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monthly subscription payment

I have been trying since Dec 18th to contact someone regarding my payment recent subscription plan change...

did not honor their contract

I purchased a phone from them on dec 01, 2009. On dec 10, 2009 I thought I had lost my phone so, being a...

rip off store

i got my cell from metro pcs 10-30-2009 . i am complaining about the store on hillside ave a block away from...

false advertising

I though it would be a good Idea to go the family plan 4 phones for $100,

add says "Including Calling Features"

after my wife had washed my phone with her pants, I figured WTH. go with 4 lines, buy 2 more to go with my brothers and another phone that needed to be "re-activated", but the guy told me it would be cheaper to buy another phone rather than re-activate it (well close to it like 15 bucks more for the new cheapo)so 3 phones now (at $288 for the 3 totle)and then the one guy (yes another came into the deal) had told us that the service would be the same for the phone he had, when the second guy came in he told us different that we would not have picture messaging, pissed a little we agreed to pay the extra fee to get that feature. being kind of in a hurry as I was going to leave on a trip we didn't ask anymore questions about the service as we figured the rest was the same. well I had to recheck what the add said after I just got back from trip to see if I read it right...,

right there in the add !!!

Unlimited Text AND Picture Messaging (WTF)

and how come now I'm being asked to "sign up for"...

Unlimited WEB ACCESS

I can google something but it ask me to "sign up" for the feature

Unlimited Local Calling - OK

Unlimited Long Distance Calling - OK

MetroPCS Unlimited Nationwide Service - (I dont know anybody in China !)

plus they'd probably want another fee !

Voice Mail - OK

Caller ID - OK

Call Waiting - OK

Three Way Calling - Can't seem to get that to work either

Unlimited ChatLINK - (not attempting this phony feature)

Where is the Metro PCS email complaint center, I got this site when I googled it.

  • An
    anna Feb 10, 2009

    Metro PCS is advertising on tv the family plan of 4 for $100.00 bucks a month. But when you call them they to try to ge tthe deal they tell you that plan was over in DEC. 2008. i went out and purchase 2 used phones to add on my line over the weekend and on monday when I tried to get it I got the bad news. Maybe if they didnt advertised it i wouldnt have spunt my money cause right now i am unemployee and need to save as much as I can im very pissed right now with the Merto PCS i want to cancell my other 2 lines i have with them.

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  • Ge
    georgel Aug 11, 2009

    if avaiable in your area try cricket

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  • Rt
    rtennis Feb 15, 2011

    fony buy one phone get one free i bought a phone online then got the add for free phone and nobody will honor now rip off artist all the way rich

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customer service

I don't know how this company has stayed in business so long! Their phone service sucks but there customer...

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can't get a paper bill or internet & my text msgs come back to back

OK, so I got a METRO PCS phone in June. I got the $50 plan which includes unlimited calls, text and...

Metro PCS

purchased a blackberry

I purchased a Blackberry Curve 8330 from a local Metro PCS store in Miami, Florida, less than 1 month ago...


I was scammed at this corporate store (Missorri Ave). My new cell phone $180.00 wasn't working to my satisfaction. The rep. showed me another phone and I said this one is better. (Even thou their reconditoned) The rep. said, I 'm going in the back to put your information in the new phone. (I found very strange) Why would he take the time with a room full of customers. Heres a good laugh, right when you think you heard it all. All my phone # were in the new phone and my voice mail with my voice. They must be magicans. I called [protected] to complain about this wonderful experience which he took my information and said you'll get a text 3 to 6 days. Another scam in good old USA.

  • Co
    coolmom2009 Sep 22, 2009

    What are you saying? did the rep exchange the phone? how is it a scam?

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un ethical business

I had bought a phone and a plan at this store about 3 years ago. I wanted to update my phone so I purchased a...

bad service, bad customer support

I'm still flared up hours after cancelling my services with this company - they make you pay full cost...

cover are refund

I went to metro pcs dealership to purchase a telephone line and I transfer my service from AT&T to the new company. They promises cover are with a map, but the area that they promises was not cover. But the issues is the costumer have to purchase the telephone, I buy a telephone for the amount of $386, because I need this telephone in order to have internet, text message, email. But because is not cover in my area I lost the money of the telephone they sale to me so I am stuck with a item that no order telephone company use, and also no service so I lose $386. X 2 because I purchase two telephone.

bill in text

Metro pcs sends your bill in a text for free, but what they don't tell you is that we may change the amount at any time. I received 4 text from metro pcs stating 2 different amounts and 2 different due dates, so I paid the last amount text to me. So why was my svc turned off for non payment. When I called customer svc I was told I needed to make an additional payment to have my svc restored and that they don't know why I received 2 different bill and due dates, just pay the money and move on. Do these csr's not know about the economy.

  • Me
    METRO PCS FRAUD Aug 06, 2010


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rude [protected]@ store location (desoto, tx)

Metro PCS is fast becoming a rude and non caring company that has had me fooled for quite a while. I am a very unsatisfied customer right now. I have called customer service on several occassions about my rude service at their Desoto location (Polk and Pleasant Run). The Pakistani gentleman who owns this company and another in Lancaster that I know of, has no regard for mannerism. It seems the only care is in getting money to support his company; this is a difficult task without proper patriotism, and the customers are the ones who keep the doors open. This store is fairly new, and it won't be here long with customer service like that.

  • Su
    sultana Dec 18, 2009

    I think they do not have right to practice business in united state.Metro PCS all call center is out of united state. They speak broken English. Metro PCS make lot of money.Do not care about any kind of service.FCC knows all the people complaining?Attention all customer we have to file law suite against them.We not living in third world country.Metro PCS please follow the American laws. Customer Always right. Give them respect. If you do not care . Very soon Metro PCS will be out of business .

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  • Su
    sultana Dec 18, 2009

    Metro PCS do not follow FCC laws.

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not informing customers of the change number policy for refunds?

I decided to change phone companies and wanted to take my existing cell phone number with me. When I called Metro Pcs regarding this situation they (customer service employee) felled to inform me that if I cancelled me service after 2 weeks into my cycle I would not be able to get a refund. So, basically I just gave this company after talking to too many people over the pass couple of weeks almost $45 dollars. That money could have went on my 11 year old daughter's first cellphone this she will use while away from home. Man, this company needs alot of customer service classes. They also refused to give me any of my refund or at least put half of it on my daughter's account. Yes, if you are thinking that she needs to contact the main office? I plan to write to them regarding this problem, because like all other American's I work hard for my money and don't have any to give away when I have 4 kids to feed every day.

  • I agree with ever one one here complaint and I wonder why I'm still with them. I've had my phone for over a year with metro guard (insurance) so when my phine broke and I tried to file a claim to get it fixed they said I didnt have insurance metro said I did and the insurance department said I didnt, and on top off all that I order a new phone off line threw metro and the damn camara doesnt work. Metro is a bunch of bull, customer service reps dont know what they are talking bout I have to call about 50 times just to get somebody to understand me, sorry to say she was of my race and I 'm not a racist, but it was like I was talking in baby talk to those folks. So I can understand all you guys complaint

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  • Om
    Omarajead Dec 17, 2009

    You paid $45 for 4 weeks service. That fact you decided to stop the service after 2 is your problem.
    If you read the details on the forms with your phone it clearly says its not refundable. You paid for a month and they delivered, the fact you wanted to change half way through is your loss.
    They took your money in good faith, you made the choice to change, YOU made the choice to have 4 kids. And YOU want to give a cell phone to an 11 yr old.
    If even her father does not understand how the deal works, what chance does the poor girl have. You have nothing to complain about. You got what you paid for, if you had asked if you could have got a refund they wold have told you no, but YOU never did. Blame only one person; YOU.

    As for the other person who can't spell and has to bring race into everything. If the phone you bought on line does not work return it. You should check your bill each time you pay. thats is why you get a copy so you can see if you have or have not got insurance. If you had you would have proof of payment, since you don't we must agree you never paid it and when YOU mistreated your phone you started crying about it.

    I have been with MetroPCS for 9 months and could not be happier, the deal is simple $40 for unlimited service with text and web. If you pay on time and you look after your phone you have no problems. They are much better than T-Mobile or Boost.

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bad business practices

Has anyone who has had complaints pertianing to Metro PCS filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau in their respective states? I am about to...

  • Jo
    John Gilmore Jun 26, 2010

    I just wanted to tell everyone how infuriated I am with MetroPCS Customer Service. I have been having issues with my phone regarding text messaging since January. I am constantly on the phone with them since January (and have about nine pages of names/badge numbers/times I spoke with them) and since my my phone will randomly stop sending text messages at various frequencies (either once a day or every couple of weeks, if I am lucky) The only way this problem will be fixed is I have to call tech support, have them reset something on my account and then I can power cycle my phone (Note: Simply power cycling my phone on my own does not work, they have to do something on the account)

    Finally, three days ago they offered to open a ticket. Then yesterday my phone started having issues making phone calls. I had to call from my landline which took 45 min. to get though because of their IVR. It understood everything except my pin number. Because it kept thinking I was saying something completely different it would not let me speak to a customer service rep.. the system explicitly refused to let me get any further until I gave it my pin number which it could not understand! I had to call in as a new customer just to get to speak to someone.. that took 20 min. of the 45!

    They [customer service] said that my phone needs to be replaced as it sounds like there is a problem so they transfered me to the dept. that could handle that. The dept they transfered me to was the insurance line for phones damaged, stolen or lost by customers! The phone was never damaged by me, it just has never functioned like it should!

    So I called back, spoke to yet another rep. They told me to go to the Winter Park store (about 45 min. away) and have them replace it. So I did. I explained my issue to a nice Metro PCS agent at the store. However, he said I had to pay a $10.00 plus tax processing fee to have the phone replaced! I don't understand why I, as a customer, have to pay a processing fee to have a phone replaced that has been having issues since I got the phone! He said I could speak to a supervisor and I did.

    The supervisor was rude and condescending. He acted like I didn't know how to use my phone and that I had too many txt messages and/or emails on my phone. He tried to get technical with me but when he realized I was more technical, he backed off. He said these phones can't handle saving many text messages and said he was going to cancel the phone replacement order!. I showed him how much available memory my phone had and explained to him how much storage space one text message actually took. He kept arguing with me saying that he has the same phone and same problem and what fixes it for him is deleting all his text messages and emails.

    I explained to him that this phone is $250.00, it is a business phone and is should not have an issue that it is having because of too many text messages (Besides, I had hardly any on the phone) and for the fact that it works fine after they do something on the account temp. fixes it negates his whole point. I had to urge him to not cancel the order and he even said that he had other customers to help and that he didn't have time to discuss this with me!

    I called back into customer service after that and explained everything I have here (and more since I have had many more issues than I have explained here) and told them that all I am requesting is to have the 10.00 processing fee waived since I have been dealing with this issue since January and they should do this as a courtesy; they refused.

    I am going to see what this replacement phone does as it is my only option at this time. I know there are some issues with the phone because I had been told over the phone and by the nice man in the Metro PCS Store that it looks like my phone has been having issues receiving updates. I know that they must be having some type of issues with their network as well.

    I guess the bottom line is you get what you pay for, either service wise or customer service wise. 1 out of 10 people at MetroPCS are nice while the other 9 are rude and condescending. They do nothing to actually make you happy. They offered me a $3.00 credit (three dollars) for the problems I have been having since January.

    I will pay for one more month of service (it is prepaid) and I hope that I do not have these same issues or at the very least that I have them less frequently! It is sad especially since I paid 250.00 on this phone and I do not think I can use it on any other network but I will do more research.

    I wanted to share my experience with anyone that wanted to listen in the event they were considering MetroPCS. To be fair, I have not had many issues placing phone calls until today. I do have issues with it taking a while to dial from time to time but that could either be the phone or the area I am in. If you like to text you may have issues (My friend has MetroPCS and he also has issues from time to time texting, just not as much as me)

    Hope this information helps others in making a decision about MetroPCS and I am curious to know if anyone else has issues text messaging on the MetroPCS Network.


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horrible company

Metro PCS is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They rip people off and no one does anything about it. An attorney really needs to file a class action lawsuit against this company. I have had Metro PCS service for over a year now. I switched from Sprint as I was paying around $150 per month for unlimited cell/internet and it was too costly. First, the service through Metro PSC is horrible. My calls are dropped all time when I try to use my phone. There are times when it will go into roaming and it should not be roaming as I am in my coverage area in Florida. When it goes into roaming, I cannot use my phone; eventhough I have paid twice now for "roaming minutes" (which I should not have to use in my coverage area) Even if I wanted to use my "roaming minutes" in my own coverage area, I cannot acces them.

The 1st time I paid for roaming was when I travelled out of my coverage area. I did everything the sales person at the store told me to prepare the phone before i left my coverage area. I was out in the middle of Kansas and my ohone would not woork. I had an emergency situation and needed to use a phone (no pay phones were available anywhere, and I was not able to use it. Customer service was non-existent as one keeps getting the same automated message that goes into a loop. It is nearly impossible to talk to a live person at Metro PCS. Next I went to Nebraska. My roaming minutes wouldn't work there either. I finally got through to their tech support. They farm their tech support out to Panama and I spent 1/2 hour arguming with the tech person that Nebraska was part of the US; as he kept insisting it wasn't and that's why I did nto have coverage. Unbelievable! I have lost money by purchasing "roaming minutes" I could not use, on a cell service that does not work much of the time, and nearly froze to death on a Kansas roadway when I had car troubles and I could not use my cell phone to call for help.

I wonder how much money this company makes by not being accessible by phone to the public; especially when customers try to reach them to disconnect service and they cannot get through to anyone??? This company is blantantly ripping off customers. Are there any attorneys out there who are even remotely interested in filing suit against this company that is ripping off so many people???

  • Ka
    Karen Betsill Jul 17, 2009

    I totally agree the on thing different with my complaint is that when I have had four phones in the last 6 months. they break or something happens to the phone that is technical. I thougt maybe I would spend alittle more for the phone and with in two weeks the charger broke. They would not take it bake even know the book says within 30 days, also when I had bought the phone I was promised insurance. The trainie they had working in the Lovejoy store neglected to call it in so they told me even if it was there fought they still could not help me. Told me basically you are out 150 dallors. What do you do with bad business, that is why the economy will never get better with the type of business metro pcs has practiced. thanks Ashley Walker

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customer complaint

I have been reviewing many Metro PCS customer complaints and its dificult for me to agree with every...

unauthorized charges

I had signed up for the $40 plan, but the salesperson entered me in for the $45 plan. Of course it says $45 on the contract, but I didn't review it since I had trust in the rep doing the right thing (incidentally all you get is the bottom line with the taxes and all so you couldn't tell from the bill what plan you're in).

I went back to the branch seeking a 3 month credit for the the rep's mistake, but they couldn't accommodate me there, telling me to call customer service. With customer disservice it's like hitting a brick wall. I wanted to continue but I also wanted to correct their mistake. So I figured since I overpaid by $15, I would drop down into their $35 plan for at least 3 months to make up for the difference (I already did this for 3 months and I plan on doing this for at least another 3 months to teach Metro a lesson - the services at the $35 level is adequate for my needs.)

I will continue to see how it goes with Metro. They're getting heated competition from Cricket and magicJack and I may jump.

  • Ph
    phillynsk Jul 21, 2009

    For the people who dont know about MetroPCS... When you purchase a phone with Metro you get your first month free. So the free month you get is always the $45 or $50 plan. After all the month is FREE!!! So when you come in on your due date your free to downgrade your plan to a lower plan with no problems.

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lies and more lies

Upselling phone plans and then billing higher then agreed, by thru text can metro answer with out starting the conversation - (A single question, with out say saying)- — (Sorry for the inconvenience) then they lie insult my intelligence this is the only answer they give! To all problems the promise you a plan then the next month billing is higher always a few more dollars or always saying (Sorry for the inconvenience) (Sorry for the inconvenience) (Sorry for the inconvenience) (Sorry for the inconvenience) can they honestly answer with out that? Yesterday I disconnected 1 of 4 phones because they lie to me tomorrow 2 more then finaly the 4th will go next month unless they can answer my simple questions I wonder how the ceo can sleep knowing that the comapny policy is to evade all complaint with out resolve and insult to the common man or woman

  • Fl
    flalocksmith1 Jun 21, 2009

    I have been with Metro PCS about 4 Months my last bill I underpayed
    by .02 cents got a text msg.from them to pay by cc now or they were
    going to cut my service.I called where i bought the phone and they took care of it. That is the only good thing I have to say .

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bad customer service

I have been a customer for almost a year now and I am very dissatisfied because of the bad customer service I have received from this company i called in to make a complaint and they had no number for me or a address so i went online and got the company information. The agents I talked to left me on the phone for almost a hour. They do not care about the customers or what we have to say I think they need to get a better customer service system for us customers! I was calling because of the bad service I was having with my phone no service no reception and late messages really late like a day late and dropped calls! I am going to cut off my service and go back to cingular!

  • Sc
    Scholtzk Apr 09, 2009

    Metro pcs is the worst phone company ever!! My phone stopped letting me send out texts so i called to get the problem fixed, but the customer service representatives keep hanging up on me! They told me it would take 72 hours to get the problme fixed, ever since they told me that my phone keeps freezing and 72 hours later its still not working. They are terrible and i would not recommend their services.

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  • Ju
    Julie May 06, 2009

    I went to activate my phone last thursday, it is now wednsday of the next week, and still no phone service. I have been there 3 times already. They keep telling me wait it out, it takes awhile. I said I am going back today, and if it is not rectified, I want it cancelled. They said all sales final. I was like, well since I havent recieved what I paid for, teqnically, the sale is NOT final. AM I right?

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