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LycaMobile Complaints & Reviews

Lycamobile / deduct my all minutes without any reason

1223 on May 8, 2017
I have been using Lyca talk since 2 years. I recharged Lyca for 30 dollars. I didn't make any calls. Next day, i found i have zero minutes. I called them and explained and one of their representative escalated this ticket to their technical support and it has been a week now and they...

Lycamobile / Unauthorised deductions from credit card

JPP789 on Jan 13, 2017
Recently, I found that Lyca mobile was making unauthorised deductions from bank account of my daughter - renewing a bundle, though autofill option was never filled. When I complained (on 6th December), there was no reply for a long time. Fed-up, we complaint to the bank who will be...

Lycamobile / lyca mobile

Hasan Shah on Mar 18, 2016
recieved a call from an international number claiming that they are calling from lyca mobile in London. The caller stated that my lyca number had won a cash prize. I made him aware that it was a scam and that is when he started to become abusive and saying inappropriate things. I rang lyca...

Lycamobile / Customer Service/ Coverage

Carmen Panuta on Nov 5, 2015
Awful company! I've tried contacting them for months on three of their CS email addresses ...no answer.. they simply ignore them . The sim didn't work outside the country. I switched opeerarors an dwant my credit back. There is no answer from them . Countless emails, phone call...

Lycamobile / Network and bundles

lena T on Nov 2, 2015
I have been a lycamobile customer for over a year and sence day one there net work has been a problem I've had to call them a lot becouse the internet keeps stopping on my phone I have a UK bundle on my phone that normally lasts me the month how ever the internet run out so I tried to...

Lycamobile / The company has changed my plan and didn't tell me

Reviewer66598 on Nov 1, 2015
I changed my old company to Lycamobile. They offered different plans and subscriptions, so I have chosen the most suitable for me. Within first 3 days I didn’t get any services at all. After when the phone started to work, I couldn’t call to my friends in Brazil. I again contacted customer...

Lycamobile / Services complaint. Technical glitch their end. Poorest customer handling I seen

s Batra on Oct 30, 2015
Have also been using their minute and data bundles for more than 12 month. It rolls over month on month if I ensure balance for bundle cost (£15). Oct month, it was due on day light saving change night. And bundle did not activate. But I continued usage knowingly for almost a week. Lost £28...

Lycamobile / Completely ripping people off!! Fradulent dodgy company

Sevin Egemen on Aug 21, 2015
They are so arrogant. It is a company designed to rip you off and give you no service!! No matter how much you explain, no matter how right you are, they will never correct their mistakes!! You need a lawsuit to recover even a ten pound they rip you off.. they never reconcile!! I had got...

Lycamobile / Cheating by not discontinuing monthly plan despite several request for discontinue auto renewal of the monthly plan.

A Datta on Jul 25, 2015
Despite several requests/mails for changing my Lycamobile numbers monthly plan option to prepaid plan, the have not acted (but always gave false promises to do within 24 hr, 48 hrs due to technical prob. and so on) till date. Even when asked to just disable the monthly auto renewal option...

Lycamobile / Deficiency in service

Rakesh Kumar Karn on Feb 17, 2015
I requested Lycamobile customer care to port my number from my current service provide to Lycamobile and after porting activate my SIM so I can continue to use it. I called several times to customer care and spent many hours but still no solution provided. Some reference number that I...

Lycamobile / Worst internet plan and worst customer service

Mohammad Ahmed Yasin on Dec 6, 2014
Lyca offered an internet plan for 15 pounds unlimited and 500 minutes. I subscribed to the plan and in an hour i realised that the plan was not working and there was no network coverage. . I called customer services and they kept on asking me to wait for 24 hours and call them again. I...


Matesotu on Nov 22, 2014
Dispongo de una targeta prepago de Lycamobile y tenía un BONO MUNDO 120 cuyo precio son 5, - Euros ; se me terminaba el día 19-11-2014 a las 24h. para renovarlo debía tener saldo suficiente, para no esperar al último minuto realice una recarga on-line (que...

Lycamobile / Bad service

abhilash1.c on Jun 12, 2014
I am already a happy customer of LYCA. All my friends have LYCA. Since my wife travelling to the US, I planned to get a sim for her and ordered one on 15th of May 2014 thinking I would get it before 21st when she would be here. I had received a fedex tracking number on the next day I...

Lycamobile / 10 pounds stolen

Pötty on Jun 11, 2014
I had the 10 pound UK plan activated on my lycamobile SIM card. At the time when it should have been renewed, I did not have enough money on my phone. I topped up one day later with 15 pounds and redialled the code that should activate the bundle again (*139*11044#). Immediately 10 pound...

Lycamobile / Overcharged on international roaming

Aneeskhan on Jul 9, 2012
I am Lycamobile customer I have been to France on 1st week of June 2012.Before going to France I have enquired regarding international roaming charges and customer executive mentioned that it would be 1 pound and some pence per minute when you call to India from France. I made a call to...

Lycamobile / False information

daikron on Sep 14, 2011
I was accosted by a persistent woman who sold me a sim after promising that calls to anywhere in England Landline or mobile is 1p/min, and to a particular country abroad at 15p/min. When I first put the sim in my phone, I realised that the £5 I paid went in about 5 minutes!!! So I...

Lycamobile / Customer service

fcklyca on Apr 7, 2011
Well how can I start sent them numerious emails staff are mentally unable to do the job, they cant understand you at the call centre in india, spent 4 days trying to sort the problem out and still not able too managed to hack into there site in london to get there united kingdom number...

Lycamobile / Auto Deduction of Balance

15101988 on Feb 10, 2011
Recently i have switched my service to lyca mobile, initialy they tempted everyone by providing them lesser call rate than any other service.Now they are showing their way of income. i) They auto deduct from your card if you recharge your account online. ii) They deduct balance from your...

Lycamobile / poor customer servise and fraud

Dear sir/madam i am writing to complain about the poor customer services your company serves us. as evidence to this, i had bought a $5 top up car from one of your dealers in high street but is failing to activate.So i called the customer service helpline and they said to try after a day, and with that excuse they hung up the phone

Lycamobile / Bad customer service

I wish to lodge complain about my charges during the time i was in paris on the 7th to 11th of may 2010. I feel so cheated about this. I called the customer service about the first over charging and he told me the amount will be refunded, all to get back to london today and i was told that...

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