MetLife Dentaldis-honest practices

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I bought Metlife dental COBRA coverage for my daughter after losing job. MetLife keep on rejecting orthodontics claims saying employee not eligible for ortho. Of course, I am not eligible for ortho but my daughter is eligle under this plan. When I call customer service and explain this, they kept on resubmitting claims. These claim processors kept on rejecting it! This kept on going for seven months.

The whole purpose of COBRA coverage is to help out during no job. Here i was stuck with double payments - (1) payments to doctor and (2) COBRA payments. Not to mention frustrations and stress in dealing with MetLife.

Finally, they paid some but started doing the same thing for new claims. They decided to reject claims rather than fix their system. It is amazing they can get by doing dis-honest practices!


  • That is part of the outsourcing they have done. Most of Metlife Dental is outsourced, they are clueless. They are paid about $1.80 per hr and most don't even understand basic English. Stay away from anything Metlife.

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      Sep 12, 2011

    Yep they are a bunch of incompetent idiots. I have problems like that. I get out of network services preapproved. The dentist submits the pretreatment estimate and gets it denied. I call them and they say oh that should have been approved. This goes on and on for months. What a bunch of babbling fools.

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