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LuLu Hypermarket Complaints & Reviews

Lulu Hypermarket — dead insect in fresh herbs

Hi I bought fresh herbs (Thyme) from Lulu Khalidiya few days ago, I had used few twigs couple of times for my...

Abu Dhabi

Lulu Hypermarket Juffair Bahrainfalse accusations of security staff members

Don't go to the lulu hypermarket juffair in bahrain.
The security staff members are always accusing customers from theft without having any evidence or proof.
Practically this pakistani security supervisor name:shafiq ali. One of the racist supervisors as anyone can be, judging, accusing customers on nationality, colour and dressing code. Just unbelievable someone like that can work over-there.
But then again all staff members at lulu hypermarket in juffair mall bahrain are lousy staff members like christoffer.
They have accused my daughter without any evidence and proof of theft 2 months ago, while on the camera. Cctv wasn't anything clear proven and they refused to put the image still even. Then the worse part, they forced me, actually forced me to write in an statement what they were dictating what to write down and not! Out of moral I couldn't write it what they were demanding, but they endangered that they would call the police and would press charges against me and my daughter if I refused to write as they have forced me to. The whole entire staff members as well as the security members are not polite, rude, untrained, not qualified for lulu. Lulu hypermarket is a scam cheating store with cheating staff members and lousy security. All of them.

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    Lulu Hypermarket — warranty updated wrongly in the system

    Dear Sir, I bought a dell laptop 3558 inspiron series from lulu hypermarket on October29, 2016 and the...

    Lulu Hypermarket — food price tagging

    I am writing this complaint about your Lulu hypermarket in kaulalampur Malaysia. Yesterday I visted your...

    Lulu Hypermarkettrolley manager or helper stole item at checkout + rude after service

    I was at Lulu Hypermarket (Dana Mall; Manama, Bahrain) in late June 2016 (probably June 23).
    I had carried my items to the supermarket checkout, and someone called a "Trolley Manager" & his helper, both proceeded to pack my bags and put them into my trolley. When I arrived home, I found that we were missing an (expensive) organic bar. Upon returning to the supermarket, the customer desk told me that no one reported a missing item -- no surprise there thieves!

    After waiting 10 minutes, the said Trolley Manager appeared and (pretended) to question the helper who packed my bags; they both denied any wrongdoing. Then, the Trolley Manager asked to review video evidence; he wanted prove his & his helper's innocence. He said it would take 10 minutes to receive video evidence -- but it took almost 40 minutes of waiting while the Trolley Manager attended to other issues!!!

    When the security person -- he is the one responsible for video evidence -- finally arrived, he showed me a black and white video on his cell phone, that showed both the Trolley Manager & helper constantly moving away from the security camera; interestingly, late in the video, the helper stopped packing my bags, and hurriedly left (for no apparent reason) -- probably taking my missing organic bar for himself, during Ramadan none the less!
    (Ramadan is a Muslim month when people abstain from eating, but this 'helper' person decided to snack on a stolen organic bar... mmmmm!)

    The security person asked me to go home and search in my car/house. There are 2 red flags here:

    -1) Trolley Manager & packing helper both constantly mumbling to each other, and moving away from security camera; both went behind the camera before putting my bags in my trolley! Why not put my bags right in front of the camera?
    -2) Why did the helper leave quickly, before my trolley was full? He probably ran away with my organic bar in his dirty pockets.

    The Supermarket covered up for them, they probably have some sort of "grocery" mob there that regularly steal things in inventory and improvise ways to rob customers. LOSERS.

    I will never go there again. Smiling, cheating, scamming people. Total liars and dishonest, low-class behavior.

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      Lulu Hypermarket — non compliance of warranty policy

      I had to approach Lulu for a defective mobile under warranty period three times on same complaint. A...

      Abu Dhabi

      Lulu Hypermarket — elekta tv warranty service

      On 31st march 2016 I have bought a new elekta 32inch led tv. The company promise me a 3 year warranty from...

      Abu Dhabi

      Lulu Hypermarket — pears soaps on promotion price

      Attached invoice of the items get purchased from Lulu – Murabba Branch (Riyadh – Saudi Arabia) (Dated 6 June...

      Lulu Hypermarketstaff behaviour

      Suwaiq lulu
      best deal offer in lulu hypermarket Suwaiq. Please mention the purchase limit here after in the promotion paper. the staff behavior towards the customer is really bad specially the Indian staff . The Indian staffs are having a dis-respective attitudes towards the customer.. The sales or the counter head and two other authorities. where restricting to take the offer products 2 each. i needed the food items more as you all know we all buy and store more. i was restricted buy but convinced them and they billed the items. then i was going to live the counter. by then the sales / counter head actually not sure who he was he said he is in charge of sales . He stooped me and started arguing for no reason and telling u can just take two offer product each. as the others agreed i said him and he said its there in the Oman newspaper to just buy 2 offer products each. and of course i asked him to show the newspaper and suddenly he started insulting and misbehaved. by taking the billed items and rebelled it with 2 items each. he accused me a lot by saying till u pay its not yours he took all the billed items out . it more sort mental harassing insulting in front of the public even without considering that i am lady. and at the end he din even apologized me . then the Omani staff solved the problem by saying he is not married man he get angry all the time and hates girls that's a weird thing to say and funny but its not funny . they(Omani) said sorry for no reason so i left there.this is the first and the worst bitter experience ever.

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        Lulu Hypermarket — medicated mattress

        Dear Sir, Being from India, LULU is my preferred shopping destination, But I am writing this complaint with...

        Abu Dhabi

        Lulu Hypermarket — samsung refrigerator

        Dear Sir, I am here to raise a concern. I live in Mangaf Kuwait. During the hala feb offers, I bought a...

        Lulu Hypermarket — laptop warranty

        I bought a Lenevo laptop from Lulu Hypermarket, D-ring Road, Doha Qatar.This item is purchased on 11th Feb...


        Lulu Hypermarketlulu celebrate

        Respected Sir,

        This is is a complaint against the betrayal of team Lulu Celebrate regarding the our bride our pride contest.My Wife Jitta Joseph purchased her wedding dress from Lulu celebrate wedding shop Kochi in October 2015.So we are in the competition for the best couple contest.The company people has sent us the link through whatsapp to participate in the competition.It was Clearly mentioned that competition will last till DEC 31st 2015.Till DEC 31st 2015 we were in the first position in the contest.
        Even after few weeks of competition ends we didn't get any communication from Lulu.We were waiting for the first Price
        Accidentally we happened to visit the FB page of Lulu celebrate on the last week of January we saw that without any intimation the competition was extended to one more month!!! We were really shocked and embraced..!!!

        By that time it was too late to compete with other team as we moved to third position.

        So we request you to give us the price of Lulu Celebrates contest as we won it by DEC 31 itself.

        From a reputed brand like Lulu, we never expect this type of cheating and betrayal.

        Expecting your urgent response and intervention in this matter


        Tony Jacob
        Dept.of Management Studies

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          Lulu Hypermarketsupplying spoiled biriyani rice from hot foods

          I bought Biriyani from Hot-food area and by the time i reached home and when i opened the box, I couldn't even taste it as, the smell came out from it even was very bad. Me and my family used to make regular purchase from hot-food area and this time it was really a bad experience for me. I kindly request the authorities to take serious care on this issue on the mentioned matter. I am attaching the purchase receipt herewith.

          supplying spoiled biriyani rice from hot foods
          supplying spoiled biriyani rice from hot foods

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            Lulu Hypermarketsamsung

            Dear sir, I purchased a Samsung mobile core 2 on 22 Nov. 2014 with description MPG355 mobile phone SAMSUNG [protected]@ 489.00SR from Fone Souq with assurance of one year warranty from 22Nov. 2014. After couple of months my phone showing some sack. when some body was calling to me the no was displaced from another person caused me great inconvenience. I approached to service centre, they took my phone and return me after one week. they told me we changed mother board of the phone now error has been removed. After few months my phone developed same error and also battery exhausted within two hours weather my phone remains in working or not.Full charge battery within two hours. I again approached to express service near Alharm Riyahd and complained there. They told me your warranty period has already expired. I could not understand how my warranty period expired when i approached to service center on 2/10/2015. They did't provide alternate phone so that i could avoid any inconvenience with remarks that they will first contact to the retail shop. who deceives me i could not understand. My warranty period is still up to 22 Nov. 2014. My phone is still in service centre they still not called me as they told me we will call you back. Before i will approach to legal institution to redress my grievance it is requested to you either repair my phone or replaced without further delay. I have to board to taxi service, i have spend already three hundred Riyals (300 SR), while my phone only costs 489 SR. yours sincerely Dr. Mohd. afzal Bhat ph.[protected] email add. [protected] Express service no IR702-44178 dated 1/10/2015 moble no [protected]


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              Lulu Hypermarketdelivery delay

              I purchased on refrigerator on 17/01/2015 Ruwais mall lulu and they delivered one refrigerator after 10 days and I found one of the support was in damaged condition, suddenly I raised complaint for this and they told we will replace this and we will collect this today but they came after 5 days for the collection .today 08/02/2015 still I am not received my refrigerator .Lulu very worst in delivery at Ruwais .without refrigerator I am waiting since 17th Jan-2015 .bill no#00972

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                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Lulu Hyper Marketold food

                I'm here to lodge a complaint against lulu hyper market, al khobar, saudi arabia... Particularly regarding the food that they sell... Not once but many times n I always kept quite rather coming out n complaining... But now I feel it is better to complain rather keeping quite...
                I hav never had any problem with any other supermarkets out here in khobar, however lulu happens to b one such name tht comes to my mind...
                Last night, I bought this arabic dessert "kunafa" which happens to b one of my favorite... However after coming home, I eagerly opened the packet n kept it in my mouth only to find out that it was old... Probably made 3days ago... It tasted bad n had an awful smell too... All I hav to say is... For god sake stop selling such old food to the innocent customers who buy paying their money, their health matters a lot... I would request the management of lulu hyper markets, alkhobar to kindly take some measures to prevent sale of such old food that literally can hav a negative impact on your company

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                  • Zh
                    zhy wu Jan 05, 2016
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    Lulu hypermarket is selling expired seafood and re-pricing expired non-organic fish as organic one. For as least 3 times i bought smelly salmon(tagged as produced of the day) and for one time i found there was another price tag which was one day ago. And i found out the organic salmon i bought was not organic at all one day ago.Lulu is cheating on the organic food and changing the dates.


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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Lulu Hyper Marketrude behaviour

                  A feedback on a very bad experience a family had to face from
                  one of the higher Security official at Lulu Mall. Customer made a purchase of around 30+ items from the hypermarket worth Rs.1600. But in a hurry somehow an item worth Rs 145 was taken in the cover that was missed out to bill and when realized, the cash was paid. The covers were kept at the security locker area and family went to have food and when returned back; they were taken to higher official and the officer behaved unprofessional; rude and with no courtesy shown to the
                  Customer and blamed that few items were taken out without billing. Whereas those items for which they blamed were purchased on a second billing. But without understanding the actual scenario or enquiring the details to the
                  customer, officer starting yelling at them. After producing all the bills there was no apology from that person and instead gave impression that the customer was culprit. The officials examined the customer’s luggage without their consent or knowledge and was also blamed for no proper reason.
                  <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Lulu Hypermarketvery rude behaviour of a manager

                    This morning I was at fruits and vegetables section at Lulu hyper market Ajman. I was talking to a friend over mobile phone that time. Suddenly one staff I think he is the manager of f& v section came to me and told you cannot do the price survey. I was wondered what he ws talking to me. . Then he started to talk me very rudely with abusive language. He was thinking that I'm doing price survey. Other customers was looking at me and I was totally embraced because of this rude behaviour. Lulu having very rude and bad employees.

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                      Lulu Hypermarkethtc defecive phone

                      I bought a HTC one from Lulu Hypermarket which was at a throw away price of 129 KD on 5th April 2013. the market rate of the phone was 190 KD at that time. When i was buying the phone i realised that most of the phones which were there for selling, were opened . So i was a little suspicious. I asked the sales person the reason for the same and he said he doesnt know. He finally found one phone which was sealed packed and i bought the phone. Within 2 days the middle part of my screen(keypad no's (1, 2, 3) stopped working, so the phone was useless.I went to the centre on 28th April to complain about the same and told them that he piece was defective. I coudnt go earlier as I had travelled and didnt have time. The supervisor bluntly told me that its not their problem and i had to contact the HTC service centre. I didnt budge and told them I will not move unless this is sorted out. After waiting there for 3 hours and escalating the matter to 2 superiors they said that they will send the phone to the service centre themselves and that if it is defective they wil replace it. They also assured me that I will get my phone back on 2nd May. The Sales Guy(Names Fahid), assured me that he would call me the next day and update me about my phone. I never received any call the next day so on 30th, I called Fahid myself and he said that " Mam, Your phone is absolutely fine and it was a Software update problem". I will call you tomorrow and confirm when you can take your phone. I was like fine.
                      Remember, These guys promised and assured me that I would get my phone back on 2nd May. But when I called them on 2nd May, Fahid disconnected my phone. Now Fahid calls me on 4th May and informs me that I will have to Pay 5 KD because there is some liquid in the phone. Which i refused to accept, because if there was liquid, why did he confirm in teh first place that the phone was fine on tuesday. I disconnected the call at the end as I cant take any more lies from these guys. I have been tortured ad harrassed emotionally and mentally by these guys, by telling so many lies.
                      I am 100% sure that Lulu Hypermarket, Kuwait, sold me a defective phone. And I dont want a defective phone> i bought the phone with my hard earned money and I need justice.

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