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N Sep 30, 2019

Good Day

I am not usually one of those people that complains

But I have smoked Marlboro since I started smoking 11 years, and when the Marlboro beyond came out it was I good option for me duo to I don't smoke menthol at all and my wife does and the switch worked great and I never had a problem with it.

But I started realizing resonantly that some cigarettes are menthol with out crushing the ball and after testing it to keep it just on the counter to avoid accidental pressure... I then tested a few establishment that sells the brand for accidental damage from single packets to cartons and at least 8 to 15 cigarettes or more out of a carton of 10 packets had a strong menthol taste and then transfers the taste to the cigarettes close to it.

For a person not enjoying menthol cigarettes at all, getting a surprise menthol is very distasteful and disappointing, apically when I spend ZAR2000 or more on your product a month.

I think its vary unacceptable to advertise it as a switch cigarette when it is unpredictable what taste you going to get

And when you want to contact them on there website, the website is not active

I hope this issue gets resolved as soon as possible

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