2018

I downloaded a Microsoft app that cost me nearly 100 dollars but no where in the app or when you get the app does it say it's a monthly payment so now theirs 106 dollars being taken out of my bank account, I would like my money back and also get rid off the app or the Microsoft PowerPoint...

Microsoft Corporation / visio 2016 pricing

PacNorth on Jun 25, 2018

Have been a microsoft customer since windows 3.1 in 1992. I have numerous windows keys, office keys, project and visio keys. Recently I replaced my windows 7 ultimate desktop with a windows 10 workstation. Microsoft convinced to me go with office 365 to replace my office professional 2010...

Microsoft Corporation / refund not mailed as promised

Joadam on Jun 20, 2018

On february 4th, 2018 I purchased what I thought was the professional microsoft office product from best buy. When I received my new laptop with the microsoft office product installed I noticed it was the home and student version which was of no use to me. I called best buy to return the...

Microsoft Corporation / hotmail and live account

Nicky Sass Fransman on Jun 20, 2018

My name is Nicky Sass. I am a south African and my hotmail and live account was hacked on the 12th of April 2018 by a computer based in Nigeria. They have change my security settings I have tried to contact your departments on numerous times and answered all the relevant security...

Microsoft Corporation / surface pro 1724 128gb 03784763353 function keys not working

Dilum Dissanayake on Jun 19, 2018

I bought a surface pro on 2016 with extended warranty. I was able to replace my surface pro during warranty period due to some product issues. now I have problem of using function keys (Ctl+ c, F1, F2...).Today I have taken to the store and show them they said my key pad faulty and it will...

Microsoft Corporation / office 2013

Don Kubicki on Jun 8, 2018

Three years ago I purchased Office Home for three devices. Today Microsoft updated my desktop and uninstalled my programs without my permission. How do I get my programs back on my computer and other devices? I paid for the Microsoft Office Suite with permanent installation and now...