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C Dec 03, 2019

Dear PIC,
During my flight MH3655 Miri -sibu today, I experienced unhappy moments.
Elvira, commanded me to switch off my phone while I was on my seat, I did it immediately.
After I did so, to my surprise, gentlemen around me were playing their phone. Especially the one seated behind he was talking all the way on the phone. She didn't ask them to switch off their phones.
Anyway I was kind so I kept quiet. Didn't protest even though I felt like this is double standard.
What make me really write in to complain is what happened when she distributed peanut. I was closing my eyes to rest. I was shocked and immediately opened my eyes when I heard the sound of peanut packet being threw to the empty seat beside me.
Elvira was already pushing her tray and distributing peanut to the gentleman behind me.
I went and ask her colleague what is Elvira's name as I didn't manage to c her name tag at the beginning. She was so kind and try to ask me not to write in, she apologized on behalf.
What made me angry was when Elvira came and explained to me, she said she put the peanut nicely beside me, then where did the sound of peanut packet falling cake from? And how come when I immediately opened my eyes she was already serving the gentleman behind me? This is unacceptable attitude. She only apologize when I didn't accept her illogical explanation.
This is first time I experienced such thing from a crew of Mas Wing. Please look into this seriously. Thank you.

Liu Ching Ling

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