Louis Vuitton / call service & order placement

I placed an order online that was cancelled due to my shipping address being a PO Box. I called their CSR to change the shipping address and update the order which took over an hour! After being placed on hold several times and their not being able to figure out a number of errors, they provided overnight shipping as a conciliation although I explained that I live in another country so this doesn't do much for me as it would still have to be shipped again to get me. Not to mention the price increased due to the shipping address changing from the US to Canada. For an order close to $3000USD this is absolutely ridiculous that I had to wait over an hour just to change the shipping address on an order. Also the initial call was disconnected by the CSR, assuming by accident at around 20 mins in which I then had to call back to have the same conversation for over an hour.

Sep 11, 2019

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