Mega Martseller did not honour selling price

P Apr 12, 2018

Dear Sir/Mdm,

I have bid for the Lightbulb humidifier sold by MegaMart at $1 during auction. I have won the auction. The email stated that I just need to pay the $1 plus $3.90 delivery cost which is total $4.90. However, Seller requires me to top up $7.90 for the item after I won the bid. Seller also suggested that I cancel my bid if I did not want to top up. The previous buyers are able to purchase the item at $1. I do not understand why the Seller did not want to honour the bid price this time round. I wrote in to Qoo10 help desk for assistance and I got a standard reply. The staff simply did not understand the issue and did not bother to do any investigation on the matter. I would like to file a complain towards Megamart. Qoo10 should not condon dishonest sellers and sellers whom lack integrity. Thank you!

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