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A Dec 06, 2018 Review updated:

I want to lodge a complain regarding your staff attitude in maybank branch jalan raja muda branch, I was there to help my disable husband who just involve in accident to print his bank statement.
Me myself understand the policy that the person its self (acc holder) need to go by himself, but due to his condition with letter from the doctor saying that my husband unable to walk, that why I as a wife be a representative. As I enter, I talk to front liner (man) telling him that I need to print a bank statement on behalf of my husband as one of perkeso requirement, but he send me off to one of your officer (lady) in counter 4 on date 6/12/218 (+-1330h).. Again I explain to her I need to print and so on.. But she answered me in rude way saying that 'suami tak boleh jalan ke' 'eh salah, bukan bank statement, tapi surat pengesahan akaun', 'kena isi borang permohonan, ambil nombor dengan kaunter' with very rude face... I reinforce to her again my husband condition and even said that.. If he can walk I will not ask you to print, I even can show you the letter from doctor. If the bank is busy with so many customer I do understand.. But if only few customer and can be count using finger only.. What a standard that you practice in treating customer??? Is this such a practise??? Pushing customer there, pushing customer here, talk loudly, rude face.. I really regret with this kind of attitude and felt annoy because in such of emergency case, your staff should offer a help, not just sitting and put a make up on.. And talk rubish to customer, I want a feedback either through email or letter from the manager of the maybank branch jalan raja muda.. Or I will bring this matter up..
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rude service


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