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This store is filthy. I went into the dressing room and was disgusted with the dust and dirt on the floor, careful not to touch my bare feet on.
The. Went to use the ladies room, the smell of urine was worse than a subway in Manhattan & each toilet stall had some degree of pee on & in the toilet, on the floor along with paper & toilet paper everywhere. Each of us in there were appalled. I went to find a manager and was give. A supervisor who really didn't care. He was much to interested in chatting up a customer who was family friends.
I the. Went back to the dressing room and asked the lady who the manager was to find out it was Steve and he was probably in the office. Since the supervisor wasn't going to do anything I thought he should be alerted. Just to disgusted with this store!


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    CαndyAnn Sep 25, 2019

    I have a very good idea. Why should I clean up the washrooms. I get an idea, why not let disabled people clean up th washrooms? People with CP, down syndrome, autism, MS, the elderly who still want to work ect. They are nothing but invalids. They are stupid and should not be working with people.. THey should be the ones cleaning up urine.. IF they catch something and die no one would care because they are useless and worthless. I bet their parents and siblings would not even miss them because they are embarrassed by their invalid's That way the way is a better places without the crippled and retαrded in it.

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