Marshalls / I am complaining about the manager matthew at 620 6th avenue marshalls

United States

Matthew was very rude, and made me feel discriminated against. As the new cashier was ringing me up, his phone started ringing. He didn't pick it up of course because that would've been rude. So he continued to engage and then Matthew walks up to him and says "Your Phone is ringing!" In which he stopped helping us at this point to answer the phone. He then takes the clothes and say "we're going to register 13" no explanation, nothing. So we walk over there and he sits the clothes down next to the manager and when Matthew seen us standing by them, he says "how may i help you?" At this point I'm completely confused.. so i reply "he told us to come over here" So then He states "oh he's new. You can go back over there." So my mother and I walk back over to the register we originally was at and now we're standing there for 5 Minutes Waiting For Them to check our clothes that we're trying to purchase with no explanation as to why. Then when we ask "was there an issue?" The cashier responds "uhh, i just Had to check something".. This whole experience was very unpleasant and very embarrassing. This was not good customer service at all; Just knowing that the cashier is new, Matthew Had no business removing his attention from us (the customer) and the transaction. Not only that, but my stuff being checked in the middle of a transaction is ridiculous and made me feel completely discriminated against. Customers come first and Matthew showed his lack of customer service; and needs additional training, especially being a manager. With him providing customers with that insulting act you will lose customers.

Apr 15, 2019

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