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United Kingdom

Hi there,

I have recently stayed with MGM Grand for my 21st birthday from June 6th until June 13th 2019.

Throughout my stay I made sure the room was kept in brilliant condition and the mini bar was not used at all once.

I Booked through TUI holidays. Booked under the name Chloe Olivia Mower.

When arriving at the hotel I was asked to pay a "holding" deposit of £400.

I was never notified of this when booking the holiday nevertheless, I paid the money and was told by your staff that it would be returned the day we left. The staff member was so rude and and I was left in utter shock.

When checking out of the MGM grand I asked again about the deposit and when it would be returned and a different member of staff was extremely rude again and said I had to wait 24 hours.

I agreed politely and left to go back to England.
24hr later - no money was refunded.

I then did some research and found out it would typically take 30 days.

30 days have now past and I have still not received the £400.

I am so thoroughly disappointed in MGM and having since getting back from Las Vegas, I have gone through a miscarriage due to being in a car accident and being hit by a Lorry.

This is just another thing on top of everything else.

Your staff were rude and made me feel inhuman and inadequate.

My money has not been returned.

So I am asking you PLEASE, can you put this money back into my account.

My booking reference - 8034313

Room number - 304

Floor- 27

Lead passenger- Chloe Olivia Mower

Date of arrival - 6th June 2019

Date left - 13th June 2019

Name on card (the deposit was taken from): MISS C L DENTON

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,
Charlotte Denton

Jul 11, 2019

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