lovenleaern kittysbreeder Karen Suesz scammed me!


I have had problems with other breeders in the past, for the most part I have had pleasant experiences, but NEVER anything like what this breeder has put me through! I was buying a tortoiseshell Persian from Karen Suesz from Michigan who is now calling her cattery lovenlearn kittys and has also gone by Classycatz. I found her ad on At first Karen seemed very nice and informative. In the beginning we were going to do a trade, one of my kittens with breeding right for one of hers(although she still wanted to charge me for breeding right and take my kitten free of charge) but that didn't happen because I was in a car accident and I told her to go ahead and sell the cat to someone else since no money had been exchanged. Later on when things got better I saw she still had the cat and so instead of trading I decided to just buy the cat. I paid her $300.00 towards the price and the rest ($100.00) was due upon delivery, she offered to deliver the cat to me in southern Indiana where I live for just $50.00 extra because she said she knows someone with a driving job working for a moving company who comes through this area frequently. I would normally never buy from someone six hours away but decided to do so since she was offering delivery. I several excuses from her for delays concerning the cat I was buying. Once I realized the ad for the cat I was buying was pretty old, had I asked for an updated photo. A photo, that's a simple enough thing, right? She told me she would get me a new photo shortly. Well I never got it. A couple days later I kindly asked again, I was told she took photos for me but was at her kids game and I would get the photo when she got home. I waited, no photo came. The next day, still no photo. When I asked again she said, sorry, she was just busy but would get it sent the next day. So I waited, and still no photo! I waited another couple of days and asked again...and got no reply(over text), so I sent an email, and got no reply to it either. Yet I know she was online because the ads for her other cats had been updated and she created a new website, so she couldn't have been too busy to take 5 minutes from her day and either send a photo via text or email. She told me her friend Kathy, a breeder from Florida, had updated her ads but I called her friend Kathy of catz eye cattery and she denied it and said she was no longer affiliated with Karen Suesz cattery due to complaints against her that she did not want to affect her own cattery. When I told Karen Suesz I was possibly going to contact my card holder for a refund, she finally replied and said she was in the hospital and wasn't getting good phone reception. When I started asking her about possibly buying a second cat from her as well, she had no trouble texting me back several times. She said we can meet for the delivery of my cat, but then she wanted me to drive 3 or more hours north, instead of her original offer to deliver the cat to me in southern Indiana. During that conversation she said she was well now and being released that day and promised she would send my photo that night, or FIRST thing in the morning. Well, that was a long time ago and I still got no photo. I emailed her again and told her how upset I was and that I was beginning to wonder if something was wrong with the cat, or if she even had the cat. I told her, I don't feel like I can trust her now because, although it was just a photo I was asking for, it was HER WORD that was becoming the problem. I am her customer and she is putting me off again and again, I said in my letter, that I was also not happy about her offering to deliver to my area and then turn around and want me to drive 3 hours. I told her I am now afraid to even make the drive after her ignoring me, and all of her broken promises(strange behavior if you ask me) how can I even believe she would be there at the meeting place??? I told her I felt I should be entitled to some sort of compensation for the worries and stress she was putting me through. No big surprise, I got no reply to that email for nearly a week. At this point, I had enough and I just want my money back. I no longer trust her and I am afraid that even if I got my cat, I would have trouble getting my breeding pin from her at a later time as she told me I could do, or that the cat might not be healthy... Once she knew I was serious about wanting a refund she started to take on a really nasty attitude and was just a totally different person. I have also read complains about her online from others, and she also gave that person a hospital excuse for delays and refused a refund, and threatened to resell their cat the same as she is doing to me. I am a small scale breeder myself, and I have NEVER treated a customer the way I was treated, I would never dream of it! I also have my own problems and a busy life, but when my customers contact me, I respond promptly and I never ignore them. If there is a problem, I go out of my way to correct it. I have all of my unanswered emails I sent to her as well as the text conversation on my phone for anyone wanting to see it.
Karen now refuses to give me a refund, I tried to still work something out to get a cat from her to avoid loosing my money and now she is not only refusing the delivery that SHE promised but she also refuses to meet me halfway, knowing I cannot drive the full six hours to meet her.. Now she claims she never said anything about delivery and says there is no way she will meet me half way. She has also threatened me not to complain about our fall out online, saying if I post any complaints, thats a 2 way street and she will post things against me if I do... Obviously her biggest concern is how much money she is making and she is more than happy to keep my money and resell the cat, when a happy customer and the cats themselves should be more important than money! I do NOT recommend buying from Karen Suesz, but if you do, DO NOT send her a payment because if there is a problem she will NOT refund your money and she will resell your cat!!! ONLY give her payment in person at the time you pick up the cat.


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    ClaireJ. Sep 25, 2013

    I was lucky enough to find another cat from a breeder that was only two hours away after my disappointing experience with Karen Suesz. This other breeder, you could tell she was a true hobby breeder. She certainly didn't appear to need the money, and she talked to me for two hours about cat care and breeding! She also texted me several times asking me what I named my new cat and how she was doing, etc... I could tell she really loved her cats and was not trying to just make a quick buck. So...if you want to know how to avoid being scammed, there is really only one way. Only buy a cat that's close enough for you to go get, don't apply a deposit but only pay in cash, in person when the cat is ready to bring home. Inspect the cat thoroughly and if you can feel its bones, or see the third eyelid, if the bottom is dirty, or the hair is in poor condition, or if the cat acts feral, WALK AWAY and find another. Also, if the breeder is guaranteeing against PKD, and they are unable to show their test results either for the parents or for the cat itself(as was another problem with Karen) that's another warning sign. So watch for these signs and be prepared to walk away. You will find another, even better cat somewhere else. My money is gone and I did not get a cat from Karen, but what I did get was a valuable lesson that I hope to share with others. If I can save even one other person from being scammed or falling in with a breeder who just treats them badly, then my loss is worth the money.

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    Kitty Avenger Feb 08, 2014

    This breeder is currently under investigation. If you have any current or past knowledge of animal abuse/neglect, please contact Eaton County Animal Control.

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