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I purchased a Marlboro Red Beyond box of cigarettes this week. I have been smoking this brand since 2012. When I started smoking it I noticed that one of the cigarettes did not have an "ice ball" to pop. I ignored it because it wasn't a huge issue if only one of the cigarettes had this fault. As I continued to smoke I realized that two more of my cigarettes in the same box had the same issue. Even though it is not a massive issue I find myself disappointed as I enjoy "popping the ice ball" half way through and finishing my cigarette as a menthol... I have been smoking this brand for a very long time. I am not one to complain usually but this is unacceptable because if I wanted a "normal" cigarette I would buy a Stuyvesant or something. I am just enquiring as to how you will ensure this will not become a common occurrence.

As there is no area where I may place my contact details I would very much appreciate a response to the email account: [protected]
Thank you for your time and consideration.



  • J
      Mar 14, 2019

    I smoke Marlboro red beyond cigarettes and am quite upset as for the past 6 months I've had to throw cigarettes away as they do not have the ice pop and is a plain cigarette.
    I smoke 30 a day and I'm wasting so much money doing this when a friend told me to lodge a complaint.
    My name is Kathleen
    And no is [protected]

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