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credit card services

Merchant Lynx is a terrible CC server. I signed up with them for my small business ( M & M Shoes & More ) in Doral, Fl. On 10/21/19 I ran a CC from a customer in Honduras ( which I know for 20 y ) for $5, 000.16 and after it was approved by Fichosa Bank in Honduras, Merchant Lynx decided not to release the funds to my account because they considered the charge as High Risk. After sending them ALL the required information to back up the Sale, they denied the transaction, and told me that I had to do a Return on the terminal to cancel the transaction which I did. To my surprise, on Oct 23, 2019 Merchant Lynx took $5, 145.31 from my Bank Account and THEY HAVE NOT CONFIRM WHEN THEY ARE GOING TO RETURN MY $$$. Now They don't want to return the money to the customer but also will not return my money. THIS COMPANY IS THE WORST, THEY ARE A BUNCH OF THIEFS.

sales representative calls

This company will not stop calling my office. They call every single day 3-4 times a day trying to sell their services. The business owner, manager, and every single person who answers the call has told them we're not interested and to remove us from their call list. The representatives are rude, disrespectful and argumentative. When you tell them to remove you from the list, they talk over you, interrupt you and sometimes even raise their voice at you. This company is an absolute scam and very unprofessional. We cannot get them to remove us from their call list no matter what we do. Our next step will be to report them to bbb.

payment not received, poor customer service, poor cancellation procedures

This is by far the worst experience that I have every had with not only credit card processors but any commercial partner period. Ml offered great rates & we changed our previous cc provider. What they didn't tell us is that their cust serv is horrible, they hold initial deposits for weeks & they dont offer assistance with pci compliance in effort to add fees. My overall experience has been that they treat customers as a foe rather than a commercial partner.
1st sign of bad service was on aug 8th when we filled out the pci compliance questionnaire. Its a complicated process filled with a ton of very tech terms. We tried working through this process yet we didnt have any prev guidance from ml or knowledge that we would need this. I called & after an hour on the phone I still had no hands-on customer support & or solid answers. We spoke to a person in pci compliance that instructed us to answer all the questions yes. We did that & submitted then received notice that the test failed & we had to make changes to our server & operating systems. If we dont make these changes we will be subject to heavy fines & fees.
Our business is mostly cash, check & terms but we use cc processing to bill one customer. Their transactions are charged wkly & avg around $xx, xxx a month. Our first wkly transactions totaled $x, xxx. After a couple of days we noticed that the funds had not been deposited into our account, at that point we called cust serv.
I had sensed a culture of bad serv but the second call confirmed my suspicions. Everyone that we talked to was rude & not helpful. Their hold times are very long & we were transferred to various depts before finally being told that the risk dept is who we should talk to. We were not able to immediately able to reach somebody. I finally received a call from ben grimes & he said the transactions were over our avg. This didn't make sense considering that our monthly avg is well above that amount. They requested 3 months bank statements & copy of 1 invoice. We sent this info over to them the next day expecting that our funds would be released. They came back needing with more info which we sent. Days later ben states that its still in investigation & that he had trouble contacting our cust. This is odd since we called them numerous times through the process. Keep in mind that we have been dealing with customer for 6 years & have never had any issues. You might think that this is an isolated issue yet my colleague is going through the exact same problem with his company. His charges are closer to $xx, xxx & his money is being tied up exactly as our is. Seems more like common practice rather than an isolated incident.
I called to cancel the acct on thurs 8/18/16. After a very long time on hold & various transfers we finally got a hold of the cancellation dept. They stated that we would get a call from corp in 24-48 hrs. I didn't get a call & called back the morning of mon 8/22/16. The person in cancellations stated that I had made a call at noon & they still had 3 business hrs to contact me. The day passed & I received no call. On the morning of tue 8/23/16 I called again. I spoke to cristina in cancellations & she said that they had 48 hrs to call me from the previous thurs. I told her that time period had expired the previous day. She then said that it might take them about a week to respond to my cancellation notice. I was speaking to someone in the cancellation dept yet she stated that she could not help me. I asked to speak to her supervisor & she said that there were none on site. She also said that nobody in her office would be able to help since only someone in corp could call me. I then asked for the number of someone in corp & she said that that number was not available for her to give.
We have sent all of the paperwork requested & they have made contact with our cust. On 8/23/16 we still have not received funds. I also have $xx, xxx that are ready to charge yet I can't process ml.
I then got an email from ben stating that we were in the situation because we made fraudulent unauthorized transaction. Unauthorized? We have been dealing with this customer for 6 years and have never had any issues until we mistakenly signed up with this horrible company. Seems to me like the only fraud going on is merchant lynx.

merchant machine lease

This is the worse company you can ever get involed with. Stay away from them. They are liars. After they hook...

fraudalent contract

On or about 11/4/11 my company budget windows signed a contract with a rep "peter rehee" from merchant lynx...

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rip off

The salesman said one thing & the company did the exact opposite. Stay away from merchant lynx services credit card processing, they are nothing but liars. The salesman finbally called back and said I would be credited, his name is peter rhees, but he was just a liar. I never been so duped by a company as this with no recourse. Stay away. Finally spoke to a manager (sharon smith) and she is as big a liar as the rest of the sales force. No one wanted to even listen and said that it will be withdrwn from my account. I will gladly go in a class action suit.

  • La
    lamodeo2001 Nov 05, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was ripped off also. We need to keep calling the State Attorneys office in Maryland. Also we should band together to but these guys out of business. Contact me at [email protected]

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danger: no ability to stop calling my business

When I notified this companies telemarketing arm metro lynx that their continued calls were costing my company money they told me they had no way to remove me from their call list. The initial rep claimed to have found us in the yellow pages and offered to stop calling but informed me that thirty others would not. I was offered a supervisor who claimed they found us on salesgenie and offered me their phone number. The supervisor then advised they have no internal do not call ability and could not stop calling. Who trusts a company that without privacy controls to process their credit cards? Beware of this business!

credit card processing fraud

Beware of merchant lynx services - in june of 2010- a salesperson named every from merchant lynx services walked into our front office and "guaranteed" us savings from credit card processing company. Not only are we not saving money - we are spending more! I have tried to get our "sales rep" every on the phone and he doesn't answer - and when he does - every makes empty appointments! I called customer service and customer service gave me the run-around - and a lot of fast talk. This company says 1 thing - but does another. Don't trust merchant lynx services.

  • Mi
    MIKEYY Oct 19, 2010

    i agreed i am a current custermer and they got me with a 4 year contract i they put me to pay 120.00 dollars a month for a terminal that only cost 199.00 dollars. so in 4 years i have paid 5760.00 DOLLARS FOR A TERMINAL THAT ONLY COST 199.00 DOLLARS.

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  • Ma
    Maria E. Pierson Jan 14, 2012

    There are the biggest Scam Artist and we should file a Class A Lawsuit. Please email me at [email protected]

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  • La
    lamodeo2001 Nov 05, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was ripped off also. We need to keep calling the State Attorneys office in Maryland. Also we should band together to put these guys out of business. Contact me at [email protected]

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calls 3-4 times per hour

They call my business 3-4 times per hour at least one morning a week and when I speak to a supervisor, they insist there has only been one call. They hang up on you or are horribly rude when you tell them you have already spoken to them. The supervisors don't have a clue as to what is going on and lie to you, trying to assure you they have a record of all calls and it was not them that had called over and over all morning - the caller id tells no lies! The company refuses to take responsibility for the harassment they inflict on small business and continue to waste employee time.

undisclosed fees

Jeff gates, general manager for merchant lynx breezed in one day telling me all the money he could save me...

liars, crooks, bait and switch

This company came in to my repair shop offering very low processing fees, they then proceeded to tell me my...

should be put out of business

Merchant lynx should be put out of business. They are preying on unsuspecting legitimate businesses by lying and very unethical practices. Their representatives are trained to omit all of the details. After receiving very poor service and forced to look elsewhere, we are still having our bank violated by them. They use every underhanded tactic to take your money. What they do to sell their machines, service and outrageous charges is next to criminal. They are very difficult to reach on the phone and you can not get a return call. This is our worst business experience ever. We would like them to stop taking our money and return our money.

  • Do
    Donaz Jan 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the bank do a stop payment for my lease charges and had them refund by a dispute anything else these thieves keep taking.

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credit card

Merchant lynx services sale rep paul patterson in annapolis maryland, promises great customer service and...

do not sigh with them

The salesperson from merchantlynx told me to switch from my original company (federated) to his company and we had an agreement that merchantlynx was going to pay the early termination fee as a result of it. Now, the people from merchantlynx told me that there was no such agreement and I was not able to reach this salesperson whose name is david mccurdy. I think we should all come together and file a lawsuit against this company. David mccurdy should be jailed too. Don't sign up with merchantlynx because the salesperson tells you that the company works with wellsfargo. Jail david mccurdy! Shame on him! Jail him!

  • Cn
    cndautoworks Oct 08, 2009

    I was a customer of DAVID McCURDY as well and was told the same thing I told him I was under contract payment alliance and was told that they handle cancelling previous contracts "we do it all the time" they pay the early termination fee "because they will earn it back in sales percentages" Well He's a LIAR now I am paying two processing companies. WELLS FARGO I'M SURE IS ALSO AWARE OF THIS SALES TECHNIQUE AND SHOULD ALSO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! my advise steer clear or both DAVID McCURDY and WELLS FARGO, SEAN DEMBECK, C&D AUTOWORKS INC

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  • Ja
    Jail David McCurdy Dec 27, 2009

    I was a customer of this shameless salesperson(David McCurdy) from Merchanlynx. He told me the same thing and the company changed my contract at its will and ignored what I had (the rep said that I could have change the contract which I did not). I paid dearly $600 and I am paying a higher rate now. I cannot cancel the contract now because I would end up paying another $300 plus early termination fee. I spoke to a rep from Wellsfargo and she said that Wellsfargo is only a ISP provider and cannot intervene Merchanlynx's business. I sincerely hope that people can learn from my mistake and do not sign up with Merchantlynx. Jail David McCurdy and his bosses! Best wish to all of you!

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  • Co
    COMMON_SENSE Dec 27, 2009

    My advice: Don't trust anything you've been promised but that is NOT IN WRITING.

    I have NEVER met a sales person who's first priority wasn't his very own best interest.

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awful company

Please, please, please do not do business with merchant lynx services!! They are completely deceptive in their business practices. Their salespeople are told to 'close the deal' at any cost in a boiler room sales environment. They will provide a free analysis of your credit card charges and show you what they will save you. What they are not telling you is that they are running your numbers at a qualified rate... When in actuality you will only do about 10% qualified transactions. They also don't mention their immediate annual fee, insurance fee, supplis fee and application fee. You will end up paying far more using this company. They will also obligate you to a 48 month lease which they conveniently hide in fine print on their application. Try and call any local office... Only fax number is listed. All other calls are directed to their 1-866 number which nobody ever answers... Great customer service. If you don't believe this is true take a look at their bbb reports, awful. Merchant lynx services will put you out of business... At which point you will still be paying them!! Stay away at all costs!!

  • An
    Anonymous41 Jun 29, 2009

    Merchant Lynx Services is an ISO for Wells Fargo Bank (925-746-4172) Call the bank and file a complaint about Merchant Lynx Services. Wells Fargo will help you get your money back as they take these complaints very seriously and they receive a lot of them about Merchant Lynx Services.

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  • An
    anono Feb 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Merchant Lynx is accredited with the BBB and handles complaints very fairly. Just call customer service...

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  • Sc
    Scan Feb 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same old trick but different [email protected]#$$#$%%^^%$$!!

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don't fall for the lies by omission

Never trust merchant lynx services! I had a representative that seemed like the nicest person look over my...

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