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Marlboro Lightsbad taste

For the past several months my awful experience with the taste of Marlboro Lights cigs, the brand I've smoked for almost 20 years, has me extremely disappointed with the apparent changes in the making of these cigarettes. The taste of harsh chemicals that's so obvious after the first drag it makes my lips numb! I've tried buying my fav brand at different stores, sometimes I'm lucky and get a pack that taste "normal." But as time has gone by the nasty packs of cigs have found its way to every CVS & Walgreens stores within 25 miles from me.
I'm so tired of spending about $6.20 a day for a pack of cigs that I can't smoke because each cig in the pack taste terrible, they makes my lips feel numb & worst for my pocket the store where I bought it will not refund my money after I complaint. I'm switching brands, period, the end.
Philip Morris' profits will be minus about $2, 080 a year from my purchases. My lose may not be a big deal for them but I hope more people take notice and switch brands. If more than 1000 people also stop buying this brand the loss will be quite apparent to someone who have a voice and changes will be made.
Maybe for me, this is a sign that I should quit smoking cigs altogether?!!

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