Menardsdamaged product via home delivery service

T Nov 19, 2019

My husband and I were in the market for new stainless steel appliances. After much research at various stores, both "box stores" and small shops, we selected Menards because of the new "ship to home" service. We were told this service became available to reduce the chances of receiving damaged products. That, plus competitive pricing, helped us to determine that this would be our best option.

If we only knew then what we do now. It all started when JB Hunt was to deliver our new appliances on Wed, Nov 13. They never showed up. We called several times throughout the day for updates and were told that our appliances were on the truck for delivery. After our third call, we were told the delivery was still scheduled for "between 2:15 and 6:15 PM". By 6:45, we had to call again only to be told the driver had exceeded his hours for the day and we wouldn't be receiving our appliances. They arranged for delivery the following day, which means I had to rearrange my work schedule yet again to accommodate.

On Thursday, Nov 14, our delivery arrived. The drivers began unpacking our appliances (three total: refrigerator, dishwasher, gas range) and let me know right away that the gas range was damaged with a big dent and showed me a picture. I refused delivery. So disappointing, especially when we had been without a range because we were waiting for the new install. To top it off, we had paid for installation of the range but were then told they wouldn't install ours because it needs the conversion from natural gas to LP.

Our first order took one week from order to delivery. Our replacement won't show up now until NOVEMBER 27.Two weeks later. We are without a range because of damaged goods and our order can't be expedited. Why? Because, apparently, deliveries are only made to our area on Wednesdays. Apparently, our new range won't be ready (really, it's made-to-order?) until Thurs, Nov 21 which means it can't be shipped until the following Wed.

As the consumer, I honored my "contract" when I purchased appliances from Menards in good faith, for new, undamaged products. Menards didn't honor its end of the deal, with delivery of a product that was damaged and then inconveniencing me by not expediting a replacement. I'm beyond frustrated with this whole process and I will do what I can to spread the word for consumers to purchase appliances elsewhere. We haven't been offered a credit, an expedited order of our range so it's ready prior to Thurs, Nov 21, nor a heartfelt apology. I have a lovely gap where my range should be and I'll now have to rearrange my work schedule AGAIN for the next delivery, assuming it even shows up next Wednesday like it should. The first delivery certainly didn't. We haven't received a credit for the gas range install which couldn't happen because the range was damaged...and WON'T happen, because of the conversion.

This whole experience is a Menards fail.

  • Updated by tlarso · Nov 25, 2019

    AN IMPORTANT UPDATE: I have some very promising news to share as an update to my original post about the home delivery service from Menards. Menards must have circulated my email (I sent the same "story" to a customer service email), which made it up the chain at Whirlpool, who then reached out to JB Hunt. JB Hunt went above and beyond to correct our delivery issue! They made a special delivery on a Friday, so that we would receive our replacement range the day after it was ready at the manufacturer. Prior to that delivery, they called with an apology for the original delivery fiasco. After the replacement delivery, they called to make sure everything went okay and that we were happy with the service. Bravo JB Hunt!! In addition, Whirlpool contacted Twin Cities Appliance out of Hopkins, MN. Tim K from Twin Cities Appliance contacted my husband to let us know he was sending one of his professional installers (thanks Jared!) to convert our new range from natural gas to LP and that he would work with the JB Hunt crew on instructions for the conversion/install. They arranged for the installer to arrive when the JB Hunt team was here. Bravo to both Whirlpool and Tim K from Twin Cities Appliance! Seriously, I'm beyond impressed with how this situation was rectified! I'm so incredibly happy to know that true customer service still exists! I can't thank everyone enough, from Menards, to Whirlpool, to Twin Cities Appliance for your exceptional customer service and subsequent support. My gratitude and appreciation to you all. Thank you.

  • Updated by tlarso · Nov 25, 2019

    I'm hopeful that my update will increase the rating for Menards Customer Service? It certainly should! I also wish I could go in and update my original star rating, but I can't seem to do that. I would update this to FIVE STARS, without a doubt.

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