Mathis BrothersDamaged sofa due to improper tying to pickup truck


I bought a loveseat sofa, a recliner and a coffee table at the same day which was loaded and secured improperly by them to my pickup. I was just beginning to get to the freeway and the sofa came tumbling down ruining it. I went back to them and they said that I signed a waiver that they are not responsible for damages incurred after leaving the loading dock. They can not replace the sofa but offered only to repair it. What can I do now?


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    Its Okay Dec 24, 2009

    Have them repair it like they offered, your lucky to even get that from them. Like they said you did sign the waiver, from a legal stance they did tie it down, and you did sign the waiver, which most likely released all liability from them.

    For anyone else who reads this, I would make sure your furniture is tied correctly before you sign the waiver.

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