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I had metro for almost 5 years and I never replaced my cell, which I love it.

Bad luck..., I lost my cell last Friday 13th and my nightmare started that night!

I called Asurion the phone insurance and after 5 years of payment w/o a claim, they wanted to charge me $85!!, that’s the price of a new phone!

I shopped around for the best deal and I ended in T-mobile from where I got a wonderful Xpressmusic phone and a scary cell plan w/ 2 yrs contract.

I decided this morning to talk again to Asurion, since I have 14 days to brake the T-Mobil contract, the only new option they gave me was a newer model of a refurbished phone for the same $85 and for me was no deal...surprise!!, the representative recommend to me to change my service to T-Mobil if I wanted a better service!!

Then I talked to MetroPCS costumer support as a last try, a very dry representative talked to me, the only 2 options he offered: pay the deductible or cancel the service..., I send the guy to H""L and with him the whole Metro PCS.

I don't like phone plans, think they are basically design to cheat the costumer and after tricking you they steal your money in a legal way, but every time I had to talk to T-Mobil they treat me as a VIP.

Then if you have Metro piece of S***T and you pay the insurance, quit paying it!, is better to buy a new phone and stop the entire "BS" before they show it to you. :)


  • Ta
    tamaralynn__ Mar 26, 2011

    Metro Clearly explains the insurance when you put it on your line when you get a new phone. They tell you that you have to pay a deductable, so there is no surprise. You obviously didn't listen to all the information. The 85 dollars is still worth it because their phones are so expensive. I paid 350 for my phone, so when I made a claim I was more than happy to pay only 85 instead of 350. But if you buy a cheap phone, then don't get the insurance. Otherwise it's worth it!

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  • Er
    erica mmm? Jun 05, 2018

    @tamaralynn__ Um, ive had METRO for 5yrs and not one rep has ever explained the insurance to me. Granted, i guess maybe i never really asked and just blindly accepted the insurance as "a good idea, " but i can assure you that NO ONE at either of the 3 Metro locations here in Philly that I've used has ever taken even 2seconds to explain ANYTHING to me.
    Maybe you happen to be a customer at an exceptionally well run location with good customer service, consider yourself lucky.

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  • Jo
    John Son Jun 12, 2018

    @erica mmm? Phone insurance works the same was as health and car insurance. So many ignorant customers walk through the door not understanding how insurance works. SMH

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  • Jo
    John Son Jun 12, 2018

    @John Son way as*

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  • Us
    usmcbaird Aug 28, 2018

    @erica mmm? Same here I've had them for 4 yrs and never once did they explain anything to me or offer me insurance so...and I'm buying/upgrading to the newest phone once every other yr.

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  • Da
    Daniel Rzeplinski Jan 03, 2019

    @tamaralynn__ it's not worth it its scam !!! they want 100$ from me for 120$ dollar phone and they won't send a new one the all refurbished

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  • Da
    Daniel Rzeplinski Jan 03, 2019

    @John Son bullshit

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  • Ca
    CA0909 Jan 31, 2012

    1/30/2012 11:40:27 PM
    Here's the problem with this company overall. I'm with Metro PCS; I bought a phone in mid-December 2010, the Huawei Ascend M860. The price for this phone was around $200 or $220, with the instant rebate (about $70), I paid about $150. I bought this phone for my business that I just started. I signed up to have the $50 monthly plan, with the backup service (for contacts), and the insurance in case anything happened to the phone since it cost to pay $150 in the first place. I understood that my phone has a warranty for 1 year and the insurance covers my phone to be replaced for a similar model and value as my phone and all I would have to do is pay a small deductible. Exactly a year later to the date, my phone stops working, doesn't charge up at all, matter of fact the phone won't even turn on anymore or charge or anything. It’s completely dead. Thru-out the year of having it I noticed it starting to get slower or dragging in speed a little bit, but I still loved this phone, it worked great for me. Exactly a year later it's completely stopped working. When I first got the phone I even bought a rubber soft case to protect the phone and I always had it in my purse or on a counter top just to make sure it wouldn't drop and break. I took extreme care of my phone, cause I wanted it to last of course. So I thought ok maybe it needs a new battery, which would've been fine since I know phones generally need a new battery annually. So I go into the Metro PCS store (Laguna Blvd, Elk Grove, CA) and explained that I think my phone needs a new battery, the store associate looks at the phone and says he wants to check it out to make sure if it might be the phone itself that’s messed up cause then its covered by the warranty or if it just needs a new battery, I said ok. He tried to load up a charger on it. But to no avail it said like 7% and no improvement after several minutes. So he said he wants to examine the phone closer to see what's wrong. He said that I didn't need to be there, that I can go look at the other phones on display while I wait. So unfortunately I trusted my phone with this store associate and left his counter to look at other phones. A few minutes later he said he needed to go in the back to look at my phone and I said ok (foolishly trusting) and when he came back from the back. He said he knew what the problem was, he opened the back of my phone and showed me 2 white dots, one was red by the battery, and the other was by the side. He said this is why, any moisture that gets near the phone; those white dots will turn red. Those are moisture or water indicators. He said it had water damage, I didn't understand how that can be, cause I was extremely careful with my phone not to drop it, put it anywhere near water, or anything like that. Even when it rained I kept it put away in my purse just to avoid any damage to it by water, dust, dirt, etc. So I really didn't understand how my phone could have gotten water damage in anyway. That was really difficult to believe that the store associate could say that. He even said that this unfortunately voids out my phone warranty. WHAT!! What a bunch of crap, I was soo careful and boom a year later, exactly to the day I bought it, it messes up and the warranty is voided. He said if I had phone insurance I could make a claim and get a replacement phone. None of this store associate’s reasoning as why the phone was messed up made any sense, matter of fact when I drove away highly disappointed, nothing added up, didn't make sense how my phone could've gotten water damage. Then a thought popped up in my mind and what did make sense is the red dot looked like it was intentionally made red. It seems like when the store associate said he had to go to the back, he could've took a q-tip and wet it and just touch the white sticker to make it turn red in order to void the warranty. He was away from me and anyone else to watch him, by going to the back. I don't have proof but this is my gut feeling. And my gut feeling is usually always right. So I called the Insurance to make a claim, thinking ok I've paid for the last year my bill every month like clockwork and now when I need it, it should work...nope... it didn't ...again I am sorely, sorely disappointed!! The operator was really quick to process claim and didn't take time to talk with me, more-like to figure out which replacement phone would be the best suited for my needs as close to the original that I had. It was more like hurry and file the claim and onto the next customer. No customer service what so ever - not a good sign at all! So she says my phone will be the Huawei M835 cause the phone I had isn't being manufactured anymore, and my deductible is $39. I thought that phone was as comparable to my phone with same features and style. So I pay my deductible. WHAT A JOKE... when the phone arrived it was nothing like my phone, the screen is way too small for what I'm used to. I can't even imagine typing on the screen and seeing what I'm typing. I looked online at Metro PCS website, this phone sells to the public for the same price as my deductible. Anyone can walk into Metro PCS and pay $39 for the same phone as a new customer. WHAT, WHY AM I EVEN PAYING FOR THE INSURANCE SERVICE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! AND FOR A YEAR!!! When the replacement phone arrived, I didn't turn on the phone or active it, I wanted to review the phone prior to using it for the first time. This tops the cake, I went online to review this phone just to see if maybe it is a good phone and this at least can redeem Metro PCS in my heart again as my cell phone carrier. This is what I found, CNET reviews: CNET reviews on this phone. In a nut shell their review was that the camera takes non-clear photos and video, the call quality is not good at all, the internet search ability is slow, and the scrolling is slow (all of these I absolutely need to have for my business to do normal business operations). They said this is a "starter phone" and "the only good thing about this phone is the price" - WOW, and the insurance sent me this phone, are you kidding me. IT’S A JOKE!! THIS COMPANY MUST THINK I'M AN IDIOT. It's just so sad and really upsetting that as a small business operated by myself solely that I have to deal with this. I paid $150 for a $200 phone a year ago, paid monthly for insurance and now I get the cheapest phone they have. I will be talking with the Manager of that Laguna Store to get my monies worth. If nothing positive results, I'm going to talk to the next level up to the Corporate Office, if they can't assist me then they've lost a customer for life!! I probably will even go to the local news station to report my issue. I know this is long summary of my circumstance, but I hope 3 things happen from my problems I've experienced thru this. 1) Metro PCS is aware of what's going on and they deal with their employee if he did put water on my phone, by trying to be slick. 2) That Metro PCS is aware of the poor quality of customer service of their Insurance Company and poor quality of replacement phones - they should give you equal quality and value, and cost as you paid originally for your phone. 3) That this provides valuable caution and educates another person about signing up with any phone company. Just be smart about your choices and don't get caught up in the happiness of getting a new phone, remember the moment you buy it and walk out of the store, it's your phone and your monthly bill.

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  • Ss
    sstephanie Jun 18, 2015

    so how do you cancel the insurance ?!
    please help !

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  • Se
    Seirra Watts Dec 05, 2016

    @sstephanie Call metro pcs customer service they will take it off your next bill

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  • Mi
    Mister K Jul 21, 2015

    I learned about this insurance hustle when my phone had gone bad, due to bootloop issues. The rep told me that I would have to come up with a $100 deductible for a replacement of my LG F-6. Now, here I am, paying $6/month for "insurance, " only to find out that, if I make a claim, I have to pay almost 140% more for a replacement, than the cost of a whole year of insurance! I then contemplated on buying a new a Lumia 640 instead ( about $70), but wanted the weekend to try a few more things to correct the booting issue. I'm glad I did. After correcting the problem ( and not by anything as easy as a "hard reset"), I went back and asked the rep to cancel the insurance, but before that, I asked why a customer would take it in the first place. The answer was that the customer is required to keep the phone for a period of at last 90 days, in order to get an exchange or replacement during the warranty period. So, for the first 3 months, it makes sense at $6/month. After that, it's cheaper and easier to just get another phone. Since the billing is done in advance, it's easy to cancel--just call their customer service, or simply drop by the store.

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  • Da
    David Israelyan Jan 09, 2016

    I agree with everyone above, I bought a ZTE Zmax on sale for $115, pay premiums for a year, lose the phone and my deductible is $100?? This nothing short of a full on SCAM rippoff... lol buy a phone for close to $100 bucks and the deductible is $100 bucks! PEOPLE DO NOT BUY METRO PCS INSURANCE.. IT IS A SCAM!

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  • Co
    Courtney Manning May 03, 2016

    I just had a claim with asurion the metro pcs insurance company they sent me the same phone i had but its refurbished. i had it fir 2 days and i go to answer it and the screen totaly screws up now i cant see my screen so i go to metro psc and im told nothing they can do they are not the ins company... they sold it to me i pay them for it but when i have a problem they dont want to help me. so now the ins company wants to send me a phone but only if i give them my credit card number... what a joke so they can charge me more money ... hell no i dont think so... smh what ###

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  • Ma
    Malcolm Tobey Jun 17, 2016

    I don't see why we all don't sue them. Companies have to comply with their clients. Take the Telebrand Company, they are the As seen On TV products. Every commercial I see on one of their products I go onto HighYa to see the reviews. All these products are crap and not what they are advertised. Alot is written about this company. Finally they got sued for misrepresentation and bad customer more service, refunds ect. Of course the billions of dollars that have to pay in fines ect is only a pinch for them but yet they are still able to continue selling crappy worthless products. These scamming lying cheating companies should All Be Shut Down Forever!!! Just like those filthy rich Actors get paid to sell ### products to the paycheck to paycheck ppl & they do t care about us wasting our hard earned money and like their millions isn't enough for their fat wallets so the get paid peanuts to lie to Us. Weight Watchers & that other big named one too use actresses to sell their worthless products. All bushiness's should be allowed a short start out say probation period. If the products the sell get repeated complaints in that time frame then they will be shut down that way the can only make a little profit and not years and years worth of cheating the public. Companies have to be punished for wrong doings. We all complain and complain not doing nothing about it and that's why they can get away with it. I'd say talk to a lawyer who can get not just you but everyone that has complained, been lied to and cheated out of money and sue the ### out of them. Make Reports Reports to the Better Business Bureau!!!

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  • Te
    Terrace Currence Apr 19, 2017

    I am paying my phone bill every month, but I can not call out from my house, I can not receive incoming calls from my house, I can text most of the time, but sometimes that fails also. My neighbor fell down and could not get up. She called me to come help her, but the call never came threw. The only way I can make a call is, I have to go outside in the street. All of my neighbors are having the same problem. I have been complaining to MetroPCS for three weeks with no success. My bill is due in a few days, so I guarantee you that they want their monthly payment. This is a shame, and a scam the way MetroPCS treat their customers.

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  • Cp
    C P Jun 25, 2017

    I got a better one for you, been a metro customer since 2011, always pay bill on time. wanted a phone with more speed and got a galaxy s6 in April. with rebate, came to around $300. love the phone. then on off switch quits working. no prob I think, I purchased insurance. take to store, they are about to give me another when a clerk pulls out the sim card and says "water damage, you need to go thru insurance." ok, contact ass-surion. deductible is $200! what kills me is it's the same for a galaxy s7 or 8 which are much more expensive. so I pay the $200 and get the replacement. send the old one back in the envelope. THEY NEVER GET IT. now they are telling me I'm going to have to pay $275 for not returning it. once I place it in the mailbox, it's out of my control!! so I'll have $775 wrapped up in an s6?? the usps tracking number doesn't show up, its like it never made it into the system. I filed a search request with the usps, I don't know what else I can do, but I am NOT paying the $275. I will dispute the credit card charge and take them to court first. is this a scam or what? and if my phone had been stolen, wouldn't they have replaced it too? but then I wouldn't have been able to send anything back, right? should I have just said it was stolen? I will be canceling that lousy insurance and looking for a new carrier. to be with a cell company for six years is rare these days and you'd think they'd be interested in retaining a good customer. I'll switch now even if I have to pay more with another company. oh yea, and asurion has customer service in some other country and they read off a script. she's telling me to wait another week and I'm thinking she's nuts, I mailed it over two weeks ago, the tracking number should be showing up in the usps system. meanwhile I keep getting recorded phone calls from them about the $275 charge.

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  • Fa
    fazidurrani Jul 05, 2018

    @C P I totally understand your frustration but there is nothing much you can do about it. The best approach could be to buy insurance on the package when you were shipping it through USPS. Unfortunately, that's how insurance works. I've been through it. :/

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  • Da
    Dana Horowitz Apr 17, 2018

    Sadly, all the company's use asurian insurance. I believe Apple Care may be the only insurance that will replace your phone for free anymore. I'm with At&t and when my phone stopped charging and I brought it in to have it replaced using the insurance I'd been paying for over 3 years, I was told I had to pay a $112 deductible. The woman explained that it's like health insurance, you pay into your insurance program, but you must pay a deductible for services.

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  • Ri
    Rilyadad Oct 31, 2018

    Ur an idiot, quit using cheap ass phones, my 200 dollars phone costs 50 deductible every time I replace it, or let's see I could pay the 200 all 5 times I've had to replace it, do the math stupid

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  • Da
    Daniel Rzeplinski Jan 03, 2019

    @Rilyadad you are stupid

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  • Ed
    Eddie Navarro Jul 06, 2019

    LOL!!! All these comments about " I paid $100 for my 'CELL PHONE XX123' and when it broke and I went to use the insurance, they wanted $100!! ITS A SCAM!!!"
    Obviously, you guys don't understand insurance and the way that it works. Let's start with the basics, Shall we?
    First off, did you pay $100 for a $100 phone, or did you pay $100 for a phone worth $200+??? Were you a new customer? Did you receive any instant rebates? Was there some type of promotion or a sale going on when you made your purchase? I'm guessing the answer is probably YES to ALL OF THE ABOVE. If so, you need to realize that 99% (I'm being very generous, sadly) of the US population would pay $100 instead of $101 for the same product 100% of the time.
    Now, for the ones crying "Boohoo, poor me, I paid insurance for 3 years, and they expect me to pay 1/3rd of the retail value! Boohoo!" Well, since we've discussed the price, lets move on to explain Insurance Monthly Payments.
    Car Insurance, you need to have it, but you hope you never have to use it. Well, you've been paying for 10 years, and lets say, Annual Premium is $1, 200. The total amount after 10 years is $12, 000, for something you never use, until one day, unfortunately. You Total someone's 2001 Automobile Vehicle, and you're insurance company tells you "We need $500 to pay off this $1, 200 car. How dare they ask you for $500 when you've given them over $12, 000!!! Right? WRONG!!! They're saving you $700... But lets say it was a $42, 000 car, you'd still only pay $500, saving you $41, 500...
    Same concept with the phones!
    It's not the insurance company's fault that you're an excellent cell phone handler(although pretty dim) and never had to use them... where as some people go through their phone insurance 6 or i8 tiems a year! Each claim, they save over $50. Even if the pay $100 a year for insurance they ended up saving $300+...
    It's not a scam... It's Insurance... Please, read a book...

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  • Bi
    Bill Swanfeld Sep 10, 2019

    Metro PC has very bad business practices, when switching from T-Mobile after 15 years to PcMetro ( By T-Mobile) I dropped the T-mobile and they turned the phones off and closed my online account, however they billed me for the entire month which means I was paying double as I'm billed by PcMetro for the same service time..that's illegal..
    My advice is stay away as far as you can get...

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  • Gl
    Gloria Lariva Sep 28, 2019

    get an obamaphone

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