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Complaints & Reviews

Newchic my new order (skua 78960) zipper jacket (3xl) where is it please

[protected]@virginmedia.Com mr i lark
i am looking to find where my order has gotten to i have nothing yet order no80431093 i exchanged it for a larger one
the one thay sent was to small
so we have a deal for a larger one
please can you whith this one
meney thanks mr i lark

Newchic newchic shoes - not received

We ordered male shoes size EUR 44 on the 24th of November, which unfortunately has not been received by 31st of December. The amount of £40.92, including insurance, has been debited from my PayPal account. No email confirming this order was received to my inbox, order details were only displayed on the screen at a time of placing an order. Seller was contacted via email provided in the paypal account. Please kindly issue a refund.

newchic shoes - not received

Newchic cancelled order

We cancelled 3 orders [protected] for DKK 384.73, No ORDER [protected] for DKK 684.42 and no order [protected] for DKK 717, 28.
The company sent us refunds:
order no [protected] - DKK 384.73 and
order no [protected] - DKK 717.28
The 2 refunds came on November the 26th, 2019
but DKK 684.42 for the order [protected] has never come.
We wonder when NEW CHIC send our money to Denmark?

Newchic man's men cap toe soft sole low top slip on casual shoes (10) skub54129 4.0 (3)

To whom it may concern:
i was extremely disappointed upon receiving the shoes I had order from your company. The style I received were similar but not at all the same shoe as advertised. i found your promotion misleading and in that the shoes I received are entirely different shoes. The rear Achilles guard is absent and well the the stitch at the lower part of the shoe where the pseudo letter meets the sole. I only want the shoe that I had ordered.
I had formally been a customer of you company but refuse to patronize you or recommend you to my associates until the matter is rectified.

man's men cap toe soft sole low top slip on casual shoes (10) skub54129 4.0 (3)

Newchic order # 748960293189139006209415691 card 30 #8361

I ordered this dress and was promised delivery on November 25th2019. vintage print polka dots long sleeve pockets corduroy dress in brow n. have not received order. visa has been charged. 34.65 I would still like the order. please trac and let me know, EMail: [protected] My address is: Marilyn Coppins Clinton Place Apts, 147 north river ct. apt 517. Mt. Clemens, Michigan [protected]
I have not received any e mail from this company. or order confirmation.
thank you for taking good care of this for me. This is the first time I have ordered and I was hoping for a good outcome. thank you. Marilyn.

NewChic Company Limitedno potwierdzenia [protected]

W dniu 21.10.2019 zamówiłam bluzkę, za którą zapłaciłam 107, 86 pln za pośrednictwem paypal. Do dnia dzisiejszego nie otrzymałam towaru. Latem zamawiałam odzież w firmie amazon I realizacja zamówienia też trwała około miesiąca, ale teraz to już naprawdę przesada.
Nie rozumiem jak można żądać zapłaty z góry I nie realizować zamówienia przez miesiąc. Ta firma posługuje się pieniędzmi klienta.

Newchic shirts never came!

Bunch of scammers and fraud operation, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE!! I ordered 4 shirts but they only sent me 2, for $70+, with the wrong sizes bc the size guide was inaccurate and it was hand sown. I waited for months but the order never came, so i followed their instructions but it was useless and they make u keep going round in circle. They always reply u the same automated crap and treat u like a [censored]ing idiot, while they pocket ur money and they mess with the tracking status. mine was in 'air transit' for months! wtf pls do not give me [censored] like the order has been circling in airplane for months. like they think ur retarded, by using cheap gimmicks like this so they can earn the profits while not actually delivering the units, i bet they already pocketed millions by doing this. Its [censored]ing ridiculous!!

Used all channel to seek help but they merely deflect and delay your problems, hoping u would forget about it. They ignore your problems, never provide solutions and carry on like u dont even matter. Bunch of fraud imbeciles from china, NEVER TRUST ANYTHING FROM CHINA. I emailed them thousands of times, reached out to their live agent who is probably an AI robot and they actually don't even know where my order is, they have no way of tracking so they had the audacity to blame the customs and tell me to wait, but its obv not customs problem bc i got my initial order. so they came up with [censored] excuse like the shirts are popular so i have to wait. wtf?! n when the agent couldnt answer anymore of my qns he delfected them and cut me rushing to end the convo immediately. SHADY [censored]!

Newchic about my shoes I order from NewChic

My name is Annie Hendley I order shoes on Sept 22, 2019 order # [protected] expected shipping Date sept 26, 2019 has not recieved my shoes. then I order some more shoes on Oct 7, 2019 order # [protected] showing where they have been shipped has not recieved those shoes PLEASE send me my shoes are my money and you all will never have to have me ordering any more shoes from your compay again (NEW CHIC)

  • Updated by Sue Hendley · Oct 25, 2019

    I need to know where my order is # 73653561 and # 74412809 please send me my shoes. It didn't take this long for you all to take this money out of my account

Newchic pet beds and another order order [protected], [protected]

You sent me two pet beds wheni wanted one in large, not medium.

Also, the other order is a blue pair of shoes and some pants. Could I get a return slip on the one for the beds and get my other order out. You have no number inu. S. To callto talk to a person. Send me the returnslip and my order up above. I found otherorders you have not sent me. Ablue dress, jean jacket, pajama bottoms.

I amnever going to order from you again. I thinkyou are a scam. Give methe ietems I ordered. I will contact the better business bureau. Resolve this matter immediately. I havepaid forthem but no merchandise. Nancy hamilton

Newchic shoes

It has been 2 weeks since I paid for "Air Shipping" of my merchandise. I don't know where it is & their online form to ask is too complicated, asking for info like the "SKU" of the item. When I try to look up the next # it wipes out what is already written. Apparantly there are many dissatisfied customers. ID # NC233868,

Your order NO.[protected]
has shipped
Dear Sir/Madam,

This email is to inform you that your order number NO.[protected] was shipped on
[protected]:11:19 GMT -6.
Below are the shipment details and
tracking information. If you have
any other questions,
please visit our shipping FAQ or contact us.

Yours sincerely,
Newchic Team

I have yet to receive my merchandise & it is 2 weeks later, was it shipped on a plane or a slow boat?

Newchic mens boots

6th October 19. On 26th September 19 My account was debited £44.68 by Newchic Company Limite in respect of a pair of men boots size 9 ½ .
I have never received an email acknowledgement or heard anything from the company. I purchased as a "guest". Today I tried to contact the company by registering. The website said I would receive an email with a password to set up an account. I cannot contact the company and it looks as if I have lost my money £44.68.

Newchic clothing

On July 24, 2019 I ordered a blouse, and of August 28th I've received nothing. A charge of $47.54 was deducted from my PayPal right away when I placed the order. There's no American phone number or address to contact, and I don't want to call Hong Kong!! I keep getting emails from the company, but there's no way to ask about my order. I'm becoming upset about this situation. I'm a senior citizen, and I can't afford to pay for nothing.

Lois Pitts

Newchic my ac nc208587441 - order number:[protected]

NEWCHIC. COM IS rubbish products & minus rating service company until today 15th August 2019, after several emails chats still I am waiting for my payment to be reimbursed for item which i never received 9despite what was received its quality rubbish), my ac NC208587441 - Order number:[protected] status shown refunded & but ITS NOT REFUNDED YET SINCE 2019-01-08, WISH if I could rate newchic less than 1 star or something they actually deserve something else.

Newchic shoes

These shoes were the wrong size — and I am always 10! also the zipper on both shoes was broken. I have asked once before and want a refund and paid postage label... please.

Paid with
Mastercard debit card x-4253
You'll see "paypal *newchiccomp" on your card statement.
Ship to
Bill tocher
70051 stage rd
North bend, or [protected]
United states
Transaction id
Seller info
Newchic company limited
Invoice id
Purchase details
Purchase amount$33.59

  • Updated by Bill Tocher · Aug 08, 2019

    I have sent email to the company and am trying to re-notify PayPal. Will wait -- again -- for a company response.

    Please note: the postage paid request is not out of order since nothing about this purchase was of any quality or correct sizing.

    ~Bill T

Newchic socofy

My beautiful sandals are way too big for me. I am returning them for a refund. I have ordered a pair of clogs that are very similar. I have enclosed a picture of the sandals, a copy of the invoice and a copy of the correspondence as requested. I hope everything is in order for a refund, if not please let me know so I can correct it. Thank you- K. Danko [protected]@sbcglobal.n

  • Updated by Kari Danko · May 16, 2019

    My beautiful sandals are way too big. I am requesting a refund. I am enclosing a picture of the sandals, the invoice and the correspondence. I have ordered a pair of clogs that are very similar and am anxiously awaiting their arrival. If my return is not acceptable, please let know so I can remedy the problem. Thank you very much- Kari Danko [email protected]

  • Updated by Kari Danko · May 16, 2019

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. WAY TOO MANY COMMENTS TO ANSWER. I have already submitted 2 comment boxes. PLEASE let me end this and let me send my sandals for a refund. I'm sorry to sound so terrible, but I am really frustrated with this whole process

Newchic item arrived too late and I have purchased a different item. no longer need.

Invoice ID: [protected]

I purchased a pair of shoes on line for an event. I waited until I could wait no longer to receive them. I had to purchase something else for my event. I would appreciate a refund. Please send me instruction as to how to send the shoes back to you as soon as possible so that a refund will be issued. My email is [protected] Thank you very much. N. Snider

Newchic open toes black shoes.

I have already contacted you about the terrible smell of my new shoes. I was told to set them outside in the sun for a week or so. They still smell from across the porch!At first I did not realize it was the shoes making me feel sick from the smell, but that is what it was. I paid a lot of money considering my fixed income and my disappointment is so sad. I would like to but more from your company, but if this problem is not resolved, it appears I will not purchase more items from you.

open toes black shoes.

Newchic refund process

I have ordered clothes with order nbr [protected] and already paid thru bank transfer. Yet by mistake in sipping order it was tagged as COD. I have chatted with CS and he confirmed that newchic already received my money.
But in order to have it refunded, i have to submit payment receipt when I pay for this order. Of course I don't have it because I don't want to receive and pay again for something I already paid.
This is so frustrating and I am very upset about this

refund process
refund process
refund process
refund process
refund process

Newchic.comrefund not received

I ordered 2 items at once. Order:no.[protected]. The 1st item was delivered so long. The other item with shipping order: [protected] was canceled after I waited for more than a week. I asked for refund and it has been almost a month, I haven't received my refund amount. They said they will send an email of my refund process, it has been almost a month but I haven't received any email from them regarding the refund.
Their customer service chat seems to be a robot. So, it's completely useless to chat with them. Just stay away from newchic, their products are being sold on thousands of other online stores. Their price is also not competitive.

Newchic — cannot get into my account

I placed an order with Newchic for a tunic for my daughter. I thought it was odd that there is no way to track the package. I wanted to log in to may account so I could remove my...

Newchic men pure color leather slip resistant slip on casual shoes

I ordered this shoe from New Chic on 2019-02-10 and paid $14.95 For expedited shipping (5-8 business days). They took approx 10 days for the item to be shipped. I received a confirmation email on 2019-02-22 That my order has been shipped on 2019-02-21. I kept on waiting however when until today i.e. March 3, 2019, I didnt receive the shipment, I asked New Chic customer service and they sent me new email that my order has been shipped on 2019-03-03 (means today).
This is totally new information and against their claims and shipping standards. I paid for expedited shipping and hence my order should have reached within 5-8 business days after the order was shipped. Since my order they have provided wrong information and now again sending wrong information for 2nd time - which shows their malfeasance.
I am attaching their both emails for your reference please.

men pure color leather slip resistant slip on casual shoes
men pure color leather slip resistant slip on casual shoes

Newchic lack of transparency

As a user experience designer, the one thing I implement in all of my journey's is transparency, the one thing you don't do as the website is offer transparency.

Point one.

Making an order. Go through and pay, most of the products have been removed from the cart, because it's not transparent what is promotional and what isn't. So you're forcing customers to enter into a payment journey once again.

Point two.

When you've made the order, there is nowhere to cancel the order, even though on your website in the help section, you say there are.

Point three.

You send emails saying that items have been shipped, forcing you not to able to cancel orders. Then two days later you say the orders have been shipped.

Point four.

You buy goods from your company in good faith only to be told that you don't have the stock. This is theft and misrepresentation.

Newchic — order #[protected]

Please cancel this order and refund my payment of US$61.23. I did not receive my previous order for these products thereby making this order a double order. I now know that my...

Newchic about my order [protected]

My NC: [protected] (sorry for my language, i'm french)
I order the 29/11/2018 for a price of 59.84 euros, I never received my order at my adress.
Nothing in my box letter, no paper, nobody comes or call me that I have un package.
I called you and someone tell me that it was distribuated on the 02/january, at what person, at what adress? no reponse.
I'm very disappointed, it was my first command, so please, I demand you to find a solution, it's not my fault, I think the postal not do his job very well, so, give me the remboursement or send me the order that I did'nt receive.

I hope you 'll give me satisfaction.

Thank you. Have a good day.

Newchic — multi pockets hooded jacket

Sku 495365 thicken multi pockets hooded jacket $52.61 tracking number rx893847985cn.. It was shipped on dec.04, 2018 still have not received it. When I look it up it reads thet it...

Newchic — commande non reçu

Monsieur j'ai passé la commande numéro [protected] le 03 décembre 2018 ( j'ai commandé deux soutiens gorge) et je n'ai jamais reçu mon colis !!! Mon adresse est le suivant MME ABDOU...

Newchic — my order didn't arrive as stated.

I placed a order for shoes on 12-07-18, was to arrive on 12-17-18, have not arrived. was charged, but no order. Ollie Anderson 24035 badger springs trail, Moreno valley. ca. 92557...

Newchic — boots

ordered two pairs of boots and paid with my visa card. one pair came in. the other has not and I need these for Christmas. They took the money for both pairs out of my bank but no...

Newchic — order number: [protected]. men lace-up pu leather baseball, cap outdoor, winter warm dad, hat adjustable, cap. color: dark coffee. us$11.39.

Order was placed on November 16, 2018. It was paid for from my Discover Card account. Please refund payment or send me the cap that I ordered because it is getting colder down...

HK Newchic Company — shoes

I ordered 2 pars of shoes from belgium on November 2nd for an amount of 67.76 € which was output of my visa card. I did not have a confirmation of order and I since then do not...

Newchic shoe size

The two pairs of shoes that I ordered do not fit. I need to exchange for a larger shoe or a return of my money. My checking account was debited on 9/27/18. I did not receive the shoes until the third week in October. They were purchased for a trip that I am leaving for on the Nov, 20, 2018. Please ensure that I either get a refund of my money or an exchange of sizes before Christmas

Newchic — shoes/clothing

I was sent a size larger than I ordered. The order arrived without an invoice. Their email address shown on their website to ask their permission to return the product wa...

Newchic — order #59

586193 I ordered a pair of Brogini Forte Boots in size uk 6 on the 28th August 2018, order #59 I actually received two pairs of Sunglasses (Ray-ban or copies) despite the fact that the...

Newchic — need to return shoes. I get no response asking for a return label

I received shoes that are the wrong size and don't fit, I need to return them but they won't reply to emails. I would like to get the proper size or my money back as I like the...

Newchic — have not received my order

doing live chat with some one phone went dead my name is micheleParke 48 strathmore blvd. sarasota fl 34233 telephone [protected]. i want to ordermore shoes for christmas, everyone...

New Chicdid not receive product. 4 mickey ear lanyards.

On August 19, 2018, I ordered 4 Mickey ear lanyards and have not received any yet. The transaction # is 164267376V875430X, and invoice ID is [protected]. These were to be shipped to Doug Aamold at 3190 Highway 95 Lot 1333, Bullhead City, AZ 86442. I don't have a web address as I followed a link on Facebook, and paid through PayPal. At this time I am requesting a refund of my money. Thank you.

did not receive product. 4 mickey ear lanyards.

Newchic clothing, shoes & acc.

I order 13 items shirts on large, was change for 3xl,
Under ware on medium, was change for 2xl
I ask to send me the correct size toll me the order was shipped, how was shipped on the same day? I order by 9: am and the email I received was at 9:10, no way the can be shipped on the same day in 10 minutes??
I ask to cancel the respond was the items was already ship (she was lying)
The only way to contact these people is on their chat side and refuse to provide me a phone number the only way to get my money back is wend I receive the shipman to sanded back on my own cost, do not have a return label for free and now I have to pay for the return and then I will be charge restoking feeds
They change the size on my purchases, they make the mistakes but now I have to pay??
Do not buy anything from this company is pure scam

Newchic shoes

The shoes that I ordered did not fit my feet. In other cases of online shopping, one would just simply return for an exchange. But due to THEIR protocol, I ended up having a 1hr 50 min (ALMOST 2 HOURS!!) conversation with a representative over Live Chat to get 'permission' to send them back.

In the chat, she required me to take photos of my feet with measurements to show my size. I didn't have anyone around to help me so I had to haphazardly take my measurements with a tape measure. At times, I had to sit down (If anyone knows about measuring for foot size, you have to do it standing up!). Needless to say, she argued that I ordered the wrong size and insisted that according to my photos I should've ordered 3 sizes smaller. However, in one photo I provided, I held the shoe up to my foot---clearly 3 size smaller would not have even FIT my foot, let alone my toes. She was basically telling me that I did not order the right size. I do believe I know my feet the best and know what sizes typically work for me. That was very unnecessary for her to say anything of the sort.

The solution came down to her sending another pair of shoes (one size up). But I was required to pay for half the price of the shoe. I compared the price of shipping for the ill-fit shoes to be returned (because at this point I wanted them gone). It turned out to be cheaper to pay the half price. BuT then she tacked on the shipping. fees!! I said NO. She obliged by taking the shipping fees off. After paying for half of the price of the new shoes, I expect them to fit. And now I have these useless pair of shoes sitting in my home. And an experience to remember of someone telling me that I don't know my own feet.


NewChic Company Limited — a shirt that I ordered on july 7th, 2018 that has not yet been received.

I purchased a shirt from Newchic Co. Limited on July 7th, 2018. Purchase price, $23.60 which was charged to my credit card on that day. To date (Aug.17, 2018) no shirt. The order...

New Chicwill not send me my order.

I ordered from New Chic, Money was taken, I was informed that one idem was on back order, I waited 6 weeks and went and changed my order for something else. I was informed that the first idem was in stock and I asked why was it not shipped to me? I have talked to 5 different people on there chat line and all I have gotten is nothing, no one seems able to answer a simple question and when they do it is not the truth. I have been told twice that my order will be shipped in 3 to 4 days twice. I will never order form this company again. Just a rip off I cant even get my money back.