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I wrote a review back in May about Melalueca it was titled They wont let you cancel once you joined and still try to charge!! I was pretty heated about the whole ordeal. Since then I have gotten Some people post comments that were way out of line, Saying if you were more calm and understanding about it they would have helped you! In my defense I was very patient with everyone, i understood the situation. yes i was at some fault for dealing with my 2 and 1 year old at the time of the 10 min. phone recording once you joined about cancellation and the process i even told her just call back in 10 min! and yes i was at fault for giving in and joining when i really didn't want to. But, I didn't want to owe money in the first place so why be mean to people who were trying to help resolve the whole issue? i did get some very rude people they would call until 11 at night saying that if i didn't pay it, it was going on my credit report. Some of the people i talked to were very kind! Others not so much I joined on the 12th of March.

I repeatedly talk to my sponsor via instant message and e-mail and even phone. when i told her i wanted to cancel on the 20th which was 8 days later she never once said by the 25th. I had actually called the company itself to cancel. Like i said i called every time after I faxed the letter to make sure they got it on the 24th almost 7 times. I have heard people saying that oh they did you a favor by letting you fax it. but obviously it didn't do me any good because 6 hours later and 10 dollars out the letters never got there.

I also mailed about 3 letters! not even days apart from each other. The only one they got was the registered one I sent and paid 5 dollars to send it! So yes there was a few really kind service people and i told them they were for trying to help! But the harassing phone calls and a 18 dollar debt collection later I think was over the limit. More power to you if you love the Company or been with them for years! i am not saying everyone who work with them are bad just they do have some very rude people who have no respect for honest mistakes.So before you respond about how i didn't take the time to be nice or i should have thanked people for trying to help, know the situation. and everyone has different experiences and that is what this site is for to list the good and the Bad and mine was one of the bad.

You want to respond being rude go ahead! because if you want to help delete it from my credit report i still have all the paper work and who i talked to filed in my office. I even have smilies written by the people who were nice and tried to help i have written the names of representatives that called at like i said 11 at night using threats about my credit report trying to get me to pay it. So if you want to look at me file go ahead. But don't respond saying it was my fault when all you heard was just the events i went through with the situation! I actually spent more trying to cancel than what they charged on my credit report. I am not some Irrate Crazy lunatic who just wants to down a company. wrote my experience and how it happen. If you want to stick up for the company thats okay but let people write the good or bad reviews without the whole "justice league ordeal."it is our right to write our experiences and there is a bad side to every company!


  • Ni
    Nicolle Nov 03, 2008

    I am a customer and I agree the process should not get that difficult since they are risk free. I hear about so many people succeeding in the company.But they still have some things to work on and so does every company . I herd stories about how far the company has come from what it was 20 years ago. I love all the products so far and I hope that everyone who has a problem with them works everything out. I respect this lady for telling the truth here and that's all I did as well.

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  • Ti
    Tigress Jun 18, 2009

    About 6 years ago my daughter and I were customers of Melaleuca.We had trouble cancelling our buisness with them.We had to send registered letters from Canada since we live in SK. They gave us a hassle. They wouldnt let us out. It was making me ill so i had to use the line about getting my lawyer after them.I would have if needed but I was finally left alone. My daughter was still getting orders from them for months after. She would return them and they kept charging her for them. Then they quit sending them and still kept charging. She finally got her bank to stop the payments but thats only good for a year at a time.Theyve tried to get the money every year since in fact they just tried a few days ago.Every year it costs her. Michelle

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  • Te
    Terry Jul 08, 2009

    My wife got scammed into signing up for this after a so called “friend” saw her on Face book. She no sooner said hi when she was cajoling her into joining this pyramid scheme. That’s how they make their money, signing as many people as they can. Besides having outrageous prices ($26 for nothing more that a 16oz. bottle of glorified Lysol, or over $70 a month for their non FDA approved vitamins, $20 for 10 breakfast bars), when inquiring how to get out of this scheme, I got hassled by a snotty saleslady ("Director') out of Blaine, MN. (initials S.W.)who called the cops on me for asking honest questions about how to quit which she wouldn’t answer! Plus they automatically charge your credit card a $60 minimum a month even if you don’t order anything. They just pick out some crap and send it. From what I read on other posts, it's very difficult to quit this pyramid scheme, having to send them certified letters and hoping it reaches the right people.

    I would definitely steer clear of this outfit.

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  • 2n
    2no_or_not2no Jul 11, 2009

    i went to there website. it took some digging but, if you paid w/your credit card you may have a case. If you go to the website below, they have a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee

    print it out; and if you have any recent charges from the seller send it/them back the product (talk to them 1st though, and keep your cool.) When you send it back get a tracking #.
    If they don't give you a credit dispute the charge w/you card co. for misrepresentation and send the print out along with you letter to the card co. Good luck.

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  • To
    Tony F. Jul 22, 2009

    The idiot that posted this has no idea what he is talking about. When you join the company as a preferred customer, you agree to a monthly order of products totaling approximately 60 per month. You can quit any time. In order to protect the integrity of the deal, the company auto ships a set amt of products matching the point level you would be as a preferred customer. Simple. Don't order, you get a drop ship. If you don't want to order, quit via fax by 25th of the month, and thats it.

    This is an excellent, first rate company. Are mistakes made? of course, humans run it. They have consistently provided me with excellent, safe products, unlike the cancer-causing Lysol above. Stop being an ### and get a life.

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  • Mark777 Aug 13, 2009

    The most telling line in this thread is when the OP says that someone had to call the cops on him. To me that says all I need to know.

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  • Mark777 Aug 13, 2009

    Im not sure what you mean by the whole "justice league ordeal" but I'm all for honest situations being posted on boards like this one for sure... what I get tired of is people spinning their own ignorance or their own foolishness into a complaint against someone else.

    If you truly mailed a letter and if they got it on or before the 25th and they did not cancel you like they say in writing that they will do, then I agree, you certainly have an honest compaint for sure.

    Saddly, the vast majority of people on here with their "complaints" don't share your ability to own their side of the issue such as understanding what they signed, etc.

    Melaleuca puts it all in writing both on their web site and in the welcome kit that every single customer recieves. What Melaleuca cant do is force each person to read and understand what they are signing. I believe that burden shold fall on the one signing up.

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  • Ca
    cayellis Sep 01, 2009

    That's really not true. I was a member for years and easily cancelled. All you have to do is follow the steps outlined in the materials you are given. Written notice is all they ask for, really not too much to ask.

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  • Yr
    YRypkema Sep 30, 2009

    It wasn't that easy! I faxed a written letter and recieved confirmation two days letter stating they closed it. Then the following month they charged my other credit card that I had know idea how they got it!!!

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  • Mo
    momindelaware Dec 21, 2009

    How on Earth could they get a credit card you didn't give them? I think you're making that up!

    Glorified bottle of Lysol? Really? Sniff some Lysol and tell me what happens? Google an ingredient and tell me it can't kill you. Not the case with their products.

    The FDA only tells manufacturers that they have to list what ingredients are in their product. What other vitamins are actually FDA approved? Vitamins follow FDA GMP (good manufacturing practices). They are regulated but not approved so you should be careful how you word your complaint. Take the time to research things before you state it. The manufacturer doesn't have to tell you the level of solubility, but Melaleuca tells you...over 85%!

    Also, as long as you follow Melaleuca's written policy to cancel your membership...that's it. There's nothing hidden about it. I've read so many of these same types of complaints and I think it is ridiculous that people sit there and whine about things they should have known in the first place before ever giving anyone their personal/credit card information.

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  • Ne
    nelsondr0225 Jan 11, 2010

    I think this complaint is all a bunch of crap. For those of you who have actually taken the time to read this far into this website please notice that most of these are just copied and reprinted several times under several different email addresses. They may be slightly changed but this is just someone who is vicious and has nothing better to do than to try to influence a stranger with their twisted stories.

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  • Ge
    getthewealth Jan 30, 2010

    Hi Melaleuca is a good Business to have my business has been good it you have any question about the company. go to my site and email me ...

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  • BackDoorSuccess Mar 10, 2010

    this one was awesome!!! dude get a grip on reality. your whole story sounds like an episode of the twilight zone. THANK YOU for sharing it...BUT SIT DOWN.
    For anyone that would like honest information contact me


    [email protected]

    Bob Dickerson

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  • Ke
    kelk Mar 17, 2010

    What is a pyramid scheme????? Where do you work? All we do is share our experiences. Everything is a pyramid. Do you have a boss, does your boss have a boss, and so on. I think you work for a pyramid scheme.

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  • Ca
    Carolina Coast Mar 26, 2010

    I was with Melaleuca for a couple of months and realized this wasn't for me. I sent them a notoarized cancellation letter and then canceled my credit card because I was warned that Melaleuca would continue to keep you stuck with them by shipping and charging you stuff you didn't order. WELL WHAT DO YOU KNOW! ITS TRUE!

    After notarized hand written cancelation letter and canceled credit card I get confirmation a few days later saying they have recieved cancellation. Then a few days after that I get a email saying products have been shipped. WHY DID THEY DO THAT, THERES NO WAY TO CHARGE ME!

    The crap arrived and then came the phone calls crying for there $72 bucks I told them send me the money and I would ship it back because I DIDN'T ORDER THIS! She said there policy was that I ship it back at my expense and she would credit my account. Fine whatever to get you people off of me, so I sent them there stuff back via priority mail with signature confirmatin.

    And you know what these extortionist are still call wanting another $7 bucks and change to officially close the acount. PEOPLE STAY THE HECK AWAY!!!

    I have all emails and confirmations to verify everyting I went through.

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  • Me
    Mel1 Jul 07, 2010

    If you looked at your packet when you joined you would have seen a paper to be used if you want to cancel. Just fill it out and send it in. Very simple and it works. It did for my friend.

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  • Tr
    Truth Teller Jul 08, 2010

    I agree with nelsondro225... the numbers don't add up and it looks like this is the same person spamming the same bogus story all over the place.

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  • Tr
    Truth Teller Jul 08, 2010

    This entire thread is designed to be a sort of "gotcha" or "red flag" to people thinking about joining Melaleuca. That reveals the true motive of the poster more than anything.

    At the end of the day people cancel Melaleuca accounts for various reasons all the time just like they cancel bank accounts or Sams Club accounts or whatever.

    Melaleuca gives you clear instructions on how and when you can cancel. It's not hard, it's not a mystery, it's not something they don't let you do. If you don't do it the way they ask, or if the post office doesn't deliver your letter, you can't blame Melaleuca for that.

    My wife and I have been in and out of Melaleuca three times in the last 16 years and have never had an issue coming in or going out ever because we read and understand what we are doing and we do things the way Melaleuca asks that they be done.

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  • Rr
    rrobinett Aug 14, 2010

    Honestly- I had to call up my credit card company and have them cancel the account number that Melaleuca had. That was the way I had to stop them. They first said they never got my letter to cancel membership - and another box was on the way in the interim. I sent another and they "emailed!" me that they were canceling the membership. (I find it funny because you can't email them to cancel your account, or do it online at all- they want a letter)

    No Mark- its not common for a company that has you place order online for a customer to have to find this paper membership information when they want to cancel. All of this information SHOULD be visible online as well as the ability to discontinue your account online. If they have a secure place to input your credit card, they have the ability for customers to know the status of their account and being able to cancel it online securely-ONLINE. This would give the customer the opportunity to "SEE" it was canceled themselves- not involving mailing a letter and waiting for a confirmation. I asked a Melaleuca supervisor about this policy and her answer was that it was about" security". Why would anyone want to "cancel" my online account- besides me? They accept my credit card information online. The explanation doesn't make sense. This isn't a good honest business policy. You would find it hard to find another company that requires this method of cancellation.

    Yes- they do expect you to ship things back at your expense- not something most companies would expect of their customers either. The invoices from this company are unlike any other I have dealt with. A vague shipping and handling charge- that was always around 9 bucks regardless of having a 10 items or 3 small ones in the box, a "fuel"surcharge fee.
    and the tax in my state.. all not a mentioned cost in their presentations.

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  • Tr
    Truth Teller Aug 15, 2010


    here you are again going from thread to thread but this time your story is a bit different. My response will be the same... lets get your customer ID number to prove you were even a Melaleuca customer in the first place. I ask because your "facts" are not consistent with how Melaleuca does things at all so it looks like your an Amway guy trying to spin and soil Melaleuca's good name.

    ID number please?

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  • Rr
    rrobinett Aug 16, 2010

    Well Mark-- I am not going to post my Customer account number on here because I am not sure that my personal information will be secure- Its ridiculous to ask someone to do that. Do you have access to the Melalueca database with my birthdate address, credit card info.. ? If so - its probably not in your best interest to ask anyone to provide this information openly online.

    Its an eight digit number, that's actually hard to find if you can find at all on the website when you place your order, you can find it on the invoice, but its strange to me that its not clearly findable on the website as well. Its the confusion of paper contracts and web based information that Melaleuca seems to use to its advantage.

    Why would I make up being a Melaleuca customer? I did like a few of their products- some of them I thought were pretty
    over priced and paying an additional price for a nozzle was alarming. I was a big fan of the Sol-u mel cleaner.

    I don't think its clear to the average consumer who gets hit up by this "multi -tiered " business that you are signing a contract to spend a certain amount every month. This amount gets more confusing to a customer in the beginning because its turned into "points" instead of a total cash amount. This is of course a tactic used to make it seem like you aren't spending 60 -70 bucks a month- my order was around 88 bucks adding the shipping/handling and sales tax. and "fuel charge". ( I have never seen a fuel charge on another companies invoice- fuel for what? to ship it to me? )

    There are so many things I can add about their marketing practices - and I have tried to on this website where I see Mark "attempting to sell the kool aid" and acting like people are not as smart as he is. Again - it is MY personal experience.

    Also there are many websites where people "soil" the Melaleuca name- not hard to find.

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  • Rr
    rrobinett Aug 16, 2010

    Well Mark, Do you have access to the Melalueca database? If so - asking someone to post their account information on an online forum doesn't seem like the right thing to do? I do not know you- or if you having that number will give you access to my birthdate, credit card information, address and everything I provided to Melalueca. I am sure Melalueca would not like you asking for that number in a public forum if you do have access to that information.

    I do not sell Amway- nor do I participate in any other "multi- tiered" businesses.

    My accountnumber is an eight digit number- that seems pretty hard to find on the website. It is on the invoice, but just like membership cancellation information - not easy to find on the website. The confliction of web based information and paper invoices, contracts is pretty beneficial to Melaleuca. There seems to be a lot of people who's requests are late- or get lost because "in the mail"- and don't make the deadline of "the 25th of the month". I cannot say I have ever seen a company mix online information and paper information like that and I am in Ecommerce. I have also never been charged a "fuel charge" on top of shipping handling and tax- fuel for what? shipping?

    No, this post is about MY experience, and if it helps someone make a decision or if they question hastily signing a contract of a highly motivated "sales builder" then I have done some good.

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  • Tr
    Truth Teller Aug 16, 2010

    This is the "complaints board", not the "mix your opinion with half truths to discredit a good company out of personal retaliation" board. I support a site like this but rrobinett, you are no different than the many posters on here who try to say their bank tried to steal from them by charging an NSF fee when in reality, they simply overdrew their account and the bank did nothing remotely wrong at all.

    You claim to be in eCommerce yet you don't know that everyone from airlines to shipping companies charge you fuel surcharges? You keep changing the amount you "have to spend" from $60, $70 and even over $80 in one of your posts when the fact is Melaleuca's back up order is $50.49 and has been that for years and years now.

    You keep trying to infer shady or dishonest dealings to potential new customers with comments like how hard it is to find the customer ID number when in reality it's plainly listed in the "my account" portion of your free online account. It is also clearly printed on every product invoice, plus it is always available by calling and asking for it.

    You infer information might be unsafe yet again this is unfounded. In 25 years Melaleuca has never lost so much as a single credit card number or social security number. To the best of my personal knowledge, no bank can make that claim. In fact, most of Melaleuca's employees don't even have access to that information, let alone myself or anyone else. When your information is entered there, it turns into stars on the screen of the person entering it.

    I asked for a Customer ID number because a lot of your basic information is wrong. Your amounts, your claims about company policy, just lots of incorrect information leading me to believe you have a hidden agenda and since I think the average person reading this wouldn't know your info is wrong, it becomes a fairness issue that some accountability is introduced to your claims.

    You don't like them and you don't want anyone else to join them. We get it. That doesn't change the fact that you simply refuse to take personal responsibility for misleading Melaleuca into thinking you wanted their products. You contacted Melaleuca after talking to someone about them. You entered into an agreement to buy their products and they entered into the same agreement to ship you exactly what you asked for in good faith believing you were honest and sincere.

    They are human and certainly make mistakes. No one would ever claim any company on earth is flawless 100% of the time, but you didn't have to sign up. You could have said no. You could have explained to the person who introduced you that you were uneasy or at least needed more information. You did none of those things.

    If your issue is that you didn't know what you were getting into, how is that not ultimately your responsibility? It's YOUR account with Melaleuca for Heaven's sake. It's your responsibility to read and understand the polices as they clearly say to each and every person who gets enrolled by phone. If you enrolled online or on paper, you digitally sign or give a physical signature to the contract to purchase and however you enroll you personally pick out which back up order you want them to send you if you don't order...

    Sooooo, you contacted them, told them you wanted to become a customer, enrolled as such, personally picked out a back up order and committed to purchase their products. They agreed to let you and entered into the agreement with you. Now that is all twisted around as they did something wrong. I think it's pretty clear to the objective reader that doesn't have an axe to grind against Melaleuca exactly where you are coming from.

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  • My
    mykidsmom1 Sep 10, 2010

    The guy that placed the complaint is so lost and off base. Firt of all the I think he is talking about a different company or can't read. Their vitamins are $19.99. I have been a customer for years and that is exactly what I pay. Secondly, the company has an A rating with the BBB so it is not a scam. They have been endorsed by the US Chamber of Commerce and CNN. Their products are concentrate so I save money over WalMart. I wouldn't shop any where else!!!

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  • On
    onthetop Sep 21, 2010

    I work for a pyramid scheme and I am at the top. I own the company! And to tell you the truth I am looking forward to being part of the Melaleuca team. I agree that not everyone will be happy with every product they purchase but you can always buy something different. When you go to Cub and get a stale loaf of bread do you go on line and tell everyone that Cub is evil? No, you go back to cub and return the bread or just throw it out to the birds. Look at what we spend in this country on junk, millions every day on product that have ingredients in them that you can't pronounce. Going green and being environmentally safe is on every label and you don't even know who the company is. Do you really know what works and what dont? Try washing your clothes without soap once, they still come clean so do you really need the soap? the dryer sheets make them smell go so what do you do??? Life is about choices, you make them or you don't. If I don't like the company I will walk away, if I like it I'll stick around, byt I sure in the hell won't listen to some nut case who bought a tube of tooth paste and didn't see immediate results from a lifetime of coffeee drink stains.
    Form your own opinions, try different things in life, be yourself, if you are worried about what people think about what you are doing don't tell them, and don't [censor] because you didn't make one million by signing up with a company in your first month. the people who helped me out are really people, I know them and I trust them, sweet, down to earth family people who are only trying to make life a little bit better and a little bit easier.
    All you nay-sayers, when I see you on the road with your sign I'll have some extra change for ya.

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  • Je
    JennCT Feb 04, 2011

    Melaleuca is about the farthest thiing from a pyramid scheme that there is... first of all pyramids are illigal schemes that very often involve no product at all.. second of all it is a great company that has won awards from the BBB and others. I have been a happy customer with Melaleuca for three years and I work with the Motivated Moms team. We ALWAYS show everyone a full presentation and give them all the information before they sign up. Also, you have to fill out and sign three different forms during the enrollment process so you would have known exactly what you were signing up for and it is all verified to make sure you understand. Not only that but we do not sell any products, we use them in our homes because they are safer for our homes and families and the environment and they are awesome and much better quality and we save money!! Plus its a great way to build a residul income without ANY SELLING...But is is real work.. you cant join and do nothing adn expect a pay check .. this isnt a get rich quick.. its a work hard and earn your pay...and its worth it... I have received a paycheck every month since I became a customer!!
    Also you are already shopping somewhere each month... are you not already buying shampoo and cleaners and vitamins somewhere? why not buy ones that are non toxic and that actually work...?? They do not take money from anyones account each month.. they take payment that you authorize for the products that you personally order.. you dont ever have to stock inventory ...AND you can quit at any time, you have no contract and the customer service is great, so if its not for you send in a letter and request to cancel.. that's it... honeslty people need to be educated about things and not spout off about things they dont understand...
    I have also never had an issue with customre service.. everything is a 100% money bakc guarentee!!
    If you want to learn more about this and hear the truth checkout

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  • No
    nowonline Aug 21, 2011

    I have been in Melaleuca for 17 years, and I am an average customer, who gets a liile bit back every month. I have had numerous customers in which I have helped them open a melaleuca
    account, and have never had trouble with people cancelling their accounts. I once even had someone get reimbursed for the initial membership kit after 9 months. yes Melaleuca gave them back their money for the kit after 9 months. Now that was many years ago and I know that is not the policy anymore, but you can cancle anything and get your money back. I also had someone who cancelled but they faxed it in too late in the month, so they got the order and was charged. We called melaleuca and arranged to send it back and the credit card was reimbursed. MELALEUCA is a fine reputable company, 26 years old and is one of the safest honest and ethical home based direct marketing companies out there. Melaleuca is an honset and ethical company. Consider this: these comments are posted on this site called complaint board. Complaint board is a dot com company, that it appears to me sells ads. I just joined an hour ago so this site is new to me. The ads that you may click from this site that everyone is complaining from may lead you to companies that at are real scams or have bad products, would never ever make it to be a 26 year old company or have the fine leadership that the Melaleuca company has.

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  • So
    somestuffisoverrated Mar 21, 2014

    if this is a complaint board then why are people who love this company on this website?? why would you google complaints about your beloved company?? instead of sitting here bashing people who have had a bad experience, which is what this board and website is for, get back to promoting your overpriced hoax of a product. looks to me like the people dogging the complaints work for melaleuca and are trying very hard to prove people wrong to save their company name. are you the same people that call and harrass about money and cancellations?? sounds to me like this company is hounding people for money constantly and pressures you into ordering more stuff. last time i checked walmart doesn't call me or harrass me to shop at their store when i don't need anything.

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  • I have been with Melaleuca for over 13 years. I have around 700 families in my organization. Our company grew by nearly half a million this year alone and it's only April. We keep 96.3% of every new member that joins because they love our company and products. Some people make mistakes, drop the ball and look for someone else to blame. It's their nature, sad as it is. It is not hard to terminate a membership with Melaleuca. They won the Blue Torch Award with the Better Business Bureau for having strong customer service. The truth is good enough. Lies won't slow us down.

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