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M Apr 03, 2018 Review updated:

Flight MH148 on 3/4/2018 from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur. Bad crew attitudes and bad services.

I was watching a movie and Crew Akhibar approached from the back with food trolley. I couldn't hear him narrating the food options so I removed my earphones and politely apologised and ask him to repeat the options. His face turned angry and abruptly said "Chicken with rice or fish with noodle!".

As for Chan Chee Seng, I pressed the bell only once and requested for a drink. He put on an upset face and without a word, he went and came back with the drink and gave to me abruptly. After that I dare not ask for anymore drinks.

I wonder why are your crews so unhappy to serve. Overall MAS crews has very unfriendly attitudes. Many of my friends shared the same view. I am a frequent flyer and I don't experience this in other airlines. Not even budget airlines.

It's about time to giving your crews more training and maybe incentive to motivate them.


  • Complainant20091 May 04, 2018

    There are no indication of the paid service (travel):
    - e-ticket number which inclued "thousand of dollars"
    - reservation number
    - date & flight number(s), route
    - name of passengers
    - * seat number,
    - * attached boarding pass / eticket / reservation

    No airline is responsible for unidentified services.


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  • Se
    sembangkari Jul 22, 2019

    its useless to complaint here? dont you ****ing understand it was just a feedback to improve your service as below:

    "It's about time to give your crews more training and maybe incentive to motivate them"


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  • Se
    sembangkari Jul 22, 2019

    you can apologized at least instead of saying this "No airline is responsible for unidentified services."

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  • Complainant20091 Jul 22, 2019

    All claims related to the air carrier's lack of the services shall be submitted to the court or
    to the auther dispute resolution body in the country, where the carrier operates,
    not to anonymous sites.

    If the passenger is unable to present travel documents and to desctribe the failures,
    nobody has a duty to pay to such passenger.

    If the passenger has a lack of knowledge regarding the submissions of claims,
    he/she can hire a professional for the charge or,
    alternatively, to forget about the monetory claim.

    sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregulatory matters
    Aryan enginners ltd
    email : aryan (at)

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