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This website may appear legitimate but in fact quite the opposite. in the past 2 weeks i have written 8 emails to [protected] [protected] and [protected] complaining about the unethical means in which they try obtaining members. what has happened is i posted personal ad on another well know site specifically stated not to contact me if your representing another site or organization. in 2 weeks i have had 15 bogus emails all from different "respondents" which actually are their affiliates (people they employ to sell their site) stating they would like to meet but for one reason or another they want you to get their information or verify your age via a link they place in their email which does not mention if you hit the link you go directly to and need to sign up build a profile and to your surprise that person doesnt exist. well ni started checking profiles out and i found 1 actual person of 18 profiles that was real we chatted and he had been with them for 5 months and i was the first person he had been contacted by and got a response from. they are scam, have the worst business ethics an employ the lowest of the lowest affiliates. do not even think they are legitimate for a minute.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

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Oct 01, 2018 2:14 am EDT
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My name is James, from San Jose, CA. I've tried manplay but the problem i have with is, i am unable to access my so called inbox messages, i have tried all means to at least open the message to see what it is but still can't open. I'm 35 years old single and looking for a serous relationship, i don't do bars. If interested, text me [protected]

Aug 18, 2018 7:43 am EDT

looking for a fun partner tonight

Jun 21, 2018 2:06 pm EDT

Ah, ...well, ...I did seem to speak to real people in the 'Whose online chat section', ...even if a 'scam', there were real people I was chatting with, who for whatever reason made a profile and were just 'trying the site out'. We shared real pictures in private chat, and they appeared to be 'real' enough. I even later connected with some guys thru other venues like facebook or Adam4Adam, and it was the same person, so I suspect they are real. I still chat with a few today via facebook. - There does appear to be some scammers on the site though contacting you, and some profiles surely are probaby fake and some agents there trying to 'scam' members' or get them to join or 'upgrade' their memembership. It was always 'free' for me, and when I tried to upgrade, it said I was already 'upgraded'! So, I dont know what all is included in a paid membership level, neither do I know how to even upgrade. So, ...its just a free venue to chat with mostly long distance guys, ...just dont buy anything and have fun in private chats. Its also a segway venue for cam models too, who you can click on and go into their rooms. Its a nexus site that also uses other URL's. Dont buy any dating ID app offers or other bogus stuff from solicitors.

Nov 11, 2017 8:36 am EST

Can not login in chrome and in safari certain areas don't load

May 16, 2017 7:44 am EDT

This total ### site came to me for a trial when I gave gaystryst a look. Manplay accepts any gift card(s) as payment. That in itself is a fire alarm. I was told I needed to present a card to verify I was over 18 and not a robot. A $69.29 charge was on my card. I had to call multiple times and threaten to call the FCC as well. The business site address I was given was 35 pages of false sites. After threatening reports to some of Europe's major crime fighting agencies. The site registration is a dummy and goes from the Caribbean to Malta! I was told a refund would be posted within 1-5 days. Nobody at the grocery checkout needs to hear "funds unavailable".

Sep 03, 2012 9:16 am EDT

I found it funny that in my area, I didn't recognize a single member. Every other gay site I am on, I recognize someone. Funny all the profiles have just one picture and none of the questions answered.

Aug 27, 2014 3:17 pm EDT

Their "members" who cruise you and correspond are all fake. They like to see photos of you, but I have never gotten one to send me a photo, meet, or have a real discussion. It is total BS and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Dec 16, 2013 7:15 pm EST

Someone please tell me how to delete my account email me please [email protected]

Oct 01, 2018 2:17 am EDT
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Hey, are you still looking?

Sep 22, 2013 7:36 pm EDT
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Manplay is BS. DON'T FALL FOR THEIR FALSE ADVERTISING! I was suspicious from the get go. When I signed on with a basic membership quite a few "perfectly hot" men within the area I was searching through popped up in my search. I was curious about a particular man who I thought was too good to be true, so I took a chance, got a trial membership and sent an email to this man. After I emailed this man, he was no longer coming up within the search I had originally found him within. The only time he would show up is if I specified that I was searching for men with photos only. Doing the same search but specifying I was searching for men with or without photos, this man oddly was not there. I realized then that my suspicions were right -- this man was a lure to get men to pay to contact this man (and the other suspicious men advertised). I contacted customer service and told them that I wanted a refund ASAP or I would contact the BBB (I called them out on practicing false advertising). The next morning, I had a response from customer service, stating that they had refunded my money and closed my account. My profile was reverted back to my basic membership profile. Again, I contacted customer service and told them that I wanted them to cancel my account/profile completely. 24 hours later, I received an email from them stating that my profile had been canceled. Here's the kicker, miraculously, I had an email response from the man I had emailed in the beginning. Of course, I could not read this email because I had to join as a paying member to do so. I guess they thought after all that occurred, I was dumb enough to fall for this next move -- getting me to pay to read this email response that was going to be total bogus anyway. Fortunately, I was not dumb enough. Manplay is fully guilty of practicing false advertising to lure men into becoming paying members. Remember, if a man's picture/pictures in his profile have him looking like an adonis/a gorgeous, ripped gay porn star, then it's a fake member. These guys could just as easily get free action on, ok cupid, realjock, etc. if they were legitimate. Why Manplay? In closing, stay away from Manplay. Chances are that the men you contact or who contact you are totally bogus.

Aug 13, 2013 6:00 am EDT

I go scammed into joining through a spam email I received in response to a personal ad I had posted on Craigslist. Luckily I just signed up for the basic membership to view the profile of the guy who had contacted me. I quickly realized what was going on. I changed my manplay profile headline to "I got scammed into joining" and changed my description to the same thing. I changed the email address for my manplay account to the email address the spam email was sent from. I then emailed the [email protected] account and made it clear I got scammed into joining through a spam email and wanted my account cancelled. I sent a similar email to another manplay email address I found on their website. They responded to both emails advising my account had been cancelled!

Apr 14, 2013 11:38 am EDT
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I've got to agree with most of the comments... this so called dating site seems to me to be the biggest racket of all. First there's a patterns of email notifications that always started on Friday and ends on Saturday nights. Then one receive a bunch of invitations to see their private pictures, befriend them, but that's about it. When clicking on any links it ask to subscribes. I am very sorry but I will never subscribe to a dating that doesn't provides any kind of free trial. I do not ask to makes everything free, but at least gives a minimal access so one can really test if the site deserves that I spend money with them.

It doesn't matter if it shows 1.99... we all know that it will be recurrent at $20+ a month later. The functions they allow are useless, completely useless... at least if you're going to give a basic member the possibility to turn IM On or OFF give the guy a chance to chat with the other. I don't believe this site deserve any of my cash, they're plenty of site that would at least let me read the message I receive from other members... this manplay doesn't give any freebee and that is from the start.. I really don't believe it worth the shot.

Furthermore I should add that I've tested the site a little and that's when I came to the conclusion that the way they work in this website seems very odd to me and that makes a huge question mark float above my head. For 3 weeks I have removed my pictures... no pictures available whatsoever... I only left the profile.on, yet every Friday someone would just request friendship or to meet in person. Now that's how I've got a little suspicious because I've been on earth long enough to know that in dating site the first impression is at 99% made by physical attraction, I hardly believe that some people and mostly not within the gay community would be interested in someone that they can just read and not see.

And yes it always people coming from far away... I live in one of the gayest city in Canada, Montreal and travel to the second gayest city in Canada, Toronto, but the ones contacting are always from USA, and not the closest states if you ask me.

That site is to me a huge scam, it's a money maker, it doesn't have any interest in the gay community, for them we're just a niche that needed to feel out their many other businesses.

Feb 22, 2013 5:02 am EST

what do you do about the billing, like how do i make sure they dont rip off my account. ? just got suckered into it tonight, and wanna make sure this ### is canceled before tommarow.

Oct 16, 2012 1:44 pm EDT

I was suspicious within hours of signing up for this sight, the unusual high rate of response was very inconsistent with other dating sites. There other thing is that every one of the ppl claiming to be residing in my state of Australia looked ethnic American, that is why I googled to see if others had found the site to be a scam also. Good to know my gut instinct is once again correct.

Sep 29, 2012 11:05 am EDT
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I totally agree that this site is bogus. You can tell by the profiles and the personal descriptions that most of the profiles are bogus. I agree that they must have a staff of people who are creating bogus profiles that send "friend" requests that get you to sign up for their paid service. Stay away.

Sep 24, 2012 9:53 pm EDT

I signed up and instantly I got 6 people who wanted to meet me in my mailbox. I noticed there were 16 profiles from Nampa, Alberta, a town of only about 250 people. The vast majority of the profiles look fake, there is the occasional one that looks real. I'm glad i didn't spend any money to get an upgrade. Do not get fooled by this dating site.

Aug 10, 2012 9:03 pm EDT

employees of and Fake Members talk, chat and email you, but that is as far as it goes. You never really meet anyone real on this website just paid employees of the company.

Dec 30, 2011 8:25 pm EST
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I just want to agree with you but add also that of all personals sites they are one of the most restricted in terms of being able to use any features if you don't subscribe. Their guarantee is worthless. You will likely never meet anyone through them since others face the same obstacles. And since 99% of people won't pay for their basically crappy features you will be wasting your time. People come and check the site, see it for what it is and then leave and don't come back. Better off on POF, adam4adam, or manhunt!

May 02, 2011 4:36 pm EDT

It seems they have random people spam you with fake profiles and bullsh!t messages claiming they want to meet you or get with you or whatever. I got a flood of messages, so I bought a trial membership only to find that all the messages being exchanged back and forth were bot-tastic fakes -- mostly people hoarded in Nashville, TN or other cities nearby but really far out of reach. It basically plays on the idea that people are so desperate to hook up that they will pay any price to meet a dude. Better off going to a bar.

Apr 16, 2011 1:51 am EDT
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Yeah, I think you are right about that. I clicked on affiliates at the bottom of their site and it's all about selling to get memberships.


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