Malabar Gold & Diamondspoor customers hospitality

K Jul 31, 2019

Hi Team,

This is to bring under your kind notice about the Malabar store in Bahrain .I happened to visit all the store and found the store collection for both gold and diamond absolutely exquisite. The staff was attentive, humble and ready to help for all my request. However, I was buying gold jewellery and not diamond jewellery, so unfortunately the customer who visit the store are not eligible to get a chair. Malabar only offer chair to the customer who is buying diamond will get all the comfort of chair.

I was little surprised to see this, I was there to select a gold jewellery which took an hour, and non of the staff offered us chair to sit. A company who can pay huge amount to the ambassador kareena Kapoor khan to prompt the brand is unable to provide a chairs to there customer at there store, which is totally not acceptable.

Malabar is an Indian brand and India is a country which is famous for there hospitality. Imagine a store in middle East representing India and what if any non Indian customer comes and get such a bad treatment of not getting any chair to sit can be very unpleasant.

So please let's be little more courtegous and provide extra chair at the gold counter as well so that gold buyer can sit comfortably and select there stuff.

I hope this will be taken care soon and next time when I visit the store, some one Will offer me a chair first before the show me there jewelers collection.

Thank from

A potential gold and diamond jewellery customer

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