Malindo Airwaysmissing luggage

I was just on a connecting flight from Sri Lanka Colombo leaving on 1st Oct via Kuala Lumpur to Vietnam Hanoi and my luggage didn't arrive as I was reassured it would in Sri Lanka. First of all our 1st flight OD 186 was delayed by 2 hours making the connecting flight very difficult to catch and then the 2nd flight OD 571 didn't include my luggage. When I reported to the lost and found desk they said they could see that luggage from this flight would arrive tomorrow but they couldn't explain how I was the only person to be missing my luggage, they said I couldn't speak to anyone from Malinda Airline and they said they couldn't call Kuala Lumpur to guarentee my luggage is actually there and not lost entirely. I am unbelievably upset by this - starting my 3 month trip without my bag which includes everything I need - contact lenses, glasses, medication, clothes, technological equipment etc. If this is lost I will not only lose £1000s but will have to end my trip in order to go home and get items I require on a daily basis. Can someone get back to me ASAP to confirm the location of my suitcase and what compensation I am available for said items if they arrive a day late or god forbid are lost entirely.

Oct 01, 2019

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