MagicJackcharges - breach of contract


When I originally purchased Magic Jack a number of years ago I was told that in a matter of months I would be able to port my residential number for a one time, nominal fee. The months took years and they finally moved my number to Magic Jack. I paid my fee and was happy. At the same time MJ deleted the originally assigned number. Recently I receive a bothering message that my "Number has expired" every time I try to make a call. When I texted with their customer service they told me that I now have to pay a $9.99 "Maintenance" fee for my number. When I told them that this fee was never part of the contract with them and that I had paid for service until 2016, they told be that is too bad and I had to either pay my $9.99 yearly fee for my present number, or pay $9.99 for a new number. This is clearly breach of contract. I paid in full for a service with an end date of 2016 and after the fact MagicJack is changing the contract and now is charging an additional fee. I will contact my state Attorney General office and Better Business Bureau and file complaints against Magic Jack's deception and breach of contract. I urge every Magic Jack customer that is also hit with this to do the same.

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