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I had purchased 18K gold chain for a light weight diamond pendant from Malabar Gold showroom in Gold Souk Mall Gurgaon on 30/08/2014. The weight of the chain was 3.67 grams. At the time of purchase the salesperson had mentioned that since the chain is in 18k gold, it will be more reliable and last long. After wearing it on few occasions I noticed that the chain had started breaking from 2 points. When I went to Malabar Gold Showroom with my problem on 15/03/2015, they clearly told that they cannot do anything about it. The repair of the chain was not possible as it is machine made and will bend on repairing. All they could offer was to exchange the chain for a new on after cutting making charges or take a cash back at the current rate which was Rs190 per gram less from the purchase rate. On enquiring that for a poor quality product why should the consumer suffer, the salesperson as well as store manager said that it is the company policy. Only for exchanges within 7 days of purchase they do not cut making charges but the price of gold is taken on as of date. Their own salesperson now said that such 18k chains break easily...Then why the hell sell such product !. Also in 7 days gold ornament may be used once or twice and the consumer will never come to know about any defect. This is an unethical practice by the company that they are harassing and cheating consumers for poor quality ornaments. How can the chain start to break only after few uses? I tried to reason with them that cutting making charges makes no sense when the product itself is bad. But they would not listen. On the contrary the salesboy started saying that we broke the chain ourselves. This is pure harassment and cheating by Malabar Gold. As the situation was not resolving, I had to agree for cash return and suffer a loss of Rs 3200 from the original bill aw well as mental harassment. My sincere request to create awareness about such unethical practice of selling poor quality ornament by Malabar Gold and then earning money out of it.

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