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All I can say is BUYER BEWARE-- having ordered some of the free trials!! I must say I was shocked to see charges I did not authorize. Read the fine print as your joining a teeth whitening club that they charge monthly for as much as 88.00 really-- you could go to a dentist and get your teeth done for what this would cost you-- after getting caught up in this-- I called one place to cancel as I had not recieved their FREE TRIALwas told that the order has been sent and I would be charged 59.95 now what part of TRIAL am I not understanding? I asked why didn't they just show the charge as 59.95 to which the response was you have 14 days to send it back WHAT????? My suggestion people is don't order the FREE TRIAL-- for all you folks that have been ripped how about us getting together to do a class action on these companies praying on us--- One more Ddazzle white when I asked where they were located -- South Asia


  • Jo
    JohnfromAus Apr 17, 2015

    I had the same experience with not receiving the trial package until well after the expiry date of the trial package.
    The company called itself "First Class Whitening™" with an address -7565 Commercial Way, Unit E
    Henderson, NV 89011.
    I cancelled early but still had an unauthorized charge of $124AUD on my credit card which I have been trying to recover by e-mailing Francesca ( customer service -email support). She just suggests I telephone customer service dept. which sounds like a call centre in the Philippines. I should have known better!

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  • Le
    ley2203 May 17, 2010

    I was very impressed with the advertisement for ever white brites. I was given a gift card by a friend for $20.00 and used it to purchase the trial offer. When the product did not arrive as promised I tried to call the number on the order conformation and according to the voicemail, their representatives were always busy. I have received notice in the mail that since I did not cancel that I now owe them $139.95. And according to the letter if I do not pay (even though I did not receive the product) they will use another collection agency(3rd party collection agency) to force me to pay. What do I do??? Can someone help me with a valid number.

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  • Al
    alohagrl Jan 13, 2010

    I ordered Dazzlewhite trial via CNN website which had posted an endorsement for Dazzlewhite - so I figured it would be a worthwhile try/trial. I also cancelled before the trial period was up, I was still sent another cylinder of Dazzlewhite. My account was charged a second time, which was unauthorized. That said, I returned both tubes via FED EX, with a tracking number. When I did not receive my refund as promised I have called them twice. They show item was received unrecognizable or no product was in the box. I called FED EX and they stated that there was no note put into their system showing damage to the item received. That said, neither FED EX or DazzleWhite will help me, FED EX will not assist me even though I put a declared value of $150. I am so frustrated, what a scam, this needs to be stopped - maybe we can report it to the FBI and they can investigate there SCAMMING Scheme. CNN should also investigate product endorsements before posting them on their site. I am not happy about being taken advantage of by this un-reputable company!

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  • Ai
    Ainadel Dec 28, 2009

    Im being ripped off as well, I cancelled 2x and they are still sending me stuff and charging me. how do i make them stop?

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  • La
    Laura Geeves Dec 16, 2009

    I am livid after spending half a day with these people.
    Can't anybody do something about such a rip off company!!!
    I was told today that they can not put me through to a supervisor nor can they give me an address to send a complaint ot.
    What kind of company is that?
    There is a Lilia and a lucy who seem to run the company on their own over there blocking any kind of communication with anyone higher up.
    I am so pissed!!!

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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner Dec 13, 2009

    More about this scam company and their history can be found here:

    Where to file complaints:


    Good luck to all who have been caught by these scammers!

    And end to this scam and refunds of stolen money is our number one concern,


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  • An
    ANGRY_ Dec 11, 2009

    I had the same problem too. I didn't do any research before signing up for the free trial.
    I would suggest you cancel your credit card.
    It seems they will charge you more and more every month.
    I cancelled my credit cards and called them up to cancel my membership.


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  • Pk
    pkm80 Dec 11, 2009

    I was stupid enough to fall for this scam, too. I've now cancelled everything and have confirmation #s. Also, I've authorized my bank not to accept anymore charges to my account from this company. A class action suit sounds really good right now! Whether the product works or not is a moot point. The real point is that this company (and others like it) are scam artists and rip-offs!

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  • Ur
    Ursz Nov 30, 2009

    Hi everyone

    I am reading your comments about this horrible company, which I got involved with too. I use other teeth whitening products sold in Boots but I thought I will try something different. I am so enoyed that I was stupid enough to be caught by these SCAM artists.
    I ordered a free sample on 4/11, which was advertised for $2.95 dollars (posting charges only) and during the transaction I realised that there was something wrong, when the transaction went through the confirmation suddenly changed to $12.90!! I wanted to go back or cancel and I was unable to do it. I tried to ring them straight away but no one was answering the phone while I was waiting and waiting and still in the queue. Now I received my statement and on 22/11 I was charged additional £$87.62! I am so angry that companies like this one are allowed to trade and waste everybodys time and steal money from people's accounts. I am going to ring them again, the bank made a note on my account but I need to talk to Premium White Pro and cancel my order.
    Thank you to all of you for the tips, they are very helpful.


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  • Mm
    mm1177 Nov 29, 2009

    they even entered my creditcard into a total fitness club, a weight loss club and many more, and they are refusing to return the charges. this is by far the biggest rip off and must be illegal. So far I am being charged also over 300 dollars and everytime I check my credit card there is another charge for either 87 or 24 or more dollars. This is a nightmare.

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  • I too fell for this horrible scam. I was charged $87.62 for DazzleSmile. When I called to cancel they told me that if I sent back the product they would give me a refund for the full amount. I sent the product back but never received my refund. When I called to find out why I never recieved my refund, they informed that the time for the refund had expired and there was nothing they could do to help me. So I now have no product and was charged $87.62. This is flat out stealing. To make it worse about 2 weeks later I was charged $24.82 from some other company stating that I had enrolled for their free offer. I had no idea about this and when I called the company to find out why I was charged they told me it was listed in the terms and agreements when I signed up for the free trial offer from DazzleSmile. I went back to the DazzleSmile website and there was nothing listed about this company. They too stole money right out of my bank account. I'm so mad. I'm not the type of person the falls for this crap. It is hard to believe that there are such scummy people out there. I had to cancel my bank account and file a fraudulant charge with my bank to get the money back.
    If you went on this website, cancel your bank account asap.

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  • St
    STOP SCAM Nov 25, 2009

    Dazzle White and Sparkle White were advertised on the internet by an everyday person claiming to have whiter teeth than that of celebrities and for far less than the $500 charged by dentists. They offered a special voucher which reduced costs to $1.95 for shipping for a FREE sample - and that you had to use these TWO products from different companies TOGETHER. I thought it was worth a try. However, within days our credit card was slammed by fraudulent charges from Accesswhite and Vitaherb in the amounts of $48, $92, and $87 - NONE of which were authorized. I called the bank and cancelled our card immediately, filed a claim for reimbursement and they agreed that it would be monitored by the FBI. I provided them with the three fraudulent 800 numbers the company referred me to, the names of the staff, and told them the addresses of the companies I had located. When I called them, I was bounced from one unintelligent person to another - and they all appeared to be in the same room as I heard their staff yelling at other customers. They were rude, refused refunds, and denied that they owed me anything. Then after I demanded a refund they informed me there would be separate charges for pins and trays. I demanded that they refund everything or that we would begin a Class Action lawsuit. They became increasingly rude and told me that I agreed to various terms and conditions which I had never agreed to. They then said they would extend my trial period and charge me more money to avoid being charged before I returned the products (the ones I had never received). This company will be charged with unjust enrichment, breach of contract, harassment, violation of fiduciary responsibility, tax fraud, fraud, and a host of other things - and each and every person on their staff will be held personally responsible. They will be in jail. The FBI is on to them and their decline will come hard and fast. The bank has issued us a credit for all of the fraud and will be doing charge backs as necessary. Though there are already many posts on this site, it is important for all of you out there to report what you encountered. I know Marta is going to be one very sorry little girl someday soon!

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  • No
    no1husker Nov 24, 2009

    Dazzle White is nothing but a scam. They suck you in with the trial and if you don't call and cancel they automatically start billing and sending you product each month. They get by with it because it's your fault that you did not read the fine print. I called in when I realized what was happening, they were supposed to email me return information which I never received. Then by the time I called back again they claimed I was outside of the 30 day return policy and simply ended the call with me. They got me for two months before I at least got it stopped. I wonder how much they are taking in with this scam. I'm sure they will claim that it is not a scam it you look at the small print, but if it was legit they would let you sample their product and then if you were happy then order it. It's what is called a angle that they are taking advantage of, I call it a scam!

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  • Sh
    Shirley B.W Nov 23, 2009

    I suggest that you inform them what damage the product has done to your teeth, such as receading gums!! I cancelled my three months, and also contacting the BBB and making a report to them on, the crap they sell. If every one made a complaint, they would have to make thier fine print larger, so you know what you are getting yourself into! Good Luck to all!

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  • Ra
    randall plummer Nov 19, 2009

    a very big ripoff nothing about this company is the truth.if you like being ripped off and lies about refunding the money they take out of your account whith out your approval go ahead and buy then.

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  • Ju Nov 19, 2009

    I agree this product is a scam. First off when you do receive the product you immediately feel for the little pen you get that $80 plus dollars is a big price tag.

    I ordered my trial on Sat Oct 10, 2009. Received the product on Oct 21, 2009. Called customer service to get return instructions on 10/23/2009. She told me to where to send product and as long as received before 10/31/2009 no charges would be posted.

    She also stated if charges were posted that once return was processed would receive refund which could take up to 10 days.

    Shipped product 10/23/2009 Priority Mail. Package was processed through Denver, CO ship facility on 10/25/2009 7:29pm . Package finally delivered to Aurora, CO 10/29/2009.

    They posted a charge of $87.62 on my card. Called 11/4/2009 asking why charged. Rep stated they received package refund would be processed. Take up to 10 days.

    Called on 11/19/2009 still no refund. Was told by Robert (customer service) that they attempted to refund my purchase on 11/9/2009 however transaction was not able to go through. Told me I needed to go to my bank and have them issue the refund.

    Then this morning I see a pre-authorized charge for $24.82 to ElitePack. Call the number listed in the transaction and they state the charge is for my subscription to World Fitness Club that I agreed to when purchasing DazzleSmile. Told them never chose to receive that actually specifically opted out.

    I never received any website URL username or password for the subscription. Obviously because I chose not to accept it. However Jerome tells me charge is non-refundable. Well that's not going to stand.

    These are the games these ripoff companies play to screw you out of your money.

    Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with trials of products and services. However they need to be conducted ethically.

    If you offer a 14 day trial then the customer is entitled to a full 14 day trial.

    You can send the product with tracking so you know when the trial clock starts ticking.

    Then the customer has the full trial period to evaluate the product or service and then they have clear and explicit instructions on how to cancel. It's not that hard.

    Stop screwing with people and always be trying to take advantage. It's companies like these that end up painting a smear across other good companies as well.

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  • No
    No1Diamond Nov 19, 2009


    To all that are interested in whitening their teeth. DO NOT ORDER DAZZLE WHITE!!! Just for your information, they have changed their name to PRO WHITE PREMIUM PRO. This is a total SCAM!!! All they want is your credit card/debit card number and before you know it, various charges start popping up on your monthly statements.

    I returned the so call "Free Trial Offer" of Dazzle White just 3 days after receiving it (completely unused and unopened), only to find out is was not so FREE and to put the icing on the cake, I keep getting several different charges on my account for stuff I never agreed to, nor, did I ever receive anything for it. I called to cancel this, but of course, they will not return the money back to me.


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  • Ca
    CarolineMiller Nov 09, 2009

    This is a BIG SCAM. "Free Trial" is BS. You pay S&H so they can get your credit card details, then bill you (in my case) $87.62 for a small trial tube of whitening, which you could probably achieve at a fraction of the price and with far less hassle by gargling with diluted hydrogen peroxide from Publix or any pharmacist. To top it all, I was billed the higher price for Dazzle White, which they now call Premium White because it's "improved." God, I hate these scammers who prey on people's insecurities and then add insult to injury by charging unconscionable amounts of money. Who, in this economy, can afford $87.62 a month for whiter teeth?

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  • Do
    dottorkucho Nov 07, 2009

    Hi everybody...! I'm from Italy! I ordered the product on 28th october! I used prepaid card that's not linked with my bank account! I destroyed it at no cost... Do you think i can get involved in any "bad" charges?? Please help me! Thank you

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  • To
    torhan386 Nov 06, 2009

    Ok i see what this guy has said from the company it's self and i totaly see SCAM in the post. This is a quote from the post above

    Of course, mistakes can be made; and if you were not aware of our terms and conditions in our site, we are happy to offer you a full refund if you return the unused product back to us.

    Right there it says "UNUSED". Any TRIAL must be used in order to be tried!!! So your saying that in order to be given a refund or stop charges the person must not actualy use the trial. So in actuality you gota send it back as soon as you get it. You sir are the rep of a SCAM SITE!!!

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  • To
    torhan386 Nov 06, 2009

    Any site that makes you pay 50 - 100 for white teeth is a SCAM! I also was taken by these too good to be true sites, i have since had to change my check card number cause the charges kept comming even after i contacted these companies. yes you should read the fine print in the user agreement, but no what there doing is wrong. I'v been ordering off the internet for many years now, and no i'm not on the pay role of any company that does this to good, hard working people. Frankly if you have dental insurance from your buisness you get free whitening from your insurance and don't need this. even if you wanted to go to the dentist for a whitening it's only gona cost you 50 or 60 dollars and will last about 5 or 6 months depending on how much coffee and cigs you smoke. yeah there a SCAM. I hate them and i am trying to get my money back to, but after calling premiere whitening (another scam site) and only to get " we havent's recieved your return yet so we charged you $99.77" even before my trial was up and even after i called them and they said they would return the money, but i called 2 days later to find out why the money wasn't returned yet they said "my supervisor over ruled my decision on returning your money so yes the charges will stay on your account". DO NOT GIVE YOUR CREDIT/CHECK CARD NUMBER TO ANY SITE THAT SAYS "TRIAL"!!!

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  • Mr
    Mr.W Nov 01, 2009

    I got sucked into the offer, then I read the fine print after searching for the small print. I called the company the next day, cancelled, told the ladies who called me to ### off and I am not taking that verbal agreement survey after she asked questions which always demanded a "yes" to.

    I changed my bank accounts the next day and I got the product in the mail with just the $2 dollar sum charged to me. I am afraid to open the package. What if they track me down? Funny how much of a hassle this was.

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  • Un
    Undazzled Oct 31, 2009

    I wish I would have NEVER heard of Dazzle White! Unfortunately, the product works. But the way they go about business is definitely sneaky and a scam. I agree with the writer that says we should have ALL read the three-page, small print "Terms and Conditions." I have just done this, too late, and still don't see mention of the other two companies which are now automatically deducting charges from my account. Today I spent an hour on the phone contacting different toll-free numbers, trying to cancel these other two companies' charges and trying to get the amounts refunded. I'm glad I read the email about "charge backs." When you threaten them with saying you're going to contact your credit card company and ask for charge-backs if they don't cooperate, they seem to be so much more cooperative. Thanks for the tip! Good luck to anyone involved in this. I won't know until I contact my bank in two weeks to see if all these charges have been credited, but I will not stop until they all are. I will NEVER order anything like this on the internet again!

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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner Oct 28, 2009

    Yes, your bank can do a chargeback:


    Where to file complaints:


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  • Jl
    JLESPERANCE Oct 28, 2009

    I ordered the trial for the $1.95 then they added conversion fee of .$0.06. I received the trial sample (yes it does work well) and the was charged $48.92 plus an additional $1.76 conversion fee! I didn't order anything so when I called them about it a manager refused to speak to me and I was told the call would be reviewed to ensure I didn't order it and I would be refunded my money. Now 2 weeks later I have no product and lost $50 bucks!!! I called Dazzle White again and the response is that they could do a re-ship and send me and uncancel the account (that I never agreed to in the first place) send me a new product, and then I could return it when I received it(paying my own shipping fee) and they would refund my money. BULL S***!!!

    Does anyone know if I payed with my check card and the money was debited 2 wks ago if the bank can do anything about it?

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  • Gr
    gregc Oct 22, 2009

    I got someone on the phone. They denyed charging my account anything but the 0.99, and claimed to have no knowledge of the other, related companies fraudulently charging my account. I just closed my bank card out. BEWARE! Scammers at work~

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  • Li
    linda beware Oct 22, 2009


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  • Ma
    Mahayla Oct 22, 2009

    I to got scammed by Purely White and Dazzel White. Dazzel White I contacted and canceled immediately, but to no avail you can not get ahold of Purely White. I done some digging around and found change of address records for Push Innovation, LLC who of course owns Purely White. The man that heads this all is Jeffery M Knight 1050 Lenox Park Blvd NE #2406 Atlanta, GA [protected] . Just maybe we can get ahold of him there if that address isn't a fake to. Because the suite 980 in FL is I called the realestate agent in 480 and she said she never heard of that one... Who knows! Im just really mad because of the $90 charge with out my permission, and I know you all are to. Hopefully we can get our money back.

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  • Fr
    FrizzleFry Oct 21, 2009

    Nicoleta Cosma,

    Where ever the hell you are from. You are paid to lie. Thats funny. I have never seen such misleading advertising in my life. You are right up there with these banks now a days that charge you for everything they can. Its sad that the customers have to be so wary of your crap. This is not advertising its FALSE advertising. There is no asterisk next to the FREE part leading you to a disclaimer. Where ever you are from this might be ok, just like its ok to cut peoples hands off for stealing.

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  • Fr
    FrizzleFry Oct 21, 2009

    Well I am trying to screw with these dumb ###. What I have done is (just for fun) get a pre-paid credit card. Only put $10 on it and ordered the free trial. Now let those ### TRY and charge $58 or whatever it is. I don't really care. I just want to see what happens. The order went through for the shipping and supposedly they don't charge you the rest until 10 days later. Let them try. LOL. I don't care if I get their crap or not. And good luck stealing my identity with that!!! HAHAHAH. I am going to laugh all the way to the bank and maybe with some whiter teeth!!! If this works I am going to do it to all these online jokers...Free crap. Sure I am breaking their flimsy contract, someone has to.

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  • Mc
    McIver Oct 21, 2009

    I live in Canada.
    The Scam led by Dazzlewhite is unbelieveable.
    I reported the charges to my credit card company and cancelled my visa credit card. They had charged me $16.80 for my free trail ( one tube) . Then charged me another $ 7.77 for freight and $ 89.49 for another tube which you are automatically sent since you ordered the free trail they automatically enroll you into their membership. With the membership they keep sending you product each month and bill for freight and over $ 89.00 each time. If you read the very small print it tells you YOU HAVE AUTOMATICALLY BEEN ENROLLED INTO THEIR MEMBERSHIP CLUB that you have to call to cancell this automatic membership otherwise they will send product out on a monthly bases. I got caught in this scam after they billed my credit card over $ 200.00. I also didn't know that after I cancelled my membership for DAZZLEWHITE you must also cancell another automatic enrollment for their scam newletters to Insider Secrets and Compensive weighloss. They charge you another $9.00 a month for this scam. I HAD REPORTED THIS TO MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY, AS WELL. LUCKLY, I CANCELLED MY CREDIT CARD SO THE CHARGE WAS DECLINED BY THE BANK FOR THE EXTRA SCAM OF $9.00 PER MONTH.
    You must call their customer service to cancell for all three memberships they automatic enroll you in when you request their free trial. I lost money on the refund they gave me. They don't refund the freight charges or exchange rate differences. This is a BIG SCAM do not order this product. I sent all the dazzlewhite tubs back and didn't even try the product since I thought I didn't want to put this garbage in my mouth from a scam company who is just trying to make money off the back of others. The product could BE made of anything and not safe.

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  • Ms
    Ms Had Enough Oct 20, 2009

    This is a good youtube video exposing the scam

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  • Ms
    Ms Had Enough Oct 20, 2009

    Also, please take a moment to go onto youtube and flag all the videos promoting this product. Simply press "Flag" located next to playlists and then scroll down to spam, then across to scams/fraud.

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  • Ms
    Ms Had Enough Oct 20, 2009

    Yes i was bloody taken by this scam and I'm furious. It goes without saying that you should never cross an angry law student! I'm all for legal action against this scam! This is international fraud. I'm aware that this has effected many countries so i would be interested in co-ordinating a world wide concurrent class action suit. We would need representatives in each country that could compile all information and complaint testimonials relevant to their respective country. The power of this information combined is enormous! On its own, individual complaints will get lost among st the rest of individual complaints. Once we have a global indication of the extent of this scam we can forward all our collective information to each and every trade organisation. Next, we can obtain media attention. Anyone from Australia will be aware of A Current Affairs, a program which seeks out and exposes these scams on television. I can work on Australian media however, representatives of the USA, New Zealand, UK and any other nation would have to employ their own media coverage (although i will try and help).
    I wont lie this will be time consuming for anyone who dares take on these ### If you have enough rage over such an abhorrent scheme, a scheme which i have read has ripped off money from a breast cancer charity, then please send me an email.
    Please bare with me if i take a while to reply as i am researching the most effective means of countering these ### and not just shutting them down for good, but to make them an example of how the public has had enough! and yes, one person can make a difference.
    You will rue the day you met me dazzle white/Brite- smile ...

    email me; [email protected]

    Ps; ignore the regurgitated response from apparent "representatives" of this company. The same drivel has been posted next to any internet complaint.

    Pps; i will be posting this same message on every and all sites where i find complaints, please feel free to copy my post and do the same. Spread the word, enough is enough!

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  • Sm
    smarter2day Oct 20, 2009

    I too was scammed by these 2 companies, Dazzle White or Dazzle Smile and Clean Brite. The woman recommends in an ad that you use both products together, one right after the other. And so it starts! Then they offer you shipping at a reduced rate for $.99 and $1.99 for the second product. (Because they know they are going to make a mint from most of us dummies!) Shame on them, and shame on me for not thinking or researching it well enough! They want to make it so difficult to cancel that you just give up! I got the run around with so many different phone numbers, that I was nearly in tears. What a crock. I finally cancelled all three programs, or so I thought, but am still getting hits on the debit card. Today I am cancelling that card. I wrote the bank and told them all about this. They say there is nothing you can do? A debit is not treated the same as a credit card? It should be more valuable, because it is like cash!
    This caused overdraft fees, additional charges, stress beyond belief, hours on the phone, and still it is not resolved 2 months later? Hard, hard lesson learned. We only have social security income which is limited, and there is no way we would willingly order something for that much money! Approx. $80 a month, but you only get the shipment once every 3 months, which equals $240 for this product every three months? Give me a break! I keep seeing international charges on my account as well. Where does it say that on their site? They are laughing all the way to the bank. How disgusting. I must say that one of the companies did the right thing, and credited the account, told me I didn't have to ship the product back after all. In reality, after they got thru with my bank account, I honestly didn't have the money left to ship the product back! Unreal. That is the truth. But I finally got an email from one of them saying not to bother sending it back, and that they hope they can get my business later down the road. OMG. I don't think so! No freaking way would I fall for that again. I feel really gullible and naive.


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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner Oct 20, 2009

    Copeac is the name of one of the CPA affiliate networks promoting the Ivory White Offer which is a scam.


    135 Crossways Park Drive
    Suite 203
    Woodbury, NY 11797
    Phone: [protected]

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  • Mi
    Mister Talons Oct 20, 2009

    I too fell prey to this piece of Internet marketing in the UK. Same basic story: signed up for a "Free Trial" expecting only a nominal postage charge, and then got two lots of £50-odd charges to my bank account. I phoned my bank who knew all about this company, and who advised me to cancel my subscription asap. Unfortunately, according to my bank, future payments cannot be stopped by them as I paid via a Debit Card, not a Credit Card. Even cancelling my card would not stop it. Only closing my bank account would ensure stoppage.
    So.. I phoned the Toll-Free number and got through after about 10 minutes wait. I cancelled the subscription, for which they gave me a cancellation number, and advised me that if I returned the goods (two unused Dazzle White pens) within 60 days of the initial charge date (22.09.09) I would receive a full refund. They also said that I would need the original website order number, which they gave me. So now I'm off to the Post Office to send the goods back, making sure that all the info required is contained therein, with photocopies of everything, including the franked envelope. I'll then have to wait 10 days for my refund. Watch this space.. I'll post again with any developments.

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  • An
    Annie1973 Oct 20, 2009

    Like so many others I have been caught up in the Dazzlewhite scam. Ordered what I believed to be a trial offer costing me $1.95 from the USA only to have product delivered from Bedford UK at a charge of $11.95! Their quickly followed a charge of $79.28 and a week later another one for $87.62! Telephone calls leaving you hanging waiting for an an operator and after several minutes I have each time felt compelled to hang up in case the telephone call rate is also part of the scam! I have cancelled my card on my bank's advice and wish I could feel that is the end of the matter but I fear not. I am speaking with the my bank's fraud team later today and hopefully they will be able to instigate further action. Like many others I exercise due caution when buying anything on line but there was NOTHING to indicate I was signing up to any arrangement that would authorise further deductions from my bank account. Again like many others I was lulled into a false sense of security that this was a high profile ad on my AOL home page, with alleged newspaper articles in support of the product offer. How stupid do I feel now? BUT, AOL and others are always making lots of noise about the security they offer to their customers and yet allow this type of scam set up to advertise prominently on their site! It would seem to me that the $ or £ advertising revenue is mightier than any principles they puport to have! I am seriously thinking of cancelling AOL as well now. Annie.

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  • Ma
    Magdamartin Oct 17, 2009

    Unfortunately Dazzle operate (for some reason!!??) under names elitepack and ezykit, which charge you but you recieve nothing for your money. This is after cancellation - somehow they 'catch' all with their free trial and get this money and more out of the customer. Then to top it, they charge an additioal amount for a diet... if you have less than white teeth you must need a special diet?? Although clearly part of their company and immediately pass on your details, once you are paying 'them', they suddenly dont have jurisdiction to cancell...Don't be caught - they are bad news: Go to your dentist and pay for what you get or you will 'pay and NOT get... '

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  • Be
    bettyz Oct 15, 2009

    I ordered the so called FREE 14 day trial of Dazzle white and was shocked to see they charged my debit card $85. plus $2.95 international fee...There should be a law against unscrupulas sites that take advantaage of people!!!
    I called and they said after the 14 day free trial if you don't cancel you will be billed every month. It must be hidden pretty good because I never seen such a warning!!!

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