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payment processing

I went to one of the Metro PCS Corporate stores to pay my phone bill. The lines are usually long and on a...

worst customer service ever

I found a metro pcs store in bakersfield @ 2707 south h that was open until 6pm on sundays well I get off work early so I can make it to the metro pcs store by 6pm I get there at 5:50 and I rush to the door in the cold and the door is locked and I can see the girl inside and im telling her through the window please its not 6 oclock yet all I need to do is pay my daughters bill and this * girl just finished counting her money and talking on her * phone uhhhhhhhh this store really pissed me off how are they going to post 6:00 closing time but close befor the posted time also while I was out in the cold waiting asking this girl andother coustomer came up and still that jerkface girl would not help us then you cant even call that store because the number listed is a dame fax machine

This place really * so then I just had to go and pay over the phone where they charged me to use my card

Thanks alot metro pcs and your jerkface employees you guys suck

worst company ever

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They promised me that if I didn't like the service or the phone I would get a full refund within 7 days or under one hour of talk time. I met both requirements, and now they're refusing to refund my money. On top of that, they initially signed me up for a more expensive plan than I asked for, messed up my password, made up ridiculous excuses for the bad call quality like, because I ported my number from another company I was experiencing bad reception. Absurd. Every single person I dealt with in two different stores couldn't have been older then 23-24 years old. They were not well spoken to say the least. I felt like I was dealing with high school students. Very unprofessional.

Do not sign up for metro PCS. The rates are tempting, but trust me, you get what you pay for. Every person I called complained about how noisy, distorted and thin my voice sounded. Also, I would dial a number and nothing would happen. it would take 2 or 3 tries to get the call through. Trying to get someone from customer service on the phone is almost impossible, and when you finally do, you get someone who isn't capable of helping you.


  • Th
    That1guy1369 Jun 29, 2011

    Yeah ### metro pcs. It takes 20 minutes to send a picture message and there service sucks. And they need to be put out of buisness

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dishonest sales representative

I purchased a cellphone and signed up the metro pcs monthly plan with c-mobile inc. (Authorized dealer for metro pcs) located at 20834 vanowen street, winnetka, ca 91306 for my son before he left home for college. The young girl named "rnen (Name as printed on the receipt) was dishonest and unfriendly. A customer accidentally knocked down stuff from the counter and expressed very sincere apology to rnen more than one time. Rnen picked up the stuff and then looked at the customer without any expression. We waited for 20 minutes and when it was our turn, she rushed us by saying that the store will be closed in 5 minutes.

We planned to sign up the basic plan of $40/month. Rnen told us that we had to choose the $45/month plan for the first month and then we had to come back to her to change to $40/month. I said that it was odd that we could not choose the right plan for us in the first place. She then claimed that it was the company policy. She processed the transaction quickly and we were out of the door.

When I was home I realized that we were being charged the $50/month plan instead of the $45/month plan as she addition, we were being signed up for reoccurring $8 miscellaneous addition services that we did not even sign up for.

I contacted the metro pcs headquarter and a nice representative, andres, explained to me that there was no such rule that we have to join the $45/month for the first month and then switch to the basic plan after. He then told me whenever we go the store to make changes to the plan, the store would charge a processing fee. He gave me a credit of approx $10 for the inappropriate charges. I appreciate for all his professional assistance.

Even though it was not involved a whole lot of money but it is definitely not the right way of doing business. It also adds up if she is dishonest with a lot of the customers and with reoccurring charges.

A lot of people have bad experience with the metro pcs stores. If I had known, I would have gotten the metro pcs cellphones from best buy, walmart or other more reliable stores than the metro pcs store. Then open the account with the metro pcs online. This unpleasant situation would have been avoided.

  • Qp
    qp 2 Nov 05, 2010

    Sorry about your experience. The stores rating won't increase with plans of only $40, and the stores won't make any money off those plans, either, so they want to sell $45 plans or more so they make a profit and increase their rating. If you come back next week and change your plan back to a $40, they don't care because it doesn't affect their rating. The rating is only based on the time of sale. Kind of stupid, yes, but unfortunatley that is just the way it works. At leat for now. Otherwise, I also agree the sales person was not very good, but I have found this in many stores. Kids these days...

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$50 rebate never received

I never received the $50 rebate I was promised from Metro PCS for a Samsung Caliber cell phone I purchased back on 6/8/10. 10 weeks for shipment has turned into almost 4 months now. I called Samsung rebate weeks ago at [protected] and left a message on their machine but they never returned my call. I sent Metro PCS a message on their website rebate page, but they said to call Samsung at the same number I called weeks ago with no return call. Such a typical scam where seller promises the world and then wipes their hands clean, saying to call someone else when things go wrong. Rebate companies don't send out the rebate banking on the whim that the buyer won't remember or follow up on the rebate. This has been so frustrating chasing these companies around.

  • Jo
    jonniboy Jun 23, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was told with Metro PCS rebate it has to be with new service.

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$40.00 visa rebate

It has been 7 weeks since I sent in all of my information required to receive my $40.00 visa rebate from Metro Pc for the purchase of a Samsung Freedom sale phone and as of 09/13/2010 I still haven't received my rebate. When I went back to the metro location in riverdale ga on hwy 85 I was informed by the clerk that I should receive it in a couple of more weeks and to pour salt on my wound I also found out that the same phone that I had the rebate on could now be purchased with a instant $40.00 rebate but when I purchased my phone I had to mail my rebate. Totally dissatisfied !!!

$3 convenience fee

We pay our monthly cellphone bill in cash at Clearcom Wireless, 4701 Clayton Road, Concord Ca. In addition to...

horrible customer service

This is probably the longest complaint you have yet to read about Metro PCS but if you’re thinking about using their service you probably want to read this.

I bought a phone from Metro a few months ago, service was working fine, better than AT&t I must say but text messages can be delayed for hours if they were sent to you while you're in the subway or some other no service area but for only $50 a month I was willing to live with it.

I called customer service a few times for different reasons which made me realize they are unhelpful but it wasn't until a few days ago when I realized just how useless they are, please excuse me for my language but this company is either run by ###s or by people who just like to play stupid.

A few days ago out of nowhere for no apparent reason my phone gets a weird screen saying "initial processing needed" apparently it has restarted itself(while it was turned off) and will not allow me to make phone calls or receive them.

Metro PCS claims its due to me being outside of my coverage area although it has been working "outside the coverage area" for a few days and this "outside coverage area" has Metro PCS antennas and stores!

They open a tracking number and tell me someone will get off his lazy ### and attempt to fix this service problem within 1-5 business days, they suggest I go to the store where they will be able to assist me faster.
I get back home and I still don't have service so I go to the store where they basically tell me they cant help.

I call Metro PCS again and ask them to please speed up the process since I rely on my phone for work, for the 20th time they tell me "please shut off your phone take put the battery etc’ because i cant really do anything, the technical people are working on it"

After waiting a few days with no progress, my boss getting mad at me for not answering my phone and clients looking for me with no response I decide to call Metro PCS again and see whats going on.

I get the same answer – “take out the battery, press ##26…whatever, well if it’s not working mam you will have to wait 1-5 business days to get a response” let me be clear that this was already day 5 that my phone was not working, with 5 business days with the weekend in the middle I’m looking at minimum of 7 days without service.

I explained to the customer service people, the tech support(apparently not the same tech people who actually attempt to solve these problems), the supervisors, managers and a bunch of other people that the phone allows me to make collect calls and is giving me a full signal but will not allow me to make regular calls which means the phone is FINE its just the service on their part, I asked them if they feel its normal to leave a customer who paid their bill with no service for a full week in 2010 when it is obviously not the customers fault but a service problem on their part, what answer do you think I got? “Mam, you will have to wait up to 5 business days to get a response”

The last person I spoke to was actually the most understanding but even she couldn’t do much, she did provide more information though, she said they had already opened the tracking number and worked on my service issue but it looked like they’ve done everything they could, for the love of GOD! I know they can’t call me because I don’t have service but when I called them and went through at least 3 people why did they not tell me that their tech people cant fix the problem???

What I understood from the lady is that I’d have to wait until the last day to get a final answer which makes no sense to me, I thought it was 1-5 business days not “we’ll check it out anytime between now and 5 business days and get back to you in 5 days just to keep you holding”

Anyway she told me to go to a certain store and see if this one would be able to help, she wasn’t able to tell me whether or not they actually will be able to help because if it’s not a phone problem they cant replace the phone but that doesn’t matter because when I got there the store was closed! Even though she told me they will be open until a certain time(I got there 2 hours prior to that time).

I'm not blaming the people on the phone, they were nice its the company’s problem, their service is just horrible.

I do not understand why this company does not have direct calls to the real tech people, all they do is let a bunch of robots answer the phone and tell you to take you battery out as if I couldn’t think of that myself.

They don’t think outside of the box, don’t look at the situation for what it is, it’s like talking to a brick wall, that’s not customer service, they cut off my service, will not tell me why and will not do anything to make it easier.

I'm prob gonna switch to boost or some other company, I'll do my homework just cant stay with a company who cant fix their own problems in a timely manner and wont even supply you with a temporary phone to make the situation easier.

If the owner/s of Metro PCS happen to read this I highly recommend you provide better customer service because even you one day will have the best phone service, if you can't be there for your customers when they have an urgent problem you will lose them.

  • Ha
    Hannah3334343 Aug 23, 2010

    Here's another review of MetroPCS Service. It's quite an interesting story, and will probably open your eyes further to how crappy the company's service is (after reading this review) :)

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  • Ha
    Hannah3334343 Aug 23, 2010

    Or just visit for the complete blog

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  • Mo
    Monitor615 Feb 27, 2011

    I just called metro pcs to ask a couple of simple questions about a phone and phone plan. I got that automated machine who wanted to start to help me. I tried to bypass by asking for an agent and just got hung up on twice. The robot said it would try and help blah, blah, blah, blah and just hung up the call. I can't imagine giving them my money after that experience.

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  • Vi
    Virginiaalves Mar 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    all companies have the automated machines now people, don't act new to automatic responding your calls.

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  • Wi
    WildmanMW Jul 21, 2011

    I've had Metro PCS for over 4 years and knew their customer service was very lacking (you get what you pay for). I do, however, expect to at LEAST get what I'm paying for. I have had the unlimited talk/text/web for $40 all along. For the last two weeks the web portion has not worked at all. Today I finally got around to visiting a corporate store for answers and hopefully some type of credit on my bill. The lady at the counter explained to me that they were aware that many people were experiencing problems with accessing the web also but that no credit could be given since the $40 unlimited everything is a package deal (figure the logic on that one). Not happy with this answer and knowing any further conversation with this person would be pointless, I thanked her for not being of any help and left the store. I decided to see if I could find a customer service number for Metro PCS where I could speak to a live person. I didn't have a high sense of optimism for this venture being that I tried reaching customer service over a year ago about something else (I can't remember for what) and all I could get was an automated system that wouldn't give the option of a live person. Anyway, I found a number to actually speak with a live person (the wonder of it all). The lady on the phone (I didn't bother writing her name or her i.d. number down because I was already betting this was a pointless endeavor) asked for my account information which I provided. I then went on to explain to her my issue and my recent interaction with the corporate store. I went on to explain that I was dissatisfied with the answer I was given and would like some type of resolution other than basically being told to 'deal with it'. The customer rep told me that she was aware of the problem of people not being able to access the internet but also noted that I had not called before this time to make them aware that I personally was having a problem and then asked me to hold while she consulted a supervisor. I waited on hold for a few minutes and then she returned with this answer as close to word for word as I can remember: We're sorry you have been having a problem with accessing the web, and even though we have been aware of the problem, since you had not reported you were having a problem before today, we will not issue you a credit. I told the rep that first off I didn't even know their was finally an option to speak to a live person, and secondly that I was not blaming her or holding her personally accountable for the response I was given, but that I would like her to mark it on my account and to pass it on to her supervisor that this was the absolute worst customer service I have ever had and that to let it be known that they will have two less customers at the end of this month and that I will be more than happy to share my experience with everyone and anyone. I thanked her for her time and said goodbye. Moral of the story: Metro PCS is NOT worth the money.

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  • Ha
    happycamper278 Jul 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well to start of with i have not been a customer with metro pcs for almost two years now and with good reason, i have bought a phone online for a gift and im paying almost 20 dolloars to have it shipped over night i didnt recive the phone is one thing, its doesnt have a tracking number for some reason so i dont know the status, so i decided to call, one gentelman told me to go online which i already have done, so decide to call again to get another person that might know what they are doing, but i was worng again the gentelman didnt understand what i want to know and couldnt even help me he place me on hold twice frist time about five mintues the second time 15 mintues and then he had hang up on me, this company needs to improve there customer service because with all the companies with unlimited plans who would want to stay with this crap !

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ignorant corporate employees

After hours of scouring the internet for the phone of my choice. I decided to get the HTC Touch Pro from ebay. Many people have the Touch Pro flashed to metro pcs and it works flawlessly. However, today I went to several metro pcs retail stores and one said that they do not have the usb input so they cannot flash it. Another store told me that it's not possible because it's a Sprint phone. Long story short.. they directed me to the corporate office which is located in the (626) area code (So Cal). The corporate employees there told me that since my phone is a PDA it's impossible to flash and it has to be CDMA and/or I have to get another metro/sprint phone. I wonder how these corporate employees get hired in the first place because they seriously have no clue about cell phones. In closing, I did manage to get my phone flashed from a local metro pcs store down the street.

  • Eq
    eqwoeqwoeqwoieu Apr 06, 2011

    the thing is that we could flash phones from sprint, verizon, and boost mobile but not smart phones because they loose all the it would only be useful for text and talk, no web no mms...the coorporate stores will never do it because the process is illegaly done. the authorized dealers that do do them, are doing them illegaly, so if they get caught, their store can be closed down and be in big trouble. So not all stores convert phones, and if they do, smart phones are not allowed to be done unless the owner doesn't mind being in risk of being out of coorporate will never be able to do them, ...

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Consumer fraud

I went to Metro PCS store in Los angeles to activate a cell phone for my daughter. Metro PCS has (3) plans, 60 dollars, 50 dollars and a 40 dollar plan.. Because iIwas activating an older phone I requested the 40 dollar plan, I was told by the clerk that I had to activate the phone with the 50 dollar plan and downgrade to the 40 dollar plan the following month, In which she circled on the reciept.. I not knowing better, I agreed and the phone was activated. It was later that same day, I went to another Metro PCS store with a friend, that I was told I did not have to activate the phone with the 50 dollar plan, I could have activated the phone with the 40 dollar plan..I went back to the store I had activated the phone and told the clerk she had made a mistake and I could have activated the phone with the 40 dollar plan and I wanted the 40 dollar plan and a refund of my 10 dollars. ( The cell phone I was activating was not capable of activating the features of the 50 dollar plan).. It was at this time she informed me that it was company policy to activate all phone with at lease the 50 dollar plan. I then told her what the other store had told me and her reply was they were wrong. I insisted on the 40 dollar plan and once again she refuse, she told me that she could credit my account 10 dollars for the following month. I asked her if it was company policy to activated all phone with at lease the 50 dollar plan, why was she willing to give me a credit, she did not answer.. It is my opinion that Metro PCS is committing Consumer Fraud, I think this is common practice in the Inter-City and Low income areas. A Class Action lawsuit will sent the message, that this will not be tolerated.

50 dollar rebate

I bought my metro phone on April 3rd & sent the rebate on the 4th, Now it`s June 17th & still nothing! I went...

stolen phone line

I purchased a family plan, I had three lines suspended due to one telephone was stolen, 2nd one line wa...

illegal line tampering/ account fraud

To the importantance of the complaints board, and the consumers board of business, s . Do to fraudulant...

long delay to receive text message

We have signed up for Metro PCS unlimited call, text and internet service almost 8 months ago. The text...

cannot download to windows 7

Getting a new "Samsung Caliber" cell phone from Metro PCS? If you are using a lap top or PC running Windows 7, BUYER BEWARE! The software required to allow USB transfer to and from your new "Caliber" will not install. Therefore, you will not be able to use your data card at all, which is the ONLY way to use the music player or store data on your computer. I wrote to Samsung about the problem and they not only confirmed that Samsung does not have a driver compatible with 64 bit operating systems, but do not necessarily plan to in the future.

So, not only did Samsung miss the boat here, but METRO PCS is selling a product that is defective in that it does not function as advertised, unless you have a 32 bit operating system (example, Windows XP, Vista).

Their return policy limits phone calls use to 1 hour, so be sure to check out each and every feature, including downloading the software required to use the USB cable (disk included with phone) before you cancel your old phone service and start yakking away on ANY of the Metro phones. (The sales person at the Metro store said he heard that the Samsung Code had the same problem not downloading to Win7, but I can not confirm this.)

  • En
    eniveld Sep 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You can download Windows 7 software from here:

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poor knowledge of replacement cell phone policy

Under a month ago, purchased from Metro PCS at the 13200 block of Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, Calif. a Kyocera Laylo cell phone. Found out the camera did not function. Took it to the 6th Street Metro PCS store in Corona, Calif., was told by lady to take it back to where I purchased it. So I drove 40 minutes back to Anaheim, California where I was told to take it to the corporate store at Warner-Bristol in Santa Ana. Lady did not know the address of her own corporate store..but was able to give me directions on how to get there. I asked her, why she did not have the address..she said she was not given the address. Her fellow employee agreed. At corporate store, 25 minutes later drive, Robby finally figured it was a bad phone, went to the back room and came out to say there were no replacement phones and to come back in 6 days, after 4pm. I drove over 1.5 hours and delt with Metro PCS employees who are so poorly trained they do not really help and are not given corporate address of where to go to replace the phone.

  • La

    I would like to apologize for the poor quality of service you have been receiving. Issues of this type are very easy to resolve. If the camera was not working initially after purchase the dealer location from which you purchased the handset is obligated to exchange it for you. If the problem occured later after purchase the dealer should have given you a Dealer Service ticket. Even if you purchased it at another location any dealer should trouble shoot the handset to the best of their ability and forwarded you to a corporate location for further assistance.

    There are actually two corporate locations in your area. If the dealer does not know where they are they should have been familiar with Metro PCS official website with store locations, following is a link:

    MetroPCS-Fullerton205 E Orangethorpe Ave
    Fullerton, CA 92832

    MetroPCS-Stanton11091 Beach Blvd
    Stanton, CA 90680

    If the problem cannot be repaired their is a warranty exchange fee. The least amount is $10 via mail. The corporate representative will call you when the handset arrives this may take 2-3 business days. If you do not wish to wait you can receive and exchange handset immediately for only $30. That's for any phone regardless of the price. It isn't a big deal if a customer spent $150 or more on a phone but it's more of a problem honestly for customers who only paid $29 for their phone.

    If you are ever in the Las Vegas valley or you have friends or family members who live in this vicinity please forward them to our location if they expect quality, professional service from knowlegable service representatives who believe in providing A-1 service to our customers.

    1601 W. Warm Springs Rd. Ste. 120
    Henderson, NV 89014

    Thanking you in advance,

    Fateen Banks
    Simply Wireless LLC,

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  • Pr
    Prayerboy Mar 10, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If Metro pcs is in the business of selling phones and providing service to a consumer, it should replace the defected product for free. The law is plain you can't sell a defected product. If a customer purchased a phone from your establishment and continue to pay the required monthly prepaid service charge, (1) with a defected product and you know it's defected and yet receive payment, you robbing that customer or for a better term defrauding the customer, (2) To ask to pay for another phone any amount, yet is a rip off. The customer has purchased a defected product, yet paying the agreed prepaid service the customer is still being cheated and the company is making a profit, inconveniencing the customer, upsetting the customer because he is being defrauded. Are you not familiar with the Consumer Protection Laws.

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customer service

metro pcs stopped selling a phone because of too many complaints. would not send recall on phone but e-mail stopped working on phone out of the blue and now they want 5 dollars a month for the service because of the brand of the phone even though people with the same plan but different phones do not have to pay extra for this service.


Metro pcs needs to be sued! For false advertising! Beware of the 40.00 plan with tax included! That is a joke they text me and told me to pay 42.17 you can not get any customer service when you have a complaint.

  • St


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  • Ro
    rooney10 Aug 30, 2012

    My sister and a friend work for Metro Pcs different locations, they both tell me that the managers make them overcharge customers and they lie about what the charge is for i.e. using credit card fee, reinstating fee, etc. If they do not overcharge customers they will not make sales and will be fired. So don't fall for false charges on your account.

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Samsung freeform cell phone purchased on 12/22/09. This purchase qualified for $20.00 rebate in form of prepaid American Express Card if purchased between Octo ber 30 - December 31, 2009 & mailed in by 1-14-10. Rebate form was mailed in with all items required by date, but I never received my prepaid American Express card that was offered! This is now 2 months later! Looks like just another REBATE RIPOFF to me.

  • Sd
    sdfsfsd Jul 30, 2010

    thank fully you recieved it. Just simply resend another copy or call them.

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  • Dw
    Dwake Aug 17, 2010

    Finally rec'd the rebate after complaint was submitted! Thank you.

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  • Ci
    cirilo roman Aug 27, 2010

    nesesito saber sobre mis rrebates de 2 phones que compre en metro pcs

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overcharged credit card

I went online, on the 17th to purchase a phone for my son, I have a phone, the make was a huawei m750, I filled out all the info, but when I clicked sumit order, it refused my credit card, so I thought I had made error and resummitted 4 more times, still would not process, iwent to my bank where they told me my account was on hol, and the reason was that metropc, had taken $175.48 which would have been the total price for phone, they took this amount out 5 times, and bank accont is now locked, I called service senter, and they switched me to several people who new nothing!!! Total of 7 people from different services, they could not help, I am sooooooooooooo mad, right now, that the order did not go through, but that they took about $700.00 from my account and nobody know' how I can get it back, need it released from company. Asap

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