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Microsoft Corporation / surface pro

Jo Bentley on Oct 9, 2017
I recently purchased a surface pro and spent a lot of money for a supposedly superior product with great support. After spending a whole very frustrating afternoon trying to fix problems with online support (with glitches), I was advised my replacement surface would be with me today. I hadn't...

Microsoft Corporation / unjust customer service

sucker17 on Sep 26, 2017
I was in the San Francisco store this evening 9/23/2017, at around 5 to 6pm. I brought in a surface book that I bought 2 weeks ago because it was defective. I called around and no stores have the 512gb surface book with performance base in stock. It is not even available online as well. I had...

Microsoft Corporation / office 2016 for mac

David Loso on Sep 21, 2017
I just purchased a used Imac restored to factory settings. I also purchased Microsoft Office thru my company home use. This was a download. Tried to download and install. New to Apple I was having difficulty. I received a call from Microsoft Support asking if they could help. I agreed and...

Microsoft Corporation / windows 10 automatic update

Bernard Schultz on Sep 14, 2017
I came back to my computer after about 3 hours to find it frozen - blank dark grey screen. HDD light flashing, no response from the mouse or the keyboard. So, press the reset button. It was only after the restart that I was informed that the Automatic Update was in progress. After a 15...

Microsoft Corporation / service # 1395340674 - product arrived damaged

Coca Lota on Sep 9, 2017
On aug 25th my daughter surface pro 3 shutdown consistently from over heating. This is not the first time as microsoft replace the surface a year back and still having the issues. Went to online and try to troubleshoot and it was suggested that I ship the product back for repair. Microsoft...

Microsoft Corporation / windows 10 pro, windows 8.1 pro

crm399@aol.com on Sep 4, 2017
I have not been able to obtain my product code for 8.1 pro on two refund dept. calls. I have several case # but not sure which follows the product # calls, windows 10 pro downloaded update creator and I had to dicontinue my 10 pro application I formatted my hard drive and reinstalled 8.1 and...

Microsoft Corporation / I was restricted from microsoft store after I filled a bad survey for training class

fashion_square on Sep 1, 2017
September 01, 2017. Dear Sir, In July, I replaced my “Surface Book” in Prudential Center, Cambridge, MA. After returned home in Scottsdale, AZ I went to the Fashion Square, Scottsdale, AZ to take some classes. It went well the first few until I took one with instructor ARPIL. The manager at...

Microsoft Corporation / Xbox live

Steven AU on Aug 31, 2017
Spent over 10 hours trying to fix an issue with my account over 2 days. The account was chocking my speeds. A different account on the same console had no issues. But during there " troubleshooting" I lost all my content on the console. And they where still insisting it wasn't my account...

Microsoft Corporation / Outlook / bad spam filter

D Silverstone on Aug 24, 2017
So much junk not getting filtered. Why in the world your spam filter actually exists? It doesn't work at all. And please help me turn off those new popups in the corner of the screen. They are very annoying because it's usually spam. In other words, outlook is uncomfortable, irritating and has a bad design. I will soon switch to Gmail, it's much better.

Microsoft Corporation / xbox one repair

supercop00124 on Aug 20, 2017
A Few days back I had given my Xbox one for repair since it was not turning back on at all. I sent it to Microsoft for repair and after spending close to a month on it. They sent it back to me claiming it was repaired and passed all their checks. The console now did turn on but it does not...

Microsoft Corporation / awful

NV1980 on Aug 17, 2017
Outlook is the slowest on earth. I don't even like the way it looks. I was recently cleaning my inbox from old letters, but then a mistake happened and all needed and important emails were deleted. I thought they were in deleted and didn't found lots of them. I called customer support...

Microsoft Corporation / Not happy, unfortunately

Bex on Aug 15, 2017
We had to turn to Outlook and I didn't like it at the first sight. I don't like the way my account looks. Your system is very slow and not really efficient. I often see an error on my page while loading it. These emails are important to me and I just have to wait. It doesn't work when I use...

Microsoft Corporation / microsoft rewards

Lone Wolf Circles on Aug 11, 2017
For business, I do research online. I thought Microsoft rewards would be a good way to earn business related materials or prizes while working. It has been a nightmare. My points have vanished from my account by the thousands. Some points didn't add on at all, often you can't reach...

Microsoft Corporation / service with an technician

Janelle Porter on Aug 10, 2017
As I were trying to get issues on my computer fixed from downloading flash player. The technician was very rude towards the end of the conversation because I asked him about Macfree program not protecting the whole labtop. I lost signal and the call dropped and this is what the techican...

Microsoft Corporation / my account

zany54 on Aug 8, 2017
why would you let someone just keep charging my credit card 10 to fifhteen seconds over and over for about 220.00 dollars worth and not ask for the three didget code but no you let the charges add up. I'm appauld how you do business I'm filing a complaint with the BBB and talking to mt...

Microsoft Corporation / automatic privacy settings and updates

blakes1 on Aug 4, 2017
1. Microsoft updated my operating system even though I continually selected NO. Now my printer, scanner, copier does not work. There is no patch or update from Microsoft that recognises the unit. Result... Out of pocket expenses and my time to go and buy a new printer, scanner, copier. That i...

Microsoft Corporation / microsoft license

Brenda Markus on Aug 1, 2017
31st of July my husband received a phone call from a man claiming to be a Microsoft representative. He wanted to have my husband buy a license because ours was expired. He did not get the mans name sadly. His number is 1800-935-6971. This man had my husband going into computer doing all...

Microsoft Corporation / horrendous surface pro 4 product and horrendous customer service

amoroso on Jul 26, 2017
23rd Janurary 2016: I bought my first surface pro 4 laptop 8th November 2016: Had to replace it with the 2nd surface pro Problem: screen flickering issues, where the screen shakes so violently that you can barely see what's on the laptop. Time and money wasted: I had to call the support...

Microsoft / xbox live/ horrible customer service

Frustrated Customer1 on Jul 5, 2017
We've had numerous issues with Xbox! This time, my son was scammed out of money by another player on live and then never heard from that player after he gave them the money. My son was mad and messaged the player threatening to report them and used profanity. My son was blocked from online...

Microsoft Corporation / microsft partner program

Zone on Jun 9, 2017
Hi there I keep getting Microsoft Partner communications and advertising from Microsft. I do not want to receive this I am not associated with Microsoft Partnership program. Even if I was a partner there is no such thing as a manditory emails because I consider this spam. My email address i...

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