Lycamobilecell phone provider

N Sep 10, 2018

Lycamobile customer service is not helpful.First time customer- Customer service-Unwillingness to listen to my issues as a first time user . They put me on hold for 30 minutes ask me what they can help me but not willing to listen then transfer me to another department and hold again for another 30 minutes but unable resolve issues.All I want is to get my old cell number because this is my emergency number with my kids and school transfer to Lyca mobile. It seem like they don't know what their doing. I'm not going through this hassle again.They advised me to get another cell phone and go to 711 to buy another Lyca sim card which I did to find out it's not working and then go back to 711 tell them it's not working and buy another simcard. It's not worth it.

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