Marshallssandals came apart after two use


I purchase a pair of sandals in late May, yes I worn them at least twice and they started to come apart. I noticed that I should returned them on July 10th. I talked with manager Judy Busch which is seventy years old and a sales associate. Nancy is about far the worst, no people skills and no customers service skills. The manager stated that she couldn't do anything about it and I couldn't returned them nor get a store credit. I asked her what can you do once again, she did not give me any options. I then told them I need something. The two of them them gave me the 1800 Marshalls, I stated I need more contact information. I need to talk with an area manager. Judy refused to give me her area manager. After Nancy walked away, I talked loudly about the I need a contact information to resolved this issue. Judy never stated once, I am sorry for not being able to do anything for you. Judy is a piece of mess and seventy years of age need to go rock her chair and allow a young and vibrate young person to served problem. Judy lacks all skills dealing with people, her team, customers and leading manager. I will no longer shop with TJ Maxx and Marshall for this experience. I will continued to shop at JC Penney and Ross. I can't deal with some old worn out lady, who do not care for the community that she works or the why she is working there!


  • Wine Is Good Jul 10, 2016

    How many times do they have to tell you there is nothing they can do for you? Giving you the online option is all they need to do. How about calling the manufacturer of the sandals and complain to them?

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  • Cu
    Customer. Service Jul 11, 2016

    When you contact marshalls, please use the same abusive description of their employees, if I was dealing with you : simple, I would give you a gift certificate to JC Penny and then call them and tell them I am sorry that I sent them such a good outstanding individual. I would also ask you to please shop elsewhere, as my employees should not have to deal with people like you.

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  • Cu
    Customer. Service Jul 11, 2016

    Please when you get in touch with Marshalls Customer service, make sure to continue to use abusive description of the employees.

    This Quote "Judy is a piece of mess and seventy years of age need to go rock her chair and allow a young and vibrate young person to served problem"
    This tells me you are not the customer I would help. I feel sorry for the employees of JC Penny.

    You! not Judy needs to be fired

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