Marshallsa men's half-zip perry ellis long-sleeved sweater

D Nov 21, 2017

On November 1st 2017 I purchased the above referenced item in size Medium from the Atlantic Terminal Marshall's, as a gift for my uncle's birthday. When he received it and fitted it, it turned out the sleeves of the sweater were too short. He is a tall and slim man, so a size Large would fit too loosely on him. I am a working mom who works a 9-5 Monday - Friday. I did not have the time to return/exchange the item until today, November 21st 2017. I left work a few minutes early to try and process the exchange before catching the train to pick up my toddler from daycare at 6pm in Rosedale, NY. As I got to the register and explained the situation, the cashiers and manager behind the register informed me that this unwonted item that I paid for could not be returned becaue it only had the Perry Ellis tag on it and not the Marshall's tag. I did not have the receipt with me anymore, but when I called the store earlier that afternoon, I was told that I could receive store credit. Even after explaining that, I was still told that because no Marshall's tag was affixed to the product that I could not make an exchange. Even then, I located an exact match to the item style, in a different color, so that the manager could reference the price for the exchange. She called another manager (by name: Deja C.) who went on to elaborate about the Marshall's tag not being on the item. I pulled up the Marshall's Return policy on my phone and directed to the line which reads "Returns with receipts over 30 days or without a receipt will receive store credit only." I stated that I fully understood that policy and that I am entitled to a store credit for this unworn merchandise without my original receipt. It became a deliberate vice of the manager and associates to not process this exchange on the basis of no Marshall'a tag even though the vendor tag was still affixed. In lieu of that, I missed my scheduled train to pick up my son, and will now be incurring late charges for picking him up over the usual time. And I am also stuck with an item that serves no use to me, it's intended recipient, or my finances.

I have to say that Marshall's is one of the places I regard as a location where I can get the best bang for my buck, and have never had any such encounter there prior to this event. I am extremely disappointed at the management services provided at this location and associated employees under management. Additionally, the line was extremely long, with a lack of efficiency behind the register. There was a lot of idling and chatting and pretending to be busy in order to avoid or prolong interaction with customers on the line. Several customers also noted this and made mention of it while waiting. This event is highly swaying my consumerhsip and loyalty to this retail chain, although it could just be the location.

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