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Our verdict: Engaging with Loveholidays / We Love Holidays at a 0% resolution rate requires careful navigation. Deep-dive into detailed customer experiences to uncover systemic issues. Critically assess their service descriptions against actual user feedback. When interacting, document every detail, as comprehensive records are vital in such scenarios. Exploring alternatives and understanding your consumer rights are crucial steps. If necessary, be prepared to seek external advice or intervention. In challenging service landscapes, informed decision-making and proactive steps are essential for protecting your interests.
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9:49 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Loveholidays / We Love Holidays Security deposit not refunded

Upon arrival to Salou Pacific Apartments we were advised that w had to make a 100 Euro payment in case we damaged anything within the apartment we were staying in. This was never mentioned prior to the travel. Without this payment we were advised no keys to the apartment would be given, so we paid the 100 euros, on departure the room was examined for any damages and we were advised everything was ok and this payment couldn't be made until everybody had checked out and not to worry as our 100 euros would be back in our account before we reached the airport. We have been back now for 11 days and we still haven't received the 100 euros.

This is more of an insult especially when this apartment was dirty and full of defects, no toiletries and wasn't worth the money we paid. swimming pool was closed, no sunbeds to use during stay so had to pay for these on the beach. We didn't expect this standard and now we still await our refund which just adds insult to injury.

Claimed loss: 100 euros refund

Desired outcome: I want our 100 euros back in y account as soon as possible and an explanation of why this took place anyway, why didn't love Holidays advise us of this prior to booking this holiday

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8:32 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Loveholidays / We Love Holidays Name change

I bought the holiday from my brother and paid for all the name changes,

We flight out on the 22nd october from ema to which our names have been changed however you have failed to complete the return flights to birmingham, and now the airline are wanting to charge again for this we have already paid £230 for both name changes and with loveholidays for the hotel and transfer,

We only bought this holiday from my brother as they had a still born baby, otherwise I would not waste my money on love holidays has its poorly managed.

Desired outcome: the return flights need to be sorted

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2:27 pm EDT
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Loveholidays / We Love Holidays - Holiday to corfu

My daughter booked a short break to Corfu reference lov5844487u flying on 4 September from Birmingham returning Sept 7 th paid £479.47 plus insurance and stop fee. The Ryanair flight diverted to Athens not even close to her destination. A line young female abandoned trying to contact love holidays Ryanair or anyone for help. Nobody helped her you both...

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Is Loveholidays / We Love Holidays legit?

Our verdict: Complaints Board's thorough examination reveals Loveholidays / We Love Holidays as a legitimate entity with notable strengths. Despite a 0% resolution rate on customer complaints, which invites a closer look, Loveholidays / We Love Holidays stands out for its commitment to quality and security. Clients considering Loveholidays / We Love Holidays should delve into its customer service record to gauge compatibility with their expectations.

Loveholidays / We Love Holidays earns 91% level of Trustworthiness

Perfect Trust Endorsement: Loveholidays / We Love Holidays achives 91% ligitmacy per Complaints Board. Highly recommended, yet always stay vigilant.

We found clear and detailed contact information for Loveholidays / We Love Holidays. The company provides a physical address, 4 phone numbers, and 2 emails, as well as 4 social media accounts. This demonstrates a commitment to customer service and transparency, which is a positive sign for building trust with customers.

Loveholidays / We Love Holidays has claimed the domain name for for a long time, which suggests that the website is established and has a history of being in operation. This is a positive sign, as it indicates that the website has been around for a while and may have a reputation to maintain. has a valid SSL certificate, which indicates that the website is secure and trustworthy. Look for the padlock icon in the browser and the "https" prefix in the URL to confirm that the website is using SSL.

Our scan shows Loveholidays / We Love Holidays website is free from malware and phishing activities, which are types of online threats that can include viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, and other malicious code, as social engineering tactics used to trick users into sharing their personal information.

Several positive reviews for Loveholidays / We Love Holidays have been found on various review sites. While this may be a good sign, it is important to approach these reviews with caution and consider the possibility of fake or biased reviews.

We looked up Loveholidays / We Love Holidays and found that the website is receiving a high amount of traffic. This could be a sign of a popular and trustworthy website, but it is still important to exercise caution and verify the legitimacy of the site before sharing any personal or financial information

However ComplaintsBoard has detected that:

  • While Loveholidays / We Love Holidays has a high level of trust, our investigation has revealed that the company's complaint resolution process is inadequate and ineffective. As a result, only 0% of 21 complaints are resolved. The support team may have poor customer service skills, lack of training, or not be well-equipped to handle customer complaints.
  • There was some difficulty in evaluating or examining the information or data present on the This could be due to technical issues, limited access, or website may be temporarily down for maintenance or experiencing technical difficulties.
  • Loveholidays / We Love Holidays protects their ownership data, a common and legal practice. However, from our perspective, this lack of transparency can impede trust and accountability, which are essential for establishing a credible and respected business entity.
12:27 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more
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Loveholidays / We Love Holidays - Service I have received due to the original hotel i booked being closed before my departure date

Please find below a breakdown of my complaint Booking reference: LOV5689200U My partner and I along with two friends are going on holiday to Turkey, we had booked to stay at the Marble Hotel, Kusadasi. Our departure date is 03/10/23. My partner and I booked through yourselves, our friends booked through Tui. Our friends received an email from Tui last...

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8:27 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Loveholidays / We Love Holidays love holidays

we went to costa bravamfor my 75th birthday,it was a special accastion ,

but it was the worst holiday in 40 years

when we ;landed at barcelona.we took all the advice given,on outboard instructions,we where over a hour at the airport,we where sent every where ,

and no one could help us so we were advised to go by taxi,and we had to pay

155.30 euros

that was bad enough,but for our shuttle bus home,pick up 1.25 am we are told to get there early,which we did,we sat in reception from 11.45 to 1.10 am

and then we are adviced the shuttle bus does not pick up at hotel/this was at 1.35am

i ring your 24 hour help line,no help ,so receptionist rang for a taxi at a cost of

159.75 euros

this was a big chunk out of our money,as we are pensionrs.

could you please reply to this letter

as can never get anyone to speak to

thank you,mr barry desmond--booking ref lov4909313u

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8:18 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more
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Loveholidays / We Love Holidays - Holiday

Hi I booked and paid for a holiday on 12/08/23 Last week I received confirmation but there are errors in my name and when I tried to bookin with easy jet I could not, so I called them and was told the reference is not in my name. I contacted love holidays and was told this would be resolved last week several times and it still is not. I have been refused...

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11:49 pm EDT

Loveholidays / We Love Holidays Club cala romani

Hotel not as advertised

Queues all day night for EVERYTHING

cold tasteless food

Unhelpful unhappy staff

Uncertain rules regarding inflatables in pool?

Noisy room, not having any sleep

No sunbeds left at 6am!

Should not be rated above 2 star

Not what we paid for

No beer or fizzy drinks with dinner?

Stayed in much better 3 star hotels and paid less.

Smoking everywhere outside even around children.its disgusting

Tiny bottle of water from vending machine €2 !

Desired outcome: Hotel should be downgraded as I would never have chosen this.

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1:08 pm EDT

Loveholidays / We Love Holidays Hotel perked room 209

Subject: Booking no lov 486885u zante

Hotel perked room 209

I’ve just come off the phone with one of your support team shantanu

I rang whilst I was in the reception as the receptionist Our money back, although they had inspected the room and give us the all clear they said they had previously give the money to somebody else. This was very frustrating as we kept a clean and tidy room. They inspected it and then advise that the money has been paid to other people I asked for the manager and the receptionist refused. I believe this is a fraudulent activity that is going on in the hotel

Can you investigate I can get the police involved in Greece as I feel this needs to be stopped. I am owed €25 and my friend also is €25

So in summary, we kept the room clean and tidy. It was expected however, on the last day, the receptionist said the deposit has been paid to somebody else but wouldn’t advise us who And wouldn’t get the manager.

I’m looking for full refund of my £25 plus compensation for the hassle. If this is not the case, I’m more than happy to take this to Small Claims Court and put a legal proceedings against a loveholidays.

This is a fraudulent activity that the hotel is running and needs to be stopped .

this has happend before on trip adviser

Please respond within 21 days or I will start court proceedings.

We also tried to video the woman refusing to give us our money back, but she said she would get security if I carried on video.

Regards Lucas robinson

Desired outcome: i lucas receive my £25 euro back and get compensation for the messing around

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12:51 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Loveholidays / We Love Holidays Cancellation and Refund

Atinuke Fetuga
22 Thomas Stanley Drive

Dear sir/Madam

I booked the holiday for 3 families on the 19th of April with one of your staff named Jason on the phone, when booking this holiday your staff only told me about the cost of the holiday and did not give me proper terms and condition on this booking. I am sure they has the policy of recording conversation in the company which they can listen to and get the fact about what transpire between their staff Jason and myself on the day. All we discussed was the cost and he confirmed and sent me the confirmation email to tell me the holiday has been booked. Few days later I realized the cost I was given was extremely high than the one I got online then I rang Jason to ask the reasons for this which he could not give a straight answer to, that was why I told him to cancel the booking and I told him I will prefer to book online instead, since its cheaper there and for the fact that he cannot justify the reason for the cost. Instead of him to talk me through the reasons he said to me if I will have to cancel I will need to pay for the flight of all the passengers going with me, that is when he told me the booking is non - refundable for the first time. I told him he did not explain this to me before I book that if I had known I would have thought about it very well before proceeding with the booking. Since he doesn't want to accept his fault I cancelled my card from my bank and cancelled the booking through your portal as well. Firstly, he appeared to be so rude when I ask for the refund. Since May I have been receiving emails every day to pay the balance of holiday I have already cancelled. I also chat with another of your staff who told me the same that they cannot cancel the booking, I explained to him what happened and how I wasn't given the proper terms and condition but instead he cut me off the chat and told me nothing can be done. I rang your company number many times to speak to someone all was proving abortive. Until on Sunday 4th of June when another of your staff rang me and I explained what happened to her. She was surprised that they did not give me proper terms and conditions of the bookings, and she promised to refund my deposit and said she will escalate it to her manager, and she will send me a refund form to complete. Early Monday morning at work I received another email from your company to contact the airline directly and request for the cancellation from them, which I tried the whole of Monday 5th June to contact the airline the phone was engaged all day which makes me want to believe that your company is playing with my head as they appear to not transparent enough as a company. I have to find alternative number for the airline and was able to talk to someone who told me that your company should be the one to contact them not myself and the flight charge they charge us is £2000+ not over £4000 you are telling me. Firstly, I did not book from the airline, I booked through love holiday company and you should be the one to facilitate this on my behave. Secondly the holiday is still in August and I have cancelled this holiday since April, I see no reason why you are not able to cancel the booking as you have enough time to do this since there is no evidence to show on the first day of booking that your staff mentioned non-refundable to me at any point in time. I am extremely stress about this issue asking me to pay over four thousand for cancellation. I will advised them to listen to the monitoring and recording system for the first day I booked and send me the copy to confirm if I was being told or not. This mistake comes from your side and as it is, you are trying to shift the blame on me. I have checked the email I received from them on the 19th of April very very well and nothing says anything about the terms and condition of the booking or anything about non-refundable. And I sent different message to them and I was even sent message through the post. I would like to have my refund and do the necessary thing to resolve the issue. Thank you in anticipation.

Yours Faithfully

Atinuke Fetuga

Desired outcome: No response

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7:29 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Loveholidays / We Love Holidays Managing my booking

My holiday is booked for 3 adults in hotel Amelia Benidorm for the 27th march 2024 until the 30th march 2024.

I am flying with vueling airlines from Cardiff to Alicante: outbound flight: 12:45- arriving 16:05

Return flight from Alicante to Cardiff - 10:35 arriving in Cardiff 12:10

I Do not have a booking reference for my holiday as I have entered the email address wrong and therefore can not amend this.

I have no idea if my holiday has in fact been booked and it is impossible to speak to someone regarding this!

I need to change my email address so that I can get my booking reference!

Desired outcome: Booking number!

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7:37 am EDT

Loveholidays / We Love Holidays Holiday booking not fulfilled

I booked a package holiday to Cancun due to depart March 23rd, 2023 (booking ref LOV4050670).

My flights have been changed since time of booking and I noticed that I was given a 1-hour connection which we all know is impossible to make. If there was a delay on the first flight, there is a 100% chance I will miss the connecting flight.

I contacted love holidays about this issue on 2nd march and the agent I spoke to on the app, Marcus, was very helpful. He logged a ticket with the flight team and told me there is clearly a problem with the flights as none of the times were making any sense. He told me to wait for the flight team to contact me back which will take a day or two.

The following Monday I still hadn’t received any update so I called love holidays and spoke to somebody who said she has escalated the issue but cannot advise me – I must wait for the flight team to contact me. She did however confirm that if the flights don’t get changed, I will qualify to either receive a full refund or be able to reschedule my holiday to another date without being charged any fees.

4 days later I still haven’t got any updates, so I called love holidays again, only to be greeted by the rudest customer service advisor I have ever come across, Anoup. He was not helpful at all, he told me if I don’t want to go ahead with the holiday, I need to respond to an email you sent on 7th March. I came off the call and responded to this email where I then received an automated response to tell me this mailbox is not monitored, and no action will be taken. I feel as though this was a way to get me off the phone and was very frustrating as I spent almost an hour speaking to him and being on hold.

After this, I went on the love holidays app and spoke to another advisor on the live chat, Mateo. He was very rude and unhelpful as well. He then advised me that ‘the flights can change as and when the airline please’. He said if I want to reschedule, I must pay a big fee and then pay for new flights which is ridiculous as I did not want to reschedule; I was left no choice due to the incorrect flights. He also told me that if I want to cancel, then I will only receive half of my payment as this is taken for a cancellation fee.

I am not happy with this service at all. If my flights were not constantly changed, I would not be in the position to be wanting to cancel. I feel like I have been messed about by all the advisors, constantly being told different things, and promised things that have not been delivered. This is very frustrating to deal with as I have paid a lot of money for a holiday which I physically can’t go on because the flights have been set up in a way that I will miss them.

I would like a FULL refund to be processed including the flights as again this is not my fault so as a customer, I shouldn’t be the one having to pay for this. Especially seeing as the advisor had told me I can get a full refund or a free reschedule, I believe that this should be delivered. I believe I am due some sort of compensation for all the troubles I have gone through, including all the different responses from advisors, so at the least I would like my full refund sent to me.

I look forward to your response.

Desired outcome: Full refund to be issues for my flights. Hotel already refunded but this is not my fault so i want the flight money back

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Ball Acker
, US
Aug 24, 2023 7:44 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Got to say love holidays is terrible, on holiday at the. Moment, they have scammed me out of £1350 on arrival to hotel. Beware don't use love holidays

12:20 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Loveholidays / We Love Holidays Booking: love3343309u online chat with changes of dates and adding passengers

I am absolutely discussed in the conduct of your staff. On 22.04.2023 I have been on an online chat all day today. On advisor was trying to pass me off and has booked the wrong dates. Flight is different to the hotel booked. I tired to go online chat again the advisor Steven closed my chat before it was dealt with and the third person I spoke to was dealing with me & cut me off as the time hit 5pm as it was out of hours.

I have explained I have an autistic child and e was eager to find out if this change had been made.

And to add insult to injury I have been charged £372 to make changes. I changed passenger's from \Joshua Davis to Lewis Jobbins and dates. Was charged a lot of money to be told in the last chat Joshua Davis was still on the flight. I am upset and angry. Then I get cut off because your staff finish at 5pm.

You can view these chats for yourself. I want a full refund of monies paid and | will be seeking legal advice. How unprofessional.

My autistic foster child is currently breaking everything in site and I have had to contact his social worker. I do not think I will book with you again.

You took £235 out of my account on 22.04.2023 and a further £372 for changes and I am sat here with very little money in this climate. It's amess.

Desired outcome: A full refund of monies paid so far £1,266.60My child will not travel now, I am so upset over this.

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5:23 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Loveholidays / We Love Holidays Cancellation of holiday

I booked a holiday for myself and partner for july 31 booking reference lov4784523u. On saturday 15 april 2023 someone (not either of us) cancelled the booking and we have now lost £600. I tried to chat to someone about this and her name was norma from the customer service team who clearly did not believe that I did not cancel the holiday. She was no help at all. Both myself and partner are extremely upset and frustrated that love holidays accepted that they had corresponded with myself and it was clearly not me. I feel that I have been made out to be a liar and this is very unfair. This is not acceptable at all! I need a resolution to this matter and cannot emphasize enough that this is extremely upsetting for us, and very unprofessional on love holidays behalf. I will take this matter higher and also report this to the ombudsman and who ever else I can report this too. Will also voice my concerns on social media so that the public are aware of this and clearly this was a scam by someone pretending to be me!

Desired outcome: This is an unresolved matter as the Customer Service agent could not deal with appropriately and closed the chat not answering my questions appropriately and very unprofessional.

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9:38 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Loveholidays / We Love Holidays holiday cancellation

I was due to fly to benidorm on the 6th of March and when I tried to check in it said that all flights had been grounded by ryanair. I wasn't notified that all flights had been cancelled until I tried to check in. I phoned love holidays and was told that I would get a full refund once they have heard back from the airline. I have tried to get intouch with them via their chat bot and on the phone but I am no further forward.

Due to the flights being cancelled me and my sister, who I was travelling with, lost a weeks pay. I am a pensioner and I can not afford to lose this money.

I paid £919.64 for this holiday.

Flights- £244.36

Accommodation- £639.94

Transfer- £35.44

I also paid and extra £116 for baggage.

Desired outcome: I would like a full refund on the holiday and flights since I did not get to go.

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9:48 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Loveholidays / We Love Holidays No contact since booking a holiday. No confirmation

I booked a holiday for 4 people on the 29th March to travel on the 9th of April. You sent an email response within 2 minutes stating it was pending and that it would be booked within 48 hours, but if there were any issues you'd be in touch within 72 hours. I have had no contacted whatsoever. Without a booking reference I am unable to even contact you or access your manage my bookings page, so there is literally nothing I do until the date has passed and I re claim through the credit card. You managed to take full payment for the holiday within 48 hours though, spookily enough. This is an appalling way top do business.

Desired outcome: Full refund

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6:58 am EST

Loveholidays / We Love Holidays Airport closed flights cancelled refund refused

Package holiday was booked in 2022 for a Holiday in May 2023. The flights were booked as per attached documentation to fly from Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport (Thomson Flight TOM3568)

In September 2022 Doncaster Sheffield Airport announced the closure of the Airport with no flights to depart after Oct 2022.

Guidance given was that all tour operators would transfer the flights to other airports.

We had not had any contact so In January Various attempts were made to make contact with Love holiday representatives regarding this issue, we were unable to speak to anyone and the chat function on the app was automated and did not assist us.

We contacted Thomson directly and they informed us that our agent must request the transfer onto a new airport and made us aware that flights from Manchester on the same dates and same times were available

Using the “Love Holidays On line Mange my booking app” we followed the steps to change the airport from Doncaster to Manchester. only to find that Manchester was not on offer it was Newcastle Airport only. This Airport is not accessible by public transport due to distance and therefore not suitable for us to travel from. We were able to use the Love holidays Chat facility who gave us guidance of what to do next.

understanding that the new flights would be raised from Manchester Airport

When checked the Manage my booking App 24hrs later holiday now showed cancelled with no new flights from Manchester,

when I got in touch to love holidays they said that I need my money back from Thompson, Rang Thompsons they said Love holiday s had been refunded back in 2022 when Airport closed

Called Love Holidays and they said that their own policy states they do not give a refund.

Desired outcome: We are seeking reimbursement for the value of the flights that you have been reimbursed from the airline back in 2022 and the deposit initially paid.

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11:25 pm EDT

Loveholidays / We Love Holidays Transfer

We booked a transfer with yourselves with MTS Globe, the representative wasn't there when we turned up. Waited an hour for him to appear, only to be told we weren't even down on his list even tho we had supporting paperwork to prove otherwise. 31/2 hours later we finally got to the hotel. We have our 5 year granddaughter with us who was passed herself, totally unacceptable as we are all now over tired and drained, this will ruin our holiday as the wee lass is still crying!

Desired outcome: Transfer fee back and compensation

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1:17 pm EDT

Loveholidays / We Love Holidays Left stranded at a airport


8 Westbourne place merthyr tydfil

Cf47 0yg

Hi we had booked a holiday to eri beach

Via yourselves. We followed the whole process our flights was the following

LS1885, BRS HER, 06:00 - 11:20

LS1886, HER BRS, 12:05 - 13:30

We boarded these correct flights but we arrived at thessaloniki airport which is the wrong destination. We contacted your emergency team and nothing could be done.

We paid for another hotel here in thessaloniki and we could not do a 14 hour car journey. Or catch another 2 flights with 4 young children.

I am shocked that yourselves and jet2 are passing this issue back and forth.

We have paid a lot of money for eri beach and we have had to pay more money on a self catering hotel and transfers plus the back fall of not being all inclusive.

I want this resolved as this has cost us thousands and the be stranded in the wrong airport. With no help what so ever.

You had emailed me 2 days before asking to confirm details I had done this I tried to email 8 times. I tried to call and constantly got told I had to wait for you to call me back. No help what so ever. The booking is a shambles.

I want this resolved ASAP or I am taking this to the ombudsman.

All the paperwork you have sent us have different details on them all!

We have no money we are in a hole of a hotel in the middle of a city with hundreds of football hooligans.

Please help us details attached below

Many thanks

Nicole Nash


Desired outcome: Refund

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9:48 am EDT

Loveholidays / We Love Holidays flights and accommodation


I booked Hotel at 'Safira deluxe' from the 4th to the 14th of May 2022, booking reference LOV32105040.

I had no choice but to cancel due to a family emergency. I have sent multiple emails/chats/calls informing you. I would not be checking in or making use of room and all inclusive facilities I heard nothing back for several days yet I still contacted your company via phone email and chat.

Finally I received an unnecessarily long email which I found complicated and could only assume was confirmation of my multiple unanswered and eager requests- especially as it was so close to the departure date.

I booked this time away after I was recently diagnosed with PTSD from three different sources whereby the professional body recommended I book a holiday and try to relax, whilst she put in place therapy sessions, this is also why I have taken my time to carefully construct this email and find quite hard under the circumstances. As you can imagine saving this money was hard and i dedicated lots of hours of work being an NHS / private nurse on the front line since the start of their pandemic.

Since this I have tried to contact you for help and obviously a refund your company told me to contact the hotel which I did the hotel informed me they could not help and this is because I booked via love holiday and not the hotel directly and so this information went back and forth.. I have bought insurance I would like to claim this pre-book option for which I paid extra to cover both myself and my partner in case of unforeseen circumstances / cancellation.

Can you now further advised me, as you can imagine this is greatly impacting on my PTSD symptoms causing myself stress sleepless nights trouble eating and drinking weight loss and over overall having a horrible negative effect on my fibromyalgia.

My booking reference number from easyJet from Bristol to Antalya is K3C D1P3

my booking number for Jet2 holidays from Antalya to Bristol is 3CS 6P6

overall I paid around a hundred pound for transfers 800 pound for hotel 500 pounds for flights this holiday in total costed me £1,360.54 as you can imagine this whole concept of of everything previously mentioned has been unbelievably stressful triggering my PTSD on fibromyalgia to which constriction this email to you has been very hard The impact is is making me extremely ill I have attached my insurance policy number booked with love holidays to clarify and to this date so far I have received very little correspondence from anybody and I'm eager to correspond I wait your help on this increasingly frustrating matter.

insurance policy details with love holiday are:

Sophie Bailey: [protected]

Sanju Vengatasamy: [protected]

yours sincerely

Sophie Bailey

Desired outcome: refund

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8:33 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Loveholidays / We Love Holidays ticket cancellation

I made a reservation through Trivago on 06/Oct./2018 for the Serenity Fun City Hotel, Makadi, Hurghada covering the period 10/Oct/18 to 13/Oct/18.

The reservation was handled subsequently by loveholidays (booking ref: #lov-663261u) and I received booking confirmation letter.

on 08/Oct/2018, i have received email from loveholidays informing me that the booking is canceled by the service provider because i am Egyptian resident, while the rooms rate is available only for UK/Irish residents and they are waiting the service provider confirmation that the booking can be canceled free of charge.

Such conditions were not clearly mentioned during my booking process on loveholidays website, and i have correctly entered all my data including my country of resident.

until today loveholidays have not confirmed refund.

Due to such delay in response from loveholidays, I could not find another suitable booking, while my vacation will start 10/Oct/2018.

Now, I can`t accept booking cancellation due to reasons not attributed to me, and i need to proceed with my booking and check in process without any trouble with Hotel "Serenity Fun City".

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